Monday, August 3, 2015

Bert Kaempfert - The Mexican Shuffle

climb those fences, cross that river, and scale those barriars, amig0s, come to America

Big Game Now Is Frowned Upon

When did this happen?  A Safari Used to be so Popular.  The goal of so many upwardly mobile couples from the 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s.


Not sure here, since African safaris, Canadian Caribou hunts, Scottish Aquasour hunts have always been the norm for able-bodied men.  "You been to the Arctic seal hunt yet?"

Bear hunts- too, for goodness sake~!  Not to mention good ole, Southern Coon hunts.

Environmentalists pee their pants at the notion of killing game, because they only claim themselves as the keepers of the worlds' menageries of wild, tasty animals.  And they have gone too far~! Without hunts, culls, the animals starve, get diseased and likely pass on their diseases to their young.

They must not remember that their daddies, or grand-daddies killed game for food, or for blankets, either way for warmth, for them probably.   One of my earliest memories from my little-boy-hood is of my buckskin deer bedspread, all furry and brown, white, and grey and hairy, later molting, 
which my father killed for me to keep warm at night.
I know that I'm not alone, with memories like this either.

My first kills and pelts were beavers and racoons, when I was about 9 years old.  Since becoming a young Indian boy, I've killed & skinned rabbits, a skunk, a possum, two feral hogs and lots of deer;   
A young man needs to know this skill, like gutting fish, in order to feed his family, whether his offspring or his brethern, a skill which is necessary.

"Meow, Meow"

The most horrible people on Earth kill children, like the worshippers of Molech; like today's followers of another
fake god which we all know today...
them that love death, not life~

Deuteronomy 13:5-- You must purge the evil from among you.

So why isn't there an American Christian jihad against
the murderers employed by Planned Parenthood?

Let's all pray, beseeching God Almighty for forgiveness, and for the moral strength of national character 
to recognize that

Saturday, August 1, 2015

"Babushka" Means 'Grandmother' and
"Veetska" Means 'Murderer' in Russian
Meet Tamara Samson

Babushka Veetska,
Tamara Samsonova, the mass-murdering granny~!

This old lady from St. Petersburg, Russia is a mass-murderer, and the details of her crimes rival those of ISIS killers and of Jeffery Dahmer.

This is
Tamara Samson, 68.
(in Russian, Samsonova):

She is seen in CCTV footage, dated July 23, dragging out a large trashbag to a certain spot across from her apartment in suburban
St. Petersburg, Russia, where later the dismembered body of a 79-year-old woman was found, headless, and her torso missing one arm and one leg.
The body parts were found floating in a pond soon thereafter.

The victim was identified as a woman who was living in Samson's apartment, and under her medical, elder-care.  
A search of Gramma's apartment found dried blood splatters which DNA experts have matched with the 79 year old victim.

But wait, there's more....  And it is gruesome:

Also found, tucked, hidden away in a wall, was Granny's secret diary.  That very black book recounted the murders of 10 other victims over the past 15 years, including her husband in 2005, and a boarder in 2003.  The dismembered body of the boarder was found in the exact location as the 79 year old, two weeks ago.

OK, you're gonna have to trust me on this part:  
I Google-translated the Russian News webpage of this story
( ).  It says:

Ten murders committed by the old woman in the street Dimitrov described in detail in this diary. These memories are removed after accusing her in the dismemberment of another pensioner. If the memories are true, then my grandmother was unprecedented for a Russian serial killer, and her diary - Stephen King in reality. The reliability indicates a precise description of the murder in 2003, which really was.

The case of the murder of a woman whose decapitated body was found July 26 in the evening by the pond on the street Dimitrova , law enforcers have disclosed the next day. History horrible, but compared with the further developments, banal: on suspicion of murdering 79-year-old Valentina Ulanova, was detained 68-year-old Tamara Samsonova . Alleged killer cared for the sick Ulanova, lived in her apartment. It is the same as seen on the recording made ​​CCTV camera and took out a dead body.

OLD FAVORITES: The OKC, 5-Alive Weather with Meteorologist Fred Norman

Oklahoma City TV-Weatherman Fred Norman once said that, "tonight's high winds will even blow fat girls over on the sidewalks ..."

Meteorologist Fred Norman used to hit the bottle more than alittle, after he had used it first as his barometer, and before he discovered a higher content of alcohol in his thermometers.

Fred Norman was the main reason to tune over to channel 5, KOCO at 5:30, 6:00 and 10:00 pm.:  Because he was real, he was an Okie like the rest of us, never taking his serious job of predicting Oklahoma's unpredictable weather in the springtime, TOO SERIOUSLY;  not like Ch. 9's Gary England, who scared the living hell out of central Oklahoma residents with his warnings....

No, Fred was one of us:  Really bad weather is coming, people are gonna die, the roads will become slicker than batshit gravy, or that tomorrow will be hotter than Hell at noon (which by the way, It Will Be, tomorrow!).  

And we OU students in the 80s, would roll in the floors laughing, all the while learning Oklahoma weather, from this man.

Fred Norman died (last year) on August 6, 2014, at age 86.  Rest in Peace, you loveable coot.

Friday, July 31, 2015

"To All The Friends I've Made Before"

To all the friends I've made before 
Who traveled in and out this door
I'm glad you came along
I dedicate this song
To all the friends I've made before

To all the friends I once addressed,
And may I say you are the best~!
For helping me to grow,
I owe a lot I know,
To all the friends I've loved before

The winds of change are always blowing
And every time I try to stay
The winds of change continue blowing
And they just carry me away

To all the friends who shared my lines
Who now are someone else's fans,
For helping me to grow,
I owe alot I know
To all the friends I've loved before

To all the friends who cared for me
Who filled my blog with ecstasy
You live within my heart
You'll always be a part
Of all the friends I've loved before

The winds of change are always blowing
And every time I try to stay
The winds of change continue blowing
And they just carry me away

To all the friends I've loved before
Who traveled in and out this door
I'm glad they came along
I dedicate this song
To all the friends I've loved before....

Abouna, Hatless, Dustbury, Mike, Jungle Mom, Col. Bunny, Jeffro, GOTH, ABBNPOPPA,
Scarlett, McGehee, Leticia, Pruddie, RedState~  farewell, Godspeed~!
I can never forget you.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

For Cathy: Promising Nostalgia

The Highlights of the 1964 World Series, between the New York Yankees and the St. Louis Cardinals. 

 The Series went seven games between these two mighty teams, and this video below was a real joy, a treat to watch for me~ 
I'd never seen any these highlights before, so I was plenty
excited to watch these grand ballplayers in their primes. 

In an unusual twist, the Yankees fired Yogi Berra after the Series ended, replacing him with Cardinals' manager Johnny Keane, who had resigned from the Cardinals after the Series. Keane's job had been threatened by Cardinals management, yet it was unexpectedly saved by the Cardinals' dramatic pennant drive. 

The Series is seen as a bellwether point in baseball history, as it was the last hurrah for the 1950s Yankee Dynasty of Mantle, Maris, Ford and Berra, among others, and it demonstrated that the National League's growing enthusiasm to sign black and Latino players (such as those of the '64 Cardinals) was a permanent paradigm shift in fielding a championship team. The Yankees would be in last place by 1966, and they did not appear in another World Series until 1976. 

This Series featured 
the only 
brother-against-brother match-up 
in World Series history
with Ken Boyer, Cardinal
and Clete Boyer, Yankee,
both of whom started at third base for their teams. 

 As of 2014, the Cardinals are the only one of the "classic eight" National League teams to hold a winning edge over the Yankees, winning three (1926, 1942, 1964) while losing only two (1928, 1943). 

Mickey Mantle, playing in his last Series, hit three home runs, raising his WS total to a record-setting 18, surpassing Babe Ruth's mark of 15 WS homers. 

And now, I proudly present the 1964 World Series~!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall
Who's the Most Contempable Politician
Of Them All?

Hillary Clinton learned well, at the knee of Richard Nixon, 
who merely eavesdropped on a competitor's campaign.  

Mrs. Clinton, took the ball and ran with it:  
She accepted funds from countries with abominable civil rights records, and worse civil rights for women, while she was Secretary of State;
becoming beholding FIRST, to these nations
before the interests of our United States of America.

She had beforehand knowledge that our Ambassador and staff would be murdered in Behghazi, Libya,
on Sept. 11, 2012

Hillary kept an illegal email server in her N.Y. home, which she used as Secretary of State,
in obvious contravention of US Law, in order to bypass FOIA laws.

Hillary is Nixon on steroids,
She does not love America, unlike Nixon,
She only looks out for herself, and her legacy.

Her one and only, novel claim to the presidency,
is between her legs, as she is so eager to promote.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

dlroW orraziB ehT nI

Republished from April, 2009

Everything's bassackwards.

Such as Donald Trump, singing )well*(
the "Green Acres" theme:

Like PeeWee Herman,
being stern and very serious:

...Where little, sick babies,
crave to listen to El Rushbo:

Or is it really all that Bizarro ??
Seems like a pretty sound and secure
place to be, if me you ask....

Monday, July 27, 2015

I WAS Woman,Watch Me Age ~!

Silenced by the overwhelming majority of women worldwide,

Helen Reddy, now 73, quickly learned her place~
as a quiet grandmother, simply content to raise her offspring.

Ms. Reddy now lives in a condo overlooking the quiet Sidney, Australia bay.  Unconcerned with Women's Lib these days~.


Simple little tune, everyone can play it on a piano keyboard.

Place index fingers of each hand, one on the F key, 
and the other on the G key, 
then expand outwardly to the Cs.
For the second stanza, you take two fingers, 
held two keys apart, 
and go down and up the octave from C/E.  

Beauty in Simplicity.

Yet in this most impressive audio below, 
the very impressive pianist Kurt Hugo Schneider

In this 4 minute Audio, I can hear the skilled, styled renditions of "Chopsticks" by at least 15 different pianists
different interpretations of that splendidly simple tune:

Scott Joplin, of course, very early on;
and Henry Mancini, 
and Ludwig Von Beethoven,
and Van Cliburn,
and J.S. Bach,
and Billy Joel,
and Elton John,
and Franz Lizst (!!),
and Jerry Lee Lewis,
and Sergei Rachmaninoff
and George Gershwin,
and Liberace,
and holy crap, Hubie Blake. for four measures~!
and even Victor Borge, tucked angrily between the lines.

And by using the Chinese chopsticks to play the piano keys, Schneider EVEN blesses us listeners to what would be a clacking, toy piano version too. 

Stunningly brilliant.  GENIUS.

I've not yet identified the raging interpretation Schneider gives this piece, stanzas both before Listz, and after Jerry Lee... 
Sergei Taneyev??  Daffy and Donald Ducks?  
The Three Stooges?

It's crazy COOL, pleasing to the ears any way, it is awesome.
It. Is. Awesome.

ENJOY THIS, you will.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

OLD FAVORITES: Phone Call from my pal, Mahmoud

So my phone rings about 4 am night before last, early Saturday morning. Something in the ringing tells me it is an urgent call. Imagine my getting up, clumsily, and running to the kitchen and answering the phone...

هالو كلمه اي كه در گفتگوي تلفني براي صدا كردن طرف بكار ميرود,،سلا م كردن

"Whut? Who is this? Who are you calling?" I croaked.

The caller changed his vocal tone, and his language as well, then said, "You sound like the Localmalcontent. Is this you?"

"Yeah, this is the Localmalcontent. Who is this?" I asked, becoming less asleep, and more annoyed.

"This is your friend, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, calling you from Tehran, Localmalcontent. Tell me, how are you, and how are things there in the black heart of Satan, Oklahoma?"

"Things here are fine, Mahmoud, but it's the middle of the night here! What did you want?" I replied, lighting up my first cigarette of the (new) day.

"Localmalcontent, I did not mean to disturb you. My secretary must've called the wrong number. But I did intend to call you later, when I arrive in your New York City, tomorrow." he said, as I heard him shuffling papers, then adding, "But, uh, er, I have been told, that one of your gods, the Cardinal Nine, is not doing well, Localmalcontent, and that you are on a forced starvation diet.
No doubt a result of your worship, your adherence to the evil and detrimental indulgences into the doctrines of the U.S. Do you now regret not being Muslim, and worshipping only Allah, the one True God?"

Angry now, I said "Mahmoud, I told you once, back in February, that I do not worship any other gods but G-D Almighty, the Judeo Christian Jehovah. Did you call me at this time of night to bug me about the Cardinals, or to nag me about my weight"

"Oh, no, no Localmalcontent. It was obviously the will of Allah (PBUH) that your lesser gods of baseball should not be victorious, and that you, an infidel, should become an elephant. Yet, I do need to speak with you on a serious matter for me, however, my American friend: Can you do something to help me, to facilitate my visit to your 'Ground Zero', in New York? Can you not call your GeorgeBush, and recommend to him that I be allowed to pay my homage there? My office has tried everything, in the effort to attain access to that sacred area of Manhattan. But my honorable intentions have been thwarted each time, by Satanists of your government.

Is there anything that you can do for a friend, for me?" Mahmoud asked.

"Whut?!! You want me to call President Bush, to ask him if you can visit the World Trade Center site? I can't call the President just suddenly, like you ask, and get him on the line!" I protested.

"I simply want to place a ceremonial wreath there, in honor of those who died there, that day. I am a man of Allah, and wish to do his will, while I am visiting your American city. Was it not you, friend, who voted for Bush twice? He should know you, of you, then. If anyone voted for me twice, here in Iran, why I would most surely know of it. Can you contact him please? It would mean so much for me to see the 'holy site of Ground Zero', as you call it. I am now assured that calling you was no mistake, but rather a directive from Allah through me!" he insisted.

"Mahmoud, EVEN if I wanted to, I could not call up the White House, and expect to speak with the President. Lots of us voted for him, twice. But aside from that, Mahmoud, you have no business trying to visit that site! It is considered 'sacred' by Americans, and your visit would be a big slap in the faces of all Americans, everywhere. I can't, Mahmoud...

I won't do that." I told him.

"My friend, Localmalcontent, if it is the will of Allah, no one can withstand that. If it is his desire that I stand on that sacred site, then I will." President Ahmadinejad stated.

"And if you do not, if you are prevented from being there and standing on that sacred site, is that also then considered the will of allah?" I asked. (He and I have had this long running discussion about "allah's will", and who gets to decide what qualifies as his will, what doesn't,

 for months now...)

"In that case, then, the great Satan will have thwarted Allah's will; For if I am somehow prevented from executing Allah's will here on Earth, then your government, the Great Satan, ruler of the evil regions, will have interjected, obstructively."

Once again, Mahmoud, you make it sound like your moongod's will is quite easily overruled by the actions of someone else.... someone human, someone here on the ground, made of flesh and blood. Just what does that imply, what does that tell you about the 'will' of your allah?" I asked, sneezing.
"Localmalcontent, I'm sorry, but our telephone line is bad, your last statement was garbled, inaudible.

Besides, it sounds as if the Devil in your nose is harassing you now. But won't you assist me, assist Allah, by contacting your President GeorgeBush, the regulatory agencies, to make it possible for me to visit Ground Zero?"

"Mahmoud," I began, "you are really, the most backward, the most dangerous leader in the world today. I cannot do what you ask. Personally, I view you to be the biggest threat to worldwide peace. And you know yourself, that you'd never allow an American leader to visit, or to speak anywhere in Iran, huh? So, why should I help you out? Sorry, Mahmoud, but that is just out of the question." I said.

"OK, then Localmalcontent, I will try someone else... maybe a New York Senator who is sympathetic to me, to us, and to Allah.
Goodbye, then, Localmalcontent. We will speak together again soon!" Mahmoud said.

"Goodbye, Mr. Ahmadinejad, take care." I concluded.

And just before I hung up the phone, I heard Mahmoud tell his secretary to call Columbia University, that someone there would allow him access, according to his god allah's will.
I wasn't able to put this incident behind me, even with the help of a heated glass of non-fat milk.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The "Tilde-Exclamation" ~!

It is now a well-established part of my bloggies, 
my "signature sign", the tilde-exclamation, which came about originally because of my fat fingertips hitting two keys at once.
My beloved "TildeExclamation":   ~!
Your Local Malcontent's signature signage here.  
Meaning, how 'bout that?, or ...there's more~!

Have you ever met Tilde?  Exclamation?

Introducing Tilde Frőling, Sweden's Firecracker:

Globally Heating, yesssss, yesssss, I believe....


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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Leonardo da Vinci Still Up
to His Old Tricks

It's a Cello with keys-- designed 150 years before the "Piano"

A bizarre instrument combining a piano's layout with keys, and a cello has finally been played to an audience more than 500 years after it was dreamt up by Leonardo da Vinci.

Da Vinci, the Italian Renaissance genius who painted the Mona Lisa, invented the ''viola organista'' - which looks like a baby grand piano - but never built it, experts say.

The viola organista has now come to life, thanks to a Polish concert pianist with a flair for instrument-making and the patience and passion to interpret da Vinci's plans.

Full of steel strings and spinning wheels, Slawomir Zubrzycki's creation is a musical and mechanical work of art.  The flat bed of its interior is lined with golden spruce. Sixty-one gleaming steel strings run across it, similar to the inside of a baby grand.  Each is connected to the keyboard, complete with smaller black keys for sharp and flat notes.

But unlike a piano, it has no hammered dulcimers. Instead, there are four spinning wheels wrapped in horse-tail hair, like violin bows.

The effect is a sound that da Vinci dreamt of, but never heard; there are no historical records suggesting he or anyone else of his time built the instrument which he designed.