Monday, September 29, 2014


Of course, he was misunderstood, poor nigger pussy boy from Idabel.

Like your own butt is misunderstood.
We need to feel sorry for Muslims like Alton Nolen,

for he was/is misunderstood, he claims.

Too late, boy.
Sorry 'bout that beheading thingy and all, but you did it, you Muslim POS,
and you know you did.

I bet you got some personal joy gashing Ms. Hufford's neck.  Huh?

You living piece of SH|IT, you abominable, ostracised, evil monster.

You will never ever again be among the public society, because you are a monster Islamist.
All your ilk needs to be locked away forever, starved until you die. In My Honest Opinion~

Only you know how many more persons you will poison with your muslim venom.

The "Achmed and Andy" Show

This cannot be good.  
While I admire the courage of Iraqi comedians for putting on a comedy TV show about the ISIS marauders in their country where their Army has already failed, I can foresee disaster, right after the credits roll at the end of the show. (not to mention, the song that the cowboy sings at the beginning of this clip Is really cool- I can't get it out of my head)

But hey, the Iraqis are at least trying something, and that's one more thing than controversial leader Barry Zerobama is doing.

Other skits in the "Live From Bhagdad, it's Saturday Night~!" show called "The State of Myths", include the leader of ISIS reclining on a purple velvet sofa, worshipped by a dwarf with a sword, and another about the town drunk, beating those who consume alcohol - though he still drinks in secret, himself.

I guess you have to be there, to appreciate that humor, huh?

What about the shop owner who is informed that his vegetables with names in the Arabic language which are female in gender, cannot mix with those of the male gender.

Salad, anyone?  'Say, those are nice tomatoes~!"  "I kill you, you evil, infidel carrot~!"
It's a laugh riot.  Tune in early, because there may not be a second broadcast... if you know what I mean.

lovingly filtched from the WaPo.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Little Coward Muslims,
The Laughingstock of Eternity

What Other Religions, or Governing Forces
Encourage Beheadings
Besides Islam?
None, since it is only Islam which is stuck in the 8th century, A.D.

Why Islam is the runt, the backward-most religion, in this Century is NOT beyond me. Islam was not the word of any holy God, but the subversive word of the Devil to Mohammad.  
The Devil sought for, and found the stupidest Arab in all the world, Mohammad of Mecca, and whispered into his ear for 30 years.

Is it OK with God, to fu*k Camels and Goats, asks Mohammad.
Is it OK with God, to marry little girls, nine years old?  
To have sexual relations with babies? 
To hope for either virgins or little boys, as your reward in Heaven? 
Is it OK with God, to seek out and kill HIS other Children? 
To contradict HIS earlier Word??  


don't worry, it was all in God's Holy Plan that you should be different from Us, the Holy Children of God Almighty.

Islam is behind every other religion by 1400 years at least.  Muslims must be the Stupidest, the Lame-st, most retarded "religion" in all the Earth~!  They are, afterall, the last of all.

What better illustrates a STUPID BELIEF RELIGION, than
that the Devil sleeps in your nose?
Or that the Devil makes Muslims wonder so much about what is, and what is not, harem?  
In Christianity, the choices are clear.  But not I-slam.  Where the Devil, Satan himself decides what best to tell!

Islam sucks dick big time. and they know this, and yet they cannot overcome their deficiences with Islam that it's a bogus belief;  
Wishing that they, Muslims were the beloved children of God Almighty, but they are not.  
Instead, they, the Muslims are the buffoons of the world, always and forever judged to be 'the 2nd Place' also-rans, from Abrahams' seed.
Forever to be doggerel, forever to be compared to, forever to be laughed at:  "Muslims", hahaha, hahahaha, hahahahahaha, hahaha, hahaha, haha, the less desirable seed, the unwanted seed of Abraham~!!

Muslims are like the paper with which real humans wipe our butts after a bowel movement.
Muslims are nothing more than the annoying buzz of a fly trying to be one with, or near a human being.  
Muslims, Islamists are NO MORE than a momentary irritant, 
easily and quickly eliminated

I have not spoken about this, blogged about this to this point, but the fact is real, true~
Islam is only tolerated, because so far, 1t's animals have not bothered We Humans enough yet.

When We Humans Decide that you have, in fact, Bothered Us Enough,

The Best Thing Ever
To Come Out of Idabel, Oklahoma

The well-worn joke around these parts, says that the best thing 
to ever come out of Idabel, Oklahoma is Highway 259.

Tragically, that joke proves true this weekend. 

I don't have the words to express my full shock and repulsion of the murder of Colleen Hufford, at Vaughn Foods Distributors, in Moore yesterday.

The "alleged murderer", Alton Alexander Nolen, a.k.a. "Jah'Keem Yisrael", his Muslim name, 
is from Idabel, Oklahoma; the capital of  McCurtain County, Oklahoma, deep in the heart of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.

Idabel is a disgusting little craphole of a town already, always wuz, and always will be.
Nobody goes there, unless they have to.  Idabel is my worst stop on my casino audit stations-list.
Everyone goes in and gets out as quickly as we can, it is that bad, that evil, that much a latrine.

But this blogpost must be about Colleen Hufford.
For it is she, who will always be remembered as the first casualty on American soil, from ISIS, from the abomination which IS Islam.

I wish that I could find more on the life of Colleen Hufford; that will come with time, after she is laid to rest in Jesus' arms.  I'm guessing she was a wife, a mother, maybe a grandmother--
whereas, Alton Nolen was a self-centered, COWARDLY,  nihilist wannabe Negro, unwed father, who thought he deserved more than what he got, because of his perceived position in life.
Never once understanding, comprehending that you get out of life exactly what you put into life.

Truth Revolt (dot) Org has two exclusive stories on Nolen's early life in Idabel, Ok.  
And of course, more will follow those, describing how Nolen was poor and neglected and treated badly, and "forced" to wear his pants down below his genitals like a slave would.

Just like millions of other young men of EVERY RACE, EVERY BACKGROUND, 
and yet they chose not to behead an innocent woman at the workplace.

Islam and homosexuality are growing in our prisons, festering in the midst of the angry, egotistical criminal minds that are justifiably sent there.  Prisons are the breeding ground of Islamic terror.


Terrorism feeds upon, and NEEDS INNOCENT PREY to murder, in order to elicite terror, to elicite fear from the masses.  Make the 2nd Amendment mandatory for every American, and state that Islam is NOT a religion, but a foreign system of government trying to overcome America.  *Nothing less, nothing more, but exactly that.*
Every woman is and could be Colleen Hufford, in whatever workplace, anywhere, USA.
May Colleen Hufford become the national hue and cry, which turns America around
recognizing the internal threat which Islam Is.
That IS The Threat.  and it must be squashed immediately.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Muslim Subterfuge

You are being fooled by Muslim health claims.
Do Not Purchase This.
It Is Camel Urine.  
In A Can.

Meet "Jihadi John", murderer, a.k.a. British sissy
Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary
A Bad Rapper

The world now knows him as the hip-hop jihadist who allegedly helped behead an American journalist.
But L. Jinny is a man of peace, looking for love. That is, if you believe his lyrics.

In the video of the murder of James Foley, his executioner could be heard speaking with a London accent, distinctively twanged. According to several published reports, that same voice can be heard rapping lyrics like “my belly hurts” as L. Jinny, an artist who can best be described as the evil Ali G.

In its quest to identify Foley’s killer, the British intelligence community reportedly has zeroed in on three suspects who might be “Jihadi John,” including a 23-year-old, British-Egyptian named Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary.   Before Abdel Bary reportedly became radicalized by Islam and fled to Syria in 2013 to join the jihad, he released music as L. Jinny and sold himself as a “lyricist.”

His publicly available work suggests he was in the midst of an existential crisis that saw his thoughts shift from disenchanted to introspective, and he crafted rhymes that make Riff Raff look like Tupac.

Abdel Bary’s digital trail indicates that the music he produced as L. Jinny was made as part of a group known as “The Black Triangle.” One blog supporting the act claims its music was streamed on BBC Radio One. (Other details are hard to find.)

In June 2013, a video called ”Overdose" was uploaded to the YouTube channel “LJinnyVEVO.” The only video on the channel, it has been viewed more than 150,000 times. In the clip, which you can have the pleasure of watching only after being subjected to an advertisement for Airheads, L. Jinny (he pronounces it Jin-NAY) appears on a roof in a black hoodie—hood up—and black pants. As L. Jinny grabs the edges of the unzipped hoodie to reveal a T-shirt that says “YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS,” he helpfully reiterates the point by telling listeners, “You know what it is.”

L. Jinny does not wear all of his lyrics on his clothing—which is unfortunate, because he enunciates about as well as Bruce Springsteen, in an accent described by one of The Daily Beast’s Brits as “multi-racial, South London-tough-boy-English.”

What I could understand of his lyrics, however, tells me that he is a miscreant, unhappy because he is unpopular and women tend to laugh at him.

After informing that we know “what it is” (quite an assumption!) L. Jinny says something about Drake and something about Rick Ross. Then he offers: “I’m still the same Jinny. I’m still the same Jinny.” He describes himself as “lonelier, but wiser, with a bit of rage in me.”

A bit??

 “I’m kind of glad I ain’t made it yet, ’cause all the hunger makes me grateful when I gain success.”

He's got family, right? He's got somebody he loves, right? There's an avenue.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

With Emphasis on the "Beer Money", Probably

North Carolina Senate candidate, Sean Haugh (pronounced "Haw"), a Libertarian, is one honest politician--
at least in his "Moral Mondays" video series, to be found at his political website:

Without even a snowball's chance to win the election there, Haugh has tried a very unique tack with voters:  Being drunk,  slurring his speech, and wearing a t-shirt, sitting in his kitchen and talking to voters.

He kinda resembles talk-show host Art Bell, talks and gestures like Saturday Night Live character
"Stuart Smalley" (himself, a gay U.S. Senator from Minnesota), and otherwise makes no sense at all....

except that he confesses to being an Oklahoma Sooners fan.
Even admitting that fact should do him in, in the TarHeel/Wolfpack/Blue Devil state.

He IS  for term limits for news reporters, and I kinda like that novel idea.

Haugh rails against the NC GOP Senate candidate  Thom Tillis, and Washington, D.C., (always, with a frosty, frothy, dark beer at hand, with the can's label displayed):  All fair play so far, but then by choosing a Twitter handle like "Emperor Sean", he could maybe piss some people off.

While Haugh only pulls 6% in instate, North Carolina polling, I hope he peels voters away
from Kay Hagen only, at whom he seems to generally side in his videos.

Million-Dollar Idea #2-a

Reposted from April 7, '14, "The Local Malcontent".  
heck yeah, 'lovingly':

I am trying my hardest to keep calm, writing this; but fair warning, that may not last~

The Superstars of Race Baiting, the 
Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, 
are tax-cheating millionaires,
thanks to their discovery of this one weird trick (as that obnoxious online advert goes).

GUILT pays.  Handsomely.  As so many in America these days, are finding out.

Jesse Jackson is only a hired shill for Racism, whether it exists in whatever situation he's called in to protest, Or Not.  
If Jackson's there, emphasis will be multiplied by the media, 
that 'whatever' situation is just that: racial.
And to a lesser, though more voluminous, degree, Al Sharpton and his megaphonic minstrels will travel and show up, FOR A SET, PREPAID PRICE, and denounce their enemy du Jour for you.

Google it- the evidence is there for these two Race-baiters 
For Hire.  
Among others, like Houston, Texas' Quanelle X.  There are probably other lesser wannabes, too.  

Racism makes Money, let's face it.  Guilt still makes white people open up their checkbooks.
"Jesus Christ, you say Al Sharpton is coming into town~!?,
Let's settle, right now."

White people are now catching on to the Race/Guilt money bonanza, by hosting and promoting
"White Privilege Seminars".  White Privilege Seminars where your Green loot is exchanged for assuaging your tiniest embarrassment for being born the race you are.

"Damn you, Daddy and Mommy, for conceiving me, 
white me, having to shoulder all this built-up White guilt."

How much?  How much to rid one's mind of this guilt-- 
$250, $500 for a week-end session at Hilton Head?" +9 holes/day
SOLD.  "American Express will do nicely, thank you".

That is the million dollar idea, friends.  Host a "I Am So Sorry That I Am White" gathering, and
rake in the dough.  IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME, 

(lovingLy lifted from my nOn-white, guiltLess brother)

As a black man, I long to experience white privilege.
Until the National White Privilege Conference came along, I thought I was getting as
much privilege as any white man. Apparently not.
I’m told by my white friends that because of white privilege, orange juice is both more orangey and more juicy for white folks. Even when offered a taste of theirs, orange juice still tastes like orange juice to me.

Here I thought guilty white Liberals and ignorant black Liberals were making this up, but who knew God just made white people better!

White Privilege Seminars Means MONEY, fool.
Especially if you can set up a gig in Sedona, Arizona or Austin or Seattle. But anywhere could become a 'white hot' spot,
no pun intended,
"of course".

Women of every race feel the guilt most, so play to them first; then second to metro-sexual men,
then last to Libtards who will save up their allowances in order to pay you to attend your
racially-emasculating 2-day-workshop of guilt and shame and self hatred.  It's Only Money....

That Is Idea Number 2-a.
Number 2-b is a money maker, directed at Whites who are ashamed for driving us Natives off of all this continent, especially Manhattan island, into teeny-tiny Reservations, or teeny-tiny Oklahomas.

~~ paragraphs deleted~~

A Money maker, guaranteed, friends.  Go out and rent yourselves a hall today~
Charge your participants for each "I'm Sorry" seminar like $175 or 250, and Roll!!!
courtesy, your friend, the LMC.
Options 2-c through 2-p.d

I'm sorry I'm not fat.
I'm sorry I'm not short.
I'm sorry I'm not stupid.
I'm sorry I'm not ugly.
I'm sorry I'm not bald.
I'm sorry I'm rich.
I'm sorry I'm well endowed.
I'm sorry I'm humorous/witty.
I'm sorry I'm an intellect.
I'm sorry I'm a good cook.
I'm sorry I'm not colorblind.
I'm sorry I'm not a mens' room toe-tapper.
I'm sorry I'm not a germaphobe.
I'm sorry I'm not a cry baby.
I'm sorry I'm a voyeur.
I'm sorry I'm a vegetarian.
I'm sorry I'm not a Muslim.
I'm sorry I'm a Postal Worker.
I'm sorry I'm a kitty-cat lover.
I'm sorry I'm a Yankees' fan.
I'm sorry I'm a manicure lover.
I'm sorry I'm a Hillary supporter.
I'm sorry because I got a better parking place.
I'm sorry I'm Southern.
I'm sorry I'm Conservative.
I'm sorry I'm different in some meager way from you.

It's ALL Good Money, as my friend Goodwin used to say~

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Anumpa Achukma ah Hvpia~!

(Good News for Us~!) 
Coming in 2015, Choctaw nation license plates

We can't wait to proudly put Chahta plates on our vehicles.  Other tribes located within Oklahoma have had Tribal license plates for decades, but not the Choctaw Nation.  I know why that was, but I am not interested in posting that.

My Ford's plates are due to be renewed in April, Leticia's Chevy in May.  I don't see any problem with ordering, replacing them early though.

Other examples of Tribal plates within Oklahoma are here (issued by Tribe to members).

The Formidable 2 of Clubs

What a damn good fit for the Baseball Hall of Fame too, even if I do say so myself.

This is my once-in-a-lifetime celebration of
a New York Yankee, shortstop Derek Jeter.

And it is composed with mixed feelings, because I DO hate the NY Yankees overall, but since I am (overall) a baseball fan, I just have to admire the career of, the talent of the latest in a long line of baseball greats who've worn the pinstripes.  For his entire, 20-year MLB career~!

Can You Jeter?
Derek Jeter is not only a New York Yankee extraordinaire– he’s a Verb!

Linguists believe the verb “to jeter” originated one night in November, when Mr. Jeter snubbed his old flame, Mariah Carey, at Sean (Puff Daddy) Combs’ birthday party. In the weeks afterward, to jeter meant to avoid in a public setting . It was a useful synonym for “to diss” or “to blow off,” as in: "He jetered her big time."

But “jeter” proved too snappy, too supple a word to be hemmed in by just one meaning. So it is now jetering through the lexicon at an alarming rate. Consider …
To move laterally: Can you jeter that antenna a little bit to the left?
To leave in a hurry: Let’s jeter out of here.
To destroy: I’m gonna jeter your ass!  ... among other bawdy uses.
Sorry about that, I was drawn back momentarily, into my 'Hate the Yankees' mode.

Derek Jeter, #2, SS for the New York Yonkers, career stats (through Sept. 24, 2014):
Games played: 2,743; At bats: 11,182; Runs scored 1,922; Hits: 3,461, including 543 doubles, 66 triples, and 260 home runs; Runs Batted In: 1,307; a career batting average of .310, and a career slugging percentage of .440.

Derek Jeter is number 6, on the all-time hits record, behind Pete Rose, Ty Cobb, Hank Aaron, Stan Musial, and Tris Speaker.  Lofty company, indeed~!

Last night, in the bottom of the ninth inning, two outs, with a runner on first base, the Yankees down by just one run to the satanic Baltimore Orioles, humble, beautiful, Derek Jeter, captain of the New York Yankees, came to the plate to deliver some classic New York Magic.
There was Derek Jeter, at the plate facing a southpaw, the side he preferred.

Millions of 12-year-old-American boys nationwide, solemnly pawed the ground and snorted, as they each too, then entered into that Yankee batters box along with Jeter.

Magic was on the minds of the 43,201 in attendance at Yankee Stadium, as they grew louder and louder as No. 2 came to the plate with a chance for one more clutch moment. In the road dugout was Jeter's first manager, Buck Showalter, who often jokes he is happy to see Jeter retiring, so his team doesn't have to face him anymore.

In the Yankees' dugout, Joe Girardi was thinking, very specifically.  "You are thinking he is going
to hit a home run or he is going to hit a ball in the gap and we are going to tie the score and we'll see what happens," Girardi said.

Jeter, 40, and playing in the third to last home game of his career, had already found some of his former greatness on this home stand. His hitting streak was up to seven games with a seventh-inning infield single. He was 10-for-24 on the stand before his ninth-inning at-bat.

Orioles closer Zach Britton was on the mound. Jeter was 5-for-15, .333 against Britton in his career.
Maybe, just maybe, Jeter could have one more magic moment, sending everyone away with
another memory and stave off the brink of playoff elimination.

Then in a blink, reality set in:

Strike 1, called on a 97 mph sinker.
Strike 2, swinging on a 97 mph sinker.
Strike 3, swinging on a 96 mph sinker.

No magic, just a 2014 season playoff-elimination number down to a single game.

Yet just like in the movie, "Oh, God!", when the defendant in a court case called God to the stand to testify, EVERYONE IN YANKEE STADIUM LAST NIGHT, HELD THEIR BREATHS,       Rightfully EXPECTANT:: JETER IS UP~!~!  IT WILL BE OK, JETER'S UP.

*****   and that, friends is the essence, the vibrancy of baseball.  God love Derek Jeter~!

Monday, September 22, 2014

A Disturbing Waste of Time, Money
& We Taxpayers Paid For It

I am reading from the Washington Free Beacon online, about a musical, theatrical play promoting 'Climate Change' hysteria, entitled "The Great Immensity".

It cost the U.S. Taxpayers, $700,000, by way of a grant from the National Science Foundation.

The play bombed.  Closed on Broadway after three dismal weeks' run.  
In Kansas City, Mo,  "The Great Immensity" closed immediately after opening night there~.  
That was supposed to be the beginning of the musical's national tour.


...  I listened to two of the show's tunes  ...  "horrible" is being kind, in describing them.  
Saying that they are simply unpleasant is to lie to you.

But hey, you paid for it, we all did.   And as we all know, Government does not have a track record of doing anything well.  Especially funding musicals.  
Not unlike all the green energy subsidies we've paid for.


The story revolves around a man named Karl, who quits his job on (the Discovery Channel's) 'Shark Week' TV series, because the show did not emphasize climate change enough.

He then disappears with a 15-year-old girl, an “Earth Ambassador” for the UN, named Julie, who convinces Karl to stage a kidnapping of young children during a global climate summit, on the eminently rational assumption that such an event would make the world act on global warming.

Karl abandons his wife Phyllis, who had been frantically searching for him,
with her hopes to start a family.
In one of the final scenes, Karl gives Phyllis a jar of his frozen sperm.

The play features singing and dancing about a carrier pigeon named Margaret, and lyrics about “sea-soaked teddy bears” and the redistribution of wealth.

One line calls people “stupid” for not changing their life for global warming.

You can see your tax dollars at work~!

The NSF would not say whether the agency considers the nearly $700,000 given to the Brooklyn theater company “The Civilians,” who produced the play, a waste of money.
That is for us Americans to decide really, by calling them and saying so~!
“This particular project just concluded in August and the final report has not yet been submitted to NSF,” the agency said in a statement.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Slightly Askew

I tried Number 2, with satisfactory results, as always:  

2. Goglogo:    Ever wanted your own personal version of Google,
complete with a customised logo?


You can type “goglogo” into your Google search bar and hit “I’m feeling lucky”:  
When you do, you enter your name or whatever, into Goglogo’s box, and again hit "enter",
you’ll be rewarded with a search page that has been customised with your name.  
And with Google Chrome, the opportunity to keep this as your start page, or search engine!  
How Cool Is That??

At that website above, I also tried # 4, the Google Translate Boom Box" thingy.
Ho hum, really.  
And #5, "Google Sphere".  Both of these are somewhat Cool, though minimally...

Try entering "Google gravity" in that search engine, and then click 'I'm Feeling Lucky', and get a real surprise!!  Have fun picking up all those pieces...


On the (even) lighter side, this:

I Can't Wait Till They're Half Off !!

~ please have a great weekend, 
may all your teams win, 
and we LMCs wish you much happiness~!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Israel Has Been Rocket-Free for ...

There is a simple website where a clock shows how many days or in most cases, how many minutes- that the State of Israel has been unthreatened by rocket fire from Hamas in the Gaza strip.

As of Friday at 6:15 pm, it has risen to over a day-and-a-half, rocket free.  It is the Sabbath in Israel (Shalom Shabbat~!) right now, that may have something to do with the relative peace. Nevertheless, it is such a shame that the truth about Palestinian Hamas is not genuinely reported in the world press.

And someday soon, I suppose, when ISIS or ISIL or whatever is lobbing rockets into Israel from the Golon Heights border with Syria, news media will try to generate a sympathy for those murderous thugs too.  And also, our JV administration here in America will dither and consult and hold conferences, about how to arm the poor 'freedom fighters' who hate Israel and for WH-M it stands.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Those Whitefaces Win Again

Overwhelmed by the Whitefaces.  
Call Sen. Harry Reid's office!  Call Eric Holder!
Call Al Sharpton!  

Lovingly lifted from The Pampa (Tx) News:

HEREFORD — The Pampa Harvesters (1-2) traveled to Hereford (1-2) to take on the Whitefaces in their first road game of the season. The Hereford defense, who got to senior quarterback Tyler Hooper three times, was too much for the Harvesters as they defeated Pampa 35-7.  At least, the Harvesters weren't Blanco-ed.

Pampa Harvesters coach Greg Poynor said, “This week I felt like our defense played really well, and we just gave them no help on the other side of the ball on the offense. We just kept putting them out there over and over again.”

They forced Hereford to punt and gave the Harvesters the ball at their own 28-yard line.

After a Pampa three-and-out, the Whitefaces were able to score the first points of the game and take a 7-0 lead when  haf black  half back Brandon Cloud (23) lowered his shoulder and powered over the goal line Friday night.

Whitefaces' Cloud (I'm wading in irony here) had two touchdown runs in the contest.

The Harvesters received the ball and Aaron Arreola took it out to the 26-yard line. Hooper connected with junior Alec McClendon for a 51-yard pass, but was unable to take advantage of the big play. 

In the second quarter, the Whitefaces were able to turn two of their drives into 14 points, while Pampa struggled to get the ball moving on offense. Their special teams on kick returns played well however, as Arreola had unofficially 72 yards on three attempts by halftime as the Harvesters trailed 21-0.

That Hereford defense, which gave Pampa fits all night, was too much for the Harvesters however, and closed the game out for the Whitefaces.

Offended by that team name?  
Well, who the hell cares,
besides you?  Get a life~!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Maybe, If Ray Rice Had Been Whipped With An Elm Switch

Socialists are angry, & so you should be, too~

What the present, Liberal uproar has with the National Football League regarding running backs Ray Rice of Baltimore, and Adrian Peterson of Minnesota, is incoherent support of both sides of an argument.  Nothing More.

Ray Rice should have been more disciplined with a belt, when he was younger, so he would not slug a fellow female human, his girlfriend,

Adrian Peterson is condemned for doing just that same thing, for his future-running-back-sons. 

Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III

was told by an NFL uniform inspector* not to wear his “Know Jesus, Know Peace” t-shirt before post-game press conference.
What we have here, is the Liberals' War on Men Who Act Like Men.

Next up, Liberals' contempt for Arizona Cardinal wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald,
who dares to complete his college degree at the Univ. of Phoenix, while being the paid spokesman of same,
an Uncle Tom, improving himself over the sudden Latino immigrant Workers, that his team represents.

The 50-year old Democratic Party War on Negros, continues.

Trying their best to control the behavior of their voters, through public humiliation and intimidation:  A variation on the old Carrot & Stick motivation method, always effective on Jackasses.

* you just know, the uniform inspector was a gay guy.

Monday, September 15, 2014


I discovered something disturbing, yet significant last night, with regard to the YouTube videos that I post here on The Local Malcontent:  Sometimes, after a video has played out fully, the rest of my 'favorited videos' plays continuously until the end of my list of favorites, which currently is 111.

This could be a problem for both of us.... for if you have the (wasted) time, you can see all the things I think are worth saving in my YouTube account.  By the way, at, 
I am known as "AaronXOK".... you'll recognize me by my nickle....

But just a word of warning for others who might use one of their favorites within their bloggies:  All the rest of your favorites will also play afterwards.

NOT that I am embarrassed or ashamed, of any video which I claim as a favorite there~ but you could.  Ok, I'm kinda red-faced about that one, .... , but I have a good reason for it.  

(distraction) Why not check out this amazing video while you forget about everything I just said??!!


Confession: I am a die-hard Nemophilist

Here's a Screen Print of my computer Wallpaper:

I love nothing better than being alone at our 'refuge', in LeFlore County, Ok., 
wandering away from our base and forgetting myself, becoming one with nature, 
smelling the aromas of the Ouachita forest, becoming another beast living there, bathing in a stream, drinking from the same, maybe eating from the same....