Friday, October 24, 2014


Body bags and money bags both.

Far be it from me, to suggest making money via the internet either through advertisement spots here, or by offering up some service or product ( Local Malcontent T-shirts now 25% off, @ $12.59, and LMC coffee mugs are an unbeatable value @ $5.99 ).

But being a conservative capitalist, I absolutely do not condemn the practice either.
It's just, well hell, it's the deadly ebola virus and the fear of, for cryin' out loud!

Lovingly lifted from, OCTOBER 9, 2014:
  • Searching for Ebola news? You may land on
  • Turns out it's for sale and the guy who owns it is hoping a pharmaceutical co, to buy it off him.
  • It's not unusual for big pharmaceutical companies to hold domains for major diseases on the Internet. For example, the and domains are held by Johnson & Johnson, is held by an affiliate of GlaxoSmithKline, and by Pfizer.
  • But who would want to own the domain name
  • We've had many inquiries on the domain over the years," according to Jon Schultz, president of Nevada-based Blue String Ventures and the owner of the domain. 
  • Schultz bought in 2008 for an undisclosed sum.
  • The current asking price for $150,000. However, Schultz said the domain's price "is subject to change as the situation evolves."
  • He added: "$150,000 is not a tremendous amount for a premium domain.
  • It's conceivable, of course, that the life science companies are worried that buying the domain might give a perception of trying to profit from the deadly outbreak. The World Health Organization estimates that more than 3,800 people have died from the virus.

... so very long ago, October 9th, 2014. 
Now, there's this sudden news about "" 
from International Business Times dot com:

  • >$200,000 American.
  • Investors with close ties to a company run by a former New Mexico governor that promotes legalized marijuana have acquired the URL for more than $200,000, the International Business Times has learned. The group plans to launch a site dedicated to news and information about the dreaded virus in about two weeks.
  • “It’s going to be like a Drudge Report for Ebola,” Eric Miller, CEO of Weed Growth Fund Inc., said in an interview. “It will bring all the information about Ebola together in one place.”
  • The site will also carry advertising “at standard CPMs" (cost per mille, or 1000 impressions), said Miller, an investment broker and former vice president of Millionaire Magazine.
  • An SEC filing shows that Weed Growth Fund, of Scottsdale, Arizona, acquired the rights to from Blue String Ventures Inc. on Monday. The sale price was $50,000, plus 19,192 shares of Cannabis Sativa Inc., in which Weed Growth Fund is a majority investor.
  • That works out to roughly $214,000 in total, based on current share price of Cannabis Sativa (OTCBb:CBDS) of $8.55.
  • Miller said that’s a fair price to pay for the URL given the worldwide interest in the virus.
  • According to its website, Cannabis Sativa “has global ambitions. We believe cannabis is destined to become the next gold rush and we’re prepared to shape its future in a legal environment.”
  • Cannabis Sativa’s CEO is Gary Johnson, Republican governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2003. He also was the Libertarian Party candidate for president in 2012.
  • Asked if the investment would still be worth it if the outbreak is eventually contained, Miller said, “That’s the best thing that could happen.” 


Vi$it the brand-new, bare-bone$ web$ite, for more info.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Marcel the Shell, with Shoes on, Part 3

A YouTube video published on October 20, 2014, and only two days later, boasts nearly 1.6 million views already.

Is that some kind of record for becoming "viral"?

No. That would belong to "Marcel the Shell, with Shoes on" part 2.  (so far~!)

Nothing in this country goes viral without first going through the Local Malcontent. Wait-- no, I mean,, uh, never mind.

Please enjoy this really cute video, introducing Marcel the Shell:  (later, your comments, please) Don't worry, Rated G

Monday, October 20, 2014

Being Foreigners From Tulsa

I was made aware of a serious dilemma facing Oklahomans soon, late last night when the wife of a close friend told Leticia and me over coconut cake and coffee that starting in 2016, 
Oklahomans may need passports in order to fly anywhere
out of state.
Anywhere, like Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, or Los Angeles.

At first, we Malcontents had doubts about this:  We just flew into Toronto, Ontario in June, and while we had our passports on us, we were not asked for them when we landed at Pearson International,
nor when we arrived in Halifax, nor when we got back in the USA in Dallas.  
~ Leticia was asked to provide hers twice, to cash traveler's cheques while in Halifax, but she was
not asked for hers anywhere else either.

But it seems to be true.  Lovingly lifted this morning from Fox23, Tulsa (Sept. 18): 

TULSA, Ok. — You may need a passport flying out of Tulsa International Airport soon even if you aren’t going to another country

The Real ID Act which put federal requirements on states to make sure government issued IDs aren’t given to illegal immigrants and end up potentially in the hands of terrorists.

But in 2007, Oklahoma passed a law rejecting the Real ID Act and has not complied since. Because of that, Oklahoma driver’s licenses are not considered a valid form of federal ID.
The law takes effect in 2015 when Real ID will take effect at the federal courthouse downtown. The following year in 2016, Real ID will also take effect at the airport.  (you know that I didn't compose those two awful sentences. Some, well-paid journalist did.)
FOX23 was told the Department of Public Safety, a state agency, cannot make any changes to driver’s licenses to comply with the act, until the 2007 state law is changed or repealed.
A spokeswoman for Tulsa International Airport said the airport is currently studying the issue, and they will comment on the new requirements and what passengers can do once they look over their current policies.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

For GOD'S Sake

The most beautiful voice in the world today, singing 'The Lord's Prayer':


Zip Code 38336

Fruitvale  What a pleasant sounding name for a town.  By the way, it is in Tennessee.

Sometimes, the most important discoveries are made by following the most overgrown trails, and that is how I became aware of the treasure, Fruitvale, Tennessee.  Doesn't that sound like someplace you'd like to stop and buy a Coke with your wife, then discover a tiny restaurant which serves the best you ever ate, homemade chicken-n-dumplins (with carrots), with sourdough rolls with butter and honey?   
It would only be made more perfect, if the restaurant was nextdoor to a antique/junk store.  

Anyway, I discovered Fruitvale, TN this morning, because one of the 65 townspeople stopped by this bloggie, and left a trail for me to follow on SiteMeter: "Oklahoma City, Washington, D.C., St. Louis, Fruitvale, Tennessee, Sydney, New South Wales...."

An oddity, so I looked her up.  What an old, rich story behind Fruitvale.  I would love to come visit such a town.  Err, "village" is how describes her:

    The Fruitvale area was settled during the first half of the 19th century. At first it was known as Jackson Hollow. In the 1850s, the Memphis & Ohio (M&O) Railroad was built through the area.
The site of Fruitvale started to be known as "The Switch" because a railroad switch and siding had been constructed there. The switch enabled the community to become a location for shipments from and to the surrounding area. By the last decade of the 19th century, the community was an important center for trade in perishable produce grown on nearby farms. By the 1870s, the community had acquired the "Fruitvale" name, reflecting its role as a shipping point for a large quantity of fruits and vegetables. The Fruitvale post office was established in 1893.

    Ten years later, a directory of local businesses listed a blacksmith shop, a sawmill, and several stores. An ad in the "Alamo Sentinel" in 1900 says that T. P. Taylor has moved to Fruitvale and will deal in drygoods, notions, boots, shoes, a full line of staple groceries, and will take country produce in exchange for groceries. He must not have remained long for his name is missing from the businesses listed in the 1903 directory. This 1903 list included these businesses: Marlow Bros. Grocery; Nelson, Raines, & Scarborough Groc.; J. R. Jackson and Co. Dry Goods and Groceries; W. Z. Williams, blacksmith; R. N. Raines, express agent; R. W. Riggins & Co., Sawmill.

    Brothers J.O. "Ollie" and Oscar Boyd established a grocery business in Fruitvale in 1906 and expanded their commercial interests in the subsequent years, adding the J.O. Boyd General Merchandise Store in 1918. Oscar Boyd sold his interest to his brother in 1920. During the 1920s Ollie Boyd, who also served as Fruitvale's postmaster, started a barber shop and built a potato barn and a pea/fertilizer shed. In 1930 he converted the barber shop building to house an office for management of his business interests. He made extensive land purchases, eventually accumulating 1,200 acres of farmland on which he produced a variety of crops and raised hogs, sheep, and cattle.

The Boyd farming operations employed many seasonal migrant workers who were housed in bunkhouses that Boyd built in Fruitvale.

Later developments

    Some time in the early 20th century, a large wooden fruit shed was built adjacent to the railroad siding. Rail cars could be parked adjacent to the shed for loading of food boxes and crates. A wooden crop scale was installed in 1925.   In the late 1930s, electricity became available in Fruitvale, and Ollie Boyd built an electric-powered corn crusher to produce feed for beef cattle and hogs, as well as a tractor shed.

Dear friend(s) in Fruitvale, I am not belittling you.  I'm as serious as I can be.  We live in a wide spot in the road called Yanush, Oklahoma; barely 120 population. And we genuinely believe there's no finer place to live than in a tiny town:  To me, McAlester is huge, and a city the size of Dallas is agony.

As a kid, I heard of a Texas town called "Sweeny Switch" from my uncle, and I hunted and searched for Sweeny Switch, until I finally found it:  And I loved it for it's only remaining crossroad and single grocery/gas station store, built in the 1910s.  Likewise for me, there's no place like Wister, and Shady Point, or Adamson, or Langley, Oklahoma, just the sweetest places ever on this earth.

Don't even get me started on Mountainburg, Arkansas~ or I'll go on for hours here.
Or the diner there, or the cafe I visit so much down in Caddo.

I will get over to Fruitvale, Tennessee one of these days, for a visit.  Keep the ole fires burning.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Democrats On Suicide Watch

Desperate for any crumb of good political news, Democratic politicians nationwide are celebrating another Black teenager killer by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, wherein they can promote their only remaining, all-too-familiar political bait, Racism.

It is all too clear that everything which controversial, Democratic leader Barack Zerobama touches becomes poisonous to Americans and to our Nation, and Congressional Democrats are abandoning Zerobama in droves, en mass.

The new war in Iraq/Syria against ISIS;
The Ebola disaster invading our nation, and engulfing the world ;  The unprotected, open Southwest border;  Higher food prices;
Lower standard of living and wages/income; New, hidden taxes, fees and regulations.

It is the image and the very name of their thoroughly unpopular party leader, Obama, which the (D) candidates fear and avoid most. All the while, and still, the American political media worship
this imbecile.  Next up, the worship of the equally mentally unstable, imbecilic, Hillary Clinton.

The Democrats:  "Promote Unique Firsts", Since We are OUT of Governing Ideas:
First, maybe A Negro, then A Female, then A Hispanic, then An HIV+ Homosexual,
A Handicapped/Disabled Person, A Dolphin, A Transgendered, and eventually,
perhaps A Two-Headed, Vegan candidate

    But it is each individual, Democratic Congress critter,  who's the real enemy to the American nation. For it is from these liars and their staffers, the unpopular laws have come under which we suffer most.


What "good" are Democrats, then?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Okie Cow Gas & Punkin Electric Utility Contest


My gosh, this is so lame, 
but I'm going to enter it, and we're going to win those tickets, it is that bad.

Bizarrely lifted from OUR most recent OG&E electric bill, and online:

[Oklahoma State Univ.] Cowboy fans show us your orange power to win 2 tickets and a VIP package to the OSU vs. Texas game.

Eligibility:  The owner of the submitted pumpkin may be any age.  The prize is subject to being awarded to a person 18 years or older. If the owner is under 18 years of age, his/her parent or legal guardian will be awarded the prize. 

Contest Timeline:  Friday, October 10, 2014 through Friday, October 24, 2014

How to Enter:  
Select a real pumpkin. REALLY, NO KIDDING~!?
Decorate it in accordance with the Rules.
Complete the Entry Form on OG&E Facebook page and upload a photo of your pumpkin.
Promote your pumpkin to friends by asking them to “Like” your pumpkin on

Photo Submission begins on Friday October 10 – Friday October 24. 

  • All photos must be in by midnight on October 24, 2014 to be eligible.
  • Select real pumpkin, any size. 
  • Pumpkin decoration theme is ORANGE POWER.
  • Pumpkin may be decorated with paint, carving and/or any bedazzling you want.
  • Decoration must include at least one element illustrating Wind Power.
  • Take a photo and upload to our Facebook Orange Power Contest tab & like OGE on Facebook.

How the Winner is Chosen:  The pumpkin photo receiving the most fan likes will be determined the winner of the contest. Fan voting with Facebook Likes concludes at midnight on October 29, 2014.

Prize: The winning pumpkin’s owner will receive two OSU vs. Texas Game Tickets with hospitality and VIP experience at Boone Pickens Stadium in Stillwater, Okla.

Monday, October 13, 2014

SF Giants' Pitcher Throws the Wong Pitch

In the top half of the ninth inning, of last night's game, the San Francisco Giants
tied the game at 4 all, off the St. Louis closing pitcher, Trevor Rosenthal.

In the bottom half of the ninth inning, of last night's game, the St. Louis Cardinals 
untied the gameoff the San Francisco closing pitcher, Sergio Romo.

Romo threw the Wong Pitch on the 0-1 count to the St. Louis 2nd baseman, Kolton Wong.
The catcher, Buster Posey, had set up for a low pitch on the outside corner of the plate,
but Romo's Nono came inside, directly over the middle of the plate, belt high, for Wong.

... who promptly sailed that baseball into the right field bleachers for a game winning,
walk off home run.  The Cardinals won last night, 5-4.

Wait until St. Louis batters have a chance to visit San Francisco's AT&T park, where that massive right field wall stands.... ~!

Cardinals in 6 games.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Then Out of Nowhere, Here Came A Pack of Bulldogs

It has been unusual for a college football fan this season, with all the Week-6 upsets and all. 

Oklahoma fell to TCU, Oregon bowed to Arizona, Alabama dropped the game with Ole Miss, and if you hadn't heard yet, Bryant ended Bucknell's 9-game winning streak, 34-15.

Under the radar, was the hapless Mississippi State Bulldogs, 
quietly whipping their opponents, out of earshot of the national press, going undefeated so far this season.  Mississippi State started the year, ranked number 36 among major college football teams (AP polls).  The next week they were ranked number 31.  Two weeks later, they are at number 28, still unlisted in the country's elite 'Top 25' rankings.

But then they "upset" the Tigers of LSU, 34-29, in Baton Rouge. That caused them to take a real jump in the polls, to number 14. Pollsters began to notice~  there's a serious team in Starkville.  And you'd better take them seriously, too, when you'll take the field against them.  

The next week was a bye week for the Bulldogs, yet they still climbed in the polls to number 12, thanks to some of the other upsets of higher ranked teams, the most common refrain of this most unusual college gridiron season.

Last week, the Bulldogs welcomed 
#6 ranked Texas A&M to Starkville with a 48-31 beat down, and it was 
at this game where Bulldog quarterback Dak Prescott really showed himself to be a hot commodity in the NFL market, as well as alot of high regard as a dark horse Heisman Trophy candidate.

By then, at that point Mississippi State could stop and claim that it had been a very successful year.  But these dogs are in it for the whole fight-- and they kept/keep getting better and better.

And they rose to be tied for #3 in the nation, along with state Egg Bowl foe, Ole Miss.  What is this world coming to??

Yesterday, their biggest challenge so far in an increasingly challenging season of Southeast Conference football:  number 2 ranked Auburn came calling to Starkville....  Only to leave with it's worst loss in their past 45 games, 38-23, at the teeth of the Bulldogs' defense and Prescott's skills and leadership.

Where will they be ranked today?  From #36 to #31 to #33 to #28 to #14 to #12 to #3
before Saturday's win over #2 Auburn.  

Maybe at the top, where they oughtta be?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

This IS That Day

Frequently, lately, "these days" happen with clockwork regularity:

But they always have yearly for me, an Oklahoma Sooner football AND a St. Louis Cardinal baseball fan.

I remember years when I was SOO caught up in Sooner football, the Cardinals' fate that day meant less than zero to me.

In those years, the Cardinals were about game 3 of their post season playoff series, and OU was itching to switch the Longhorns' asses to the tune of 65-13 or something equally, minimally satisfying.

Then later, the Cards would win game 2 or 3 against the most hated other team, or they would lose to same, it didn't matter; for there'd be another day for those two teams to play. [maybe tomorrow] In baseball, there's always a tomorrow, pitching.

SO NOT SO in the Red River Rivalry.

Damn the Texas Longhorns to hell for their uppitiness, for them to think [fill in their bloated, projected-wins, their bland jarbol ].

And so it goes, year after long summer's year, until we get to the second Saturday in October.

The Timelessness of Baseball ends in late October, then there's a release again in February with the Super Bowl, then ..., ..., ..., ,,,. until baseball season reignites in April full of hope and belief,

and joy and pain,
the ricochet of expectations verses the team's actuality.

Surely, there must be some exquisite philosopher who, like me, recognizes this tidal change, this shift from brooding nonchalance in mid-May, to the irrepressible uproar of the stampede of footballers' feet in October, and is able to entirely encapsulate the whole of mankind, within those understandable boundaries.

OHH~, I hope it's me~! Though, only somewhat, because I am ultimately stupid. I'm merely swayed easily, by the yearly Tides, and the Bruins, and the many Wildcats; the sometimes ingenious Red Sox, the GIANTS, and for heaven's beloved sake, the Indians and the Braves. All valiant fighters of yore.

I seem to have swelled in the contemplative, competitive here;

In just a little over an hour, the very battle of the current century will again be played in the Cotton Bowl; our burgers are ready, on the grill, gallons of beer are iced/ready;

Living, breathing pride is on the line,
great, and loud boasting and stomping, happening across 
your Chahta land, this year now,
there's NOTHING LIKE IT under creation
so here we go.

UPDATE (saturday night):
The Sooners did beat the Longhorns, 31-26, in the Cotton Bowl today, but the Cardinals lost to Madison Bumgardner and the SF Giants, 3-0, a four-hit shutout.  
NO problem... by next week, the situations reverse.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Potty Mouth

There are extremists on all sides of the political agenda, fer sure.  And I guess they serve a purpose as a reminder of the boundries, where simple, political differences converge with anger and obscenity on those outskirts.
The political artist known as SABO, has created some very good, Conservative, urban art, including the "Joker Obama" image in my own right margin:  Bury hUSs Obama.

This image posted today on SABO's twitter account, to me, goes too far.
Far Be It For Me, to defend Zerobama, after all I'm counting the hours until he's out of office. 
But this image is well inside that obscene zone, in my opinion:

found at the Tea Party news network article, with a little work.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"Go Crazy, Folks, Go Crazy!!"

This baseball post season is shaping up exactly the same way it did back in 1985, so far.  Only in that year, there was no NLCS series awaiting the Cardinals, after they surprised the LA Dodgers, on a home run 'by The Wizard', Ozzie Smith'.

After a little bit of searching, reliving old Cardinal memories, I found the perfect video of Ozzie Smith's OH!-SO!-Dramatic Home run from back in 1985.  From that victory (Cardinals 3, Dodgers 2, by the way), the Cards went on to face the Kansas City Royals in the World Series.
** real quick**  I skipped last hour in my sophomore year in high school, that day, to run home at top speed, wondering what parts of the game I'd already missed, turned on the TV to watch this decisive game 5 against the Dodgers, live.**
Ozzie Smith hit only 6 home runs during the 1985 season, the most he ever hit in a full season.

BONUS QUESTION (WORTH 10,000):  Name the ace, starting, Southpaw pitcher for 
the Los Angeles Dodgers, that day, October 14, 1985:?

I Feel Like Chicken Tonight,
Like Chicken Tonight~

  • This Liberal Video on YouTube Has It All~!  
  • So Why Does It Have Only 385 Views?
  • This video has the Reverend Al Sharpton as spokesperson 
  • (and he looks good and healthy, not like he does today,
  • you know, -- like he's HIV+, and shopping for death beds)
  • It's for PeTA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals-
  • It rails against the most horrible, capitalistic restaurants known to man, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Popeyes, Chick-Fil-A-
  • It shows honest, hardworking, undocumented Mexicans doing jobs that average Americans refuse to do-
  • It shows where your lunch yesterday (your chicken sandwich, or your chicken salad, or your chicken and rice) really, truly came from:  tasty birds-

I like my KFC Original Recipe®~  (however at home, Leti makes a green chili-battered-fried chicken that you would die for!)

Al Sharpton's teleprompter skills have dwindled since making this video for PeTA, sadly; although, true to form, he does screw up two or four times (his phrase from 1:41 to 1:50 minute mark, is pure gibberish), just not as frequently as he does these days on his show on MSNBC. 
... Could be from his "cigar" smoking addiction, too,    wink-wink.

Please, show 'big Al' Sharpton some love, and view his PeTA video, watch how chickens are processed into delicious meals for your growing children, as well as tasty snack foods for 
the on-the-go crowd.  Like You.  And Me. And (317,000,000-385) other Americans.

And be sure and stop by your local KFC, or your local McDonald's, your local Chick-Fil-A, or Popeyes Famous, 
on your way home tonight~!