Monday, June 27, 2016

MATTHEW 6: 9-13

Every couple of years it seems, I like to publicly affirm that in this house, Jesus IS Lord,
and that our Christian faith is not negotiable.

Lovingly lifted from ~me, first this Channel 8 Tulsa sign-off from my early childhood, posted originally September 28, 2012:

And this from 2014, this rendition of The Lord's Prayer, by Andrea Bocelli:

There must be no doubt, no doubt in anyone's mind, but especially the Mind of God, whom we Malcontents worship in our daily lives.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Bill Russo Quintet - Bill's Blues

Bill (Clinton) is blue tonight ---  He's having to spend most of tonight with Hillary~!

Friday, June 24, 2016

The Stairway Out of Court

"... cause you know sometimes words have two meanings..."

A California jury has ruled that Led Zeppelin did not infringe upon a copyrighted song by a California rock band called "Spirit", by copying music from "Taurus" for Zepplin's more famous song, "Stairway to Heaven".

From HotAir, this:

The jury — eight California citizens — delivered its verdict that the plaintiff owned the copyright to “Taurus” and that Led Zeppelin members indeed heard it, but that there was no substantial similarity in the extrinsic elements of “Taurus” and “Stairway.” The decision came after the jury took one last listen of both songs. Within a half hour of doing so, the jury had made up its mind.

Listening just now to Taurus, I can hear similar chords played in very close proximity to one one-another, which sound like Stairway-- but like the jury, the melody of the former does not sound close to the latter, to me:  
First, "Taurus" by Spirit

Now "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Bernie Sanders destroys Hillary Clinton in primary debate on Vermont gun...

OK, Somehow I missed this moment

in a recent Democratic Debate:  

(from Ted Nugent)  Enjoy~!

Monday, June 20, 2016


It's hot.  Everywhere.
Especially here in our new home, the Poteau Valley, between 2 major rivers, with all the humidity.

But Poteau's blast furnace is not Bullhead, Arizona.

It's 10:30 in the morning in Bullhead, and the temperature outside is already 111°.

That's just some crazy Bullhead 


Truth is often found in the strangest places, 
such as in a popular song by "Smash Mouth".
I never knew the other words to this hit song, except the '... walkin' on the sun' part.

The NEXT post here, is the reason I originally looked up this video, seeking '... walking on the sun', because it's so damn hot today (expecting 99° here at home in Poteau).  
ahh, SummerTime in Oklahoma

Sunday, June 19, 2016



This is a day that I'd always been told,
would never happen for me.
By 'human doctors'.  By 'human geneticists'. 

However, my Creator God had other plans,
and didn't consult with those 'experts'.

Today, I celebrate my first ever "HAPPY Father's Day".

I look forward to rocking my baby daughter to sleep this afternoon, changing a ceremonial diaper
(CAN we get some Trumpeters into the living 
room for that?), -
And feeding Kelsey her bottles of breast milk all day....
My Happy Father Day.  and NOW, I understand what it means~~

And Kelsey's First Father's Day too

Growing up, I did not have a father whom I liked
enough to honor him more than a couple times on this occasion; then when I was told that I'd never become a father because of my low number of [excellent swimmers], I was mildly resentful of my male friends who had become fathers--  making myself believe that the holiday was merely honoring men whose 'plumbling' worked....  
What kind of a holiday was that??, I pondered.

But Now I Know What It Means To Have A Baby Child
and what I look forward/dream of, to come with her~ ~ !


Saturday, June 18, 2016

Just 30 Minutes of This,

Just 30 minutes of this 

leads to maybe 2 hours of this:

~~ Kelsey at 1 month ~~

Strawberry madness!

Every. Bit. As. Addictive. As. Reefer. Madness.

Observe these two addicted youths, addicted to the Evil Strawberry
Watch thier crazy dancing, their off-the-wall, unhinged aggression, 
fighting for the strawberry~  The girls pick 5(five) berries, and yet their vision goes coo-coo, due to their lusts for the forbidden summer treat, found growing wildly, everywhere

Leti's two, 4-ft. rows of the Summer Madness are maybe 7-10 days away from picking....
then in July comes OKRA MADNESS, to which I am fatally addicted.

Friday, June 17, 2016

"My Stomach Hurts" By TONY RICH PROJECT

probably from eating so many pickled quail eggs~

That BadAss 'BumbleBee'

On a flute, no less ~!

I'm thinking outside-the-box here, OK,
but if Hillary Clinton could stick a flute up her ass and reproduce this music, I'd vote for her.... then. 

But not until then.

    on piano:  Composed by Nikolai Rimsky-Corsakov~


The Hillary Clinton campaign has come out with a video representation of exactly what Your Local Malcontent has requested of her--- the "Flight of the BumbleBee" played
on a flute stuck up her broadside:

    Here is that noise from the Democratic Windpipe:

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Go On and Fade Away, Please

A very good read today, from columnist Michael Goodwin, of the New York Post, lovingly lifted from their website,

    If it is true that the best defense is a good offense, [controversial leader Barack] Obama should be celebrating in the end zone now. Obviously furious over criticism that his anti-terror policies are weak and that the Orlando slaughter proves it, he went on a televised tirade to let America know he’s mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

    He laid waste to a field of straw men, cable-TV pundits and the always-evil “partisan rhetoric,” by which he means anyone who disagrees with him. It was a striking display of personal anger and pent-up grievances — and a total failure of leadership during a national crisis.

    It also, inadvertently, captured why Donald Trump was able to brawl his way to the GOP nomination. All his nice Republican rivals couldn’t stir voters because they never knew how to rattle Obama the way Trump is doing.
Obama’s demeanor and tone were far from presidential — tantrums rarely are. Nor was he effective in rallying the nation to his cause. No surprise there. His cause is himself, always and only, and his greatly diminished historic presidency looks especially insignificant next to the bloodshed in Orlando. The iconic redeemer who promised hope and change never seemed so small and hopeless.


    At one point, Obama denounced politicians who tweet and go on cable TV. My first reaction was to wonder whether he meant Trump or Clinton, or both. Of course, when Obama does those things, it’s cool.

    Most telling, and least surprising, was that his defense of why he doesn’t say “radical Islam” revealed there’s no there there. The idea that linking terrorism to Islam smears the entire religion is preposterous, as is his claim that it “does the terrorists’ work for them.”

    We are long past the point where Obama’s saying so makes it so, or even worth discussing. His fundamental problem is that he has nothing to show for his approach. If he had been right over the last eight years, we should be seeing big-time gains by now.

Read it all-- 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Nigger Eating Watermelon (HEY, THAT's THEIR TITLE, NOT MINE)

This is so funny, the racist-deprecating humor,
going for the easy laugh-- on some cable TV show:

It's good that we can relax enough to enjoy the jokes/humor
made against our races by others; instead of choosing to be offended instantly, inviting into ourselves Hatred, 
Shame & Anger, 
just taking a moment to LAUGH AT OURSELVES, 
fer Crists' sake~

~said your Local Drunk BlanketAss Indian~

Now here iz de officlle Nigger Fried Chicken Recipe, 
"real nigger style":  'how dat lookin, nigger?"

But it does make one wonder,
'What was the Local Drunk&Content searching
YouTube for, to find this~?

I thought that maybe controversial leader Zerobama had been consumed by a huge, tasty summer fruit ....

"Along Came Jones"

We won't be taking any vacations this year obviously, so instead I bought two tickets
to see Ray Stevens on August 12, at the Choctaw Casino in Pocola, Oklahoma.

Should be hilarious fun~!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton,
Former S.O.S, Now Solidly F.O.S.

Lovingly lifted from
Canada Free Press (.) com, this:

The choreographed, so-called “Foreign Policy Speech” of the Democrat candidate, had little foreign policy substance and thirty mentions of the opposition candidate who had not a single foreign policy failure.

In a speech that was 95% character assassination, Clinton told us that she’s smart and her opponent is a jerk. That was her demonstration of being presidential.

Actually, he’s a successful businessman and she is a successful crook. And a failed foreign policy “expert” who is under FBI investigation in a criminal probe for her being a Historic Mistake - her words - and for her record of being a national security risk and a loose canon.

It was a speech worthy of an Artificial Intelligence-driven teleprompter.

There was not a single policy suggestion in her “foreign policy speech.” So much for the “policy” aspect.

There was nothing “foreign” in her speech. It was all familiar as delivered by robot—the teleprompter.

The speech was an attempted assassination of the existential danger to her campaign, Donald Trump. She charged him with a lack of foreign policy “credentials”. Well, there’s truth to it: Trump does not own the most appalling record of documented failure, malfeasance, criminality and bribe-taking, and criminal negligence and deceit any SecState has ever amassed.

A good thing she didn’t bring up Trump’s successful business empire which is not foreign, just international, which appears to be the same thing. Or his amazing, successful-as-individuals, beautiful and functional family. That’s the family that contrast her dysfunctional one: an ex-con in-law convicted and incarcerated for what the Clintons could not possibly be familiar with: fraud. Take her failed hedge fund manager son in-law married to daughter and Clinton Foundation co-head Chelsea who lost 90% of his customer’s assets, or her sexual deviant, perjury convicted, disbarred and impeached husband who wants to be co-President.

Hillary’s teleprompter played well to the same people who voted for Barack Obama twice and would have voted for her, had she won then, twice. They share the same morality.

The gaggle of unquestioning True Believers in the audience were instructed at the door to react enthusiastically to staged prompting from the director, to applaud, cheer and boo on cue - and they always do. Reporters were barred, since Clinton hasn’t given a press conference since she began her campaign.

Video below about Shrillary Clitnon,  IS ** NSFW, alright?  Understand~!??

Meanwhile, the evil, mentally-stunted Grandma wants to
be our President.
Why, she can't even figure out 'email', or how dangerous it can be; just like she couldn't pick up the damn phone at 3 a.m. and order support aircraft for our nation's ambassador and his aides in Benghazi, Libya.

Probably drunk and passed out, again~

She's stuck in the 1960s still, remembering all that communist 'Free-Love' Bullcrap, she's been tied to,
all this time (when she is sober)~