Friday, April 18, 2014

Zerobama: the 'Cock-taw Nation'

Zerobama's half-white-, inferiority complex is coming through, subliminally....

Large and N-( DN) Charge

In a speech on Thursday, January 9, 2014, 
controversial leader Barack Obama unveiled his plan to combat poverty, which involved the rollout of a concept called "promise zones." 

Among those first five so-called "promise zones" included the Cock taw Nation of Oklahoma

Obama referred to the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
as the "Cock-taw Nation" in some speech...

Ideally, hommie, it's pronounced "CHAH'-TA"
So you know, inbred, inform yer speech writers ~

I didn't hear 'bout this until today, whereas he said this back in January, 
our stupid, envious, homosuxual SUB.POTUS....

Whereas, the rumors ARE true about us FBI* Choctaw men,
we try not to exploit the matter....LOL

Thursday, April 17, 2014

America, The Aimless

Oh, but the Bureau of Land Management was 
fighting "domestic terrorists" the real enemies,
not al-Qaeda, to whom the U.S. now sends weapons in Syria.

Have you heard that the BLM is also trying to steal 90.000 acres of Texas ranchland, just south of the Red River, too?  Where are you, Governor Perry? Where are you, Senator Cruz?

No more I love you's

my aching heart would bleed,for you, see, ... but now,
... so many Monsters...

**The most painful post I've ever had.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

well, I made the announcement in the first place, here,
I suppose that I owe you a follow up, here.

After more than 2 weeks, our adopted son sent a hand written 'note' to us by way of his mothers' cousin saying he wanted to give support to his birth mom, in her efforts to get her life back on track.
Our adopted son has chosen to live with his birth mother, in northeast Texas,
where she lives with her new husband.

after years of booze, drugs and lovers, within the boy's lifetime.

We've been informed that his birth mom has been clean for more than a year, now holds a job, attends NA meetings, and has married her boyfriend Michael after all, and has established
a history of 'clean living' in Texas.

We're dubious of all that, Leti and me.

The state of Oklahoma law permits minor children who've reached the age of 14,
to choose which parent he/she wants to live with.

Leticia and I have yet to actually speak with the boy, which we're insisting upon.
We would simply like to hear his decision from his lips, that's all.
My wife and I are still stunned shock and we're both miserable.

Why it seems like a war now, I've no idea.
None of us are 'enemies', we're not allies either, but for his sake, why not agree -- ?

We've decided to insulate ourselves, you understand, from more unbearable pain,
yet conditional, should our son change his mind; I've signed over his truck's title, notified our insurance carrier, closed his/my joint savings.
His school principle told me to my face Monday, yesterday, that so far, no other school
district anywhere as asked for his academic record be forwarded yet.

Matters of the world, matters of the U.S. do not interest me right now. at all.
We're two ghosts only going through the motions of life and little more.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

for six straight eternities now, ive googled such things as "revenge",
"hurt feelings", "devastation"
finding no comfort, no comforting results, no solace
~joplin's music sounds so hollow and tinny to me, matter of fact

~my wife and i have been struck by lightning

we both been away from work all this week,
at home, weeping, feeling sorry for ourselves,
i guess you might say,
the world's weight on top of us

our adopted son's decided instead to live with
his birth mother in sulphur springs, texas
Dillon's Gone

emptiness, grief- like ive never known existed

as i've said elsewhere, my other blog, i will never, ever be the same
leticia feels even worse than me,
and i cannot help her

dammit son, your bedroom's emptied out
all of a sudden, it's bereft like my soul,

and all we do is Cry, Constantly

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hank Aaron

I promised myself.  NO BLOGPOSTS TODAY, THIS WEEK.
Due to a staggering, personal, profound, family tragedy.

However, as I've said before in many ways before, Baseball Transcends.
and i hope that it will for me, that it can,...

So, a shorty about the 40th anniversary of Hank Aarons's 715th career home run.
Hank broke the Babes' record of 714, on April 8, 1974, against Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Al Downing.  It looked like this, then:

Monday, April 7, 2014

T.W. Shannon for Oklahoma Senator

I am really pleased to announce my support and (for what it's worth) endorsement for
T.W. Shannon, R-Lawton, in the June 24, 2014 Republican Primary election,
and of course then in the general election next November 4, 2014.

The special election is to fill the Senate seat of the retiring Dr. Tom Coburn.

T.W. Shannon is a solid conservative, in the style of Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, Texas and Utah respectively, and will be another youthful voice for stable, Conservative values in years to come.  What's more, he will be an influence on many, many young folks who have yet to determine their political beliefs.

lovingly lifted from T.W.Shannon DotCom:

T.W. Shannon learned the values of faith, family, hard work, and personal responsibility in the pews of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Lawton, Okla. He still serves there today as a Sunday School teacher.A champion for limited government, T.W. first was elected to the state House of Representatives in 2006 from his hometown of Lawton.
Chosen by his Republican House colleagues, T.W. became Oklahoma’s youngest and first African American House speaker.
When T.W. became speaker of the House in Oklahoma, he advocated for policies that could break the devastating cycle of government dependency, instead helping people move toward self-reliance. He understands the key to helping people who are dependent on government assistance restore their dignity is to break the cycle of generational poverty. 
He continues to be a leading voice in Oklahoma politics for State’s rights, and has been coined by many “the most conservative Speaker in State History.”

Mr. Shannon will be facing the typical, Liberal hypocrisy throughout his political career;
he and we, must face their name calling, their smears, their bitterness.  Shannon understands this already, yet is man enough for the challenge.
You see, Mr. T.W. Shannon is African American, as well as a member of the Chickasaw Indian tribe of Oklahoma.  Like his skin color makes any difference.

If you are a registered Republican within our great state of Oklahoma, I urge you to take a good, long look at T.W. Shannon's website, at the issues in which he believes, at his spectacular record in the Oklahoma House of Representatives, his many endorsements other than mine, including Governor Sarah Palin, Dr. Ben Carson, Senator Mike Lee and talk show host,
the great one, Mark Levin.

THEN~ Contribute to his campaign, as the Malcontent family is prepared to do,
also at the Shannon website.

At this link below, Mr. Shannon is interviewed by Levin on his talk show, March 29, 2014:
The Right Scoop

Or listen to T.W. yourselves, as he spoke to the 2013 CPAC convention:

Capitalistic, Million-Dollar Idea #2-a

I am trying my hardest to keep calm, writing this; but fair warning, that may not last~

The Super stars of Race Baiting, the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, are tax-cheating millionaires thanks to their discovery of this one weird trick (as that obnoxious online advert goes).

GUILT pays.  Handsomely.  As so many in America these days, are finding out.

Jesse Jackson is only a hired shill for Racism, whether it exists in whatever situation he's called in to protest, Or Not.  
If Jackson's there, emphasis will be multiplied by the media, 
that 'whatever' situation is just that: racial.
And to a lesser, though more voluminous, degree, Al Sharpton and his megaphonic minstrels will travel and show up, FOR A SET, PREPAID PRICE, and denounce their enemy du Jour for you.

Google it- the evidence is there for these two Race-baiters 
For Hire.  
Among others, like Houston, Texas' Quanelle X.  There are probably other lesser wannabes, too.  

Racism makes Money, let's face it.  Guilt still makes white people open up their checkbooks.
"Jesus Christ, you say Al Sharpton is coming into town~!?, Let's settle, right now."

White people are now catching on to the Race/Guilt money bonanza, by hosting and promoting
"White Privilege Seminars".  White Privilege Seminars where your Green loot is exchanged for assuaging your tiniest embarrassment for being born the race you are.

"Damn you, Daddy and Mommy, for conceiving me, 
white me, having to shoulder all this built-up White guilt."

How much?  How much to rid one's mind of this guilt-- 
$250, $500 for a week-end session at Hilton Head?" +9 holes/day
SOLD.  "American Express will do nicely, thank you".

That is the million dollar idea, friends.  Host a "I Am So Sorry That I Am White" gathering, and
rake in the dough.  IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME, 

(lovingLy lifted from my nOn-white, guiltLess brother)

As a black man, I long to experience white privilege.
Until the National White Privilege Conference came along, I thought I was getting as
much privilege as any white man. Apparently not.
I’m told by my white friends that because of white privilege, orange juice is both more orangey and more juicy for white folks. Even when offered a taste of theirs, orange juice still tastes like orange juice to me.

Here I thought guilty white Liberals and ignorant black Liberals were making this up, but who knew God just made white people better!

White Privilege Seminars Means MONEY, fool.
Especially if you can set up a gig in Sedona, Arizona or Austin or Seattle. But anywhere could become a 'white hot' spot,
no pun intended,
"of course".

Women of every race feel the guilt most, so play to them first; then second to metro-sexual men,
then last to Libtards who will save up their allowances in order to pay you to attend your
racially-emasculating 2-day-workshop of guilt and shame and self hatred.  It's Only Money....

That Is Idea Number 2-a.
Number 2-b is a money maker, directed at Whites who are ashamed for driving us Natives off of all this continent, especially Manhattan island, into teeny-tiny Reservations, or teeny-tiny Oklahomas.

~~ paragraphs deleted~~

A Money maker, guaranteed, friends.  Go out and rent yourselves a hall today~
Charge your participants for each "I'm Sorry" seminar like $175 or 250, and Roll!!!
courtesy, your friend, the LMC.
Options 2-c through 2-p.d

I'm sorry I'm not fat.
I'm sorry I'm not short.
I'm sorry I'm not stupid.
I'm sorry I'm not ugly.
I'm sorry I'm not bald.
I'm sorry I'm rich.
I'm sorry I'm well endowed.
I'm sorry I'm humorous/witty.
I'm sorry I'm an intellect.
I'm sorry I'm a good cook.
I'm sorry I'm not colorblind.
I'm sorry I'm not a mens' room toe-tapper.
I'm sorry I'm not a germaphobe.
I'm sorry I'm not a cry baby.
I'm sorry I'm a voyeur.
I'm sorry I'm a vegetarian.
I'm sorry I'm not a Muslim.
I'm sorry I'm a Postal Worker.
I'm sorry I'm a kitty-cat lover.
I'm sorry I'm a Yankees' fan.
I'm sorry I'm a manicure lover.
I'm sorry I'm a Hillary supporter.
I'm sorry because I got a better parking place.
I'm sorry I'm Southern.
I'm sorry I'm Conservative.
I'm sorry I'm different in some meager way from you.

It's ALL Good Money, as my friend Goodwin used to say~

Sunday, April 6, 2014

but it's no big deal~

(Reuters) - Earthquakes rattled residents in Oklahoma on Saturday, the latest in a series that have put the state on track for record quake activity this year, which some seismologists say may be tied to oil and gas exploration.

OK, name one seismologist specifically, who says that, Miss Reuters--
Aha, you can't.  AlGore isn't a seismologist,--except in his dreams, where 1972-Hillary is his assistant, wearing a tight, leopard-skin leotard, and they get caught in a cold, stalled elevator car, due to climate change, and their cellphones won't work and....

One earthquake recorded at 3.8 magnitude by the U.S. Geological Survey rocked houses in several communities around central Oklahoma at 7:42 a.m. local time. Another about two hours earlier in the same part of the state, north of Oklahoma City, was recorded at 2.9 magnitude, USGS said.

A 3.8 at that depth (USGS: 2 kM) 
DOES NOT 'ROCK HOUSES', Miss Rooter; get real.
Shoot, it might have been a bunch
rowdy Pawnees, 49'in, late into the night...
(we all know how they can be, late at night~)
That's the opinion of "This Local Seismologist".


Those two were preceded by two more, at 2.6 magnitude, and 2.5 magnitude, that also rolled the landscape in central Oklahoma early Saturday morning. A 3.0 magnitude tremor struck late Friday night in that area as well, following a 3.4 magnitude hit Friday afternoon.

"I Love Rock-n-Roll, Put Another Song In The Jukebox Baby"
Sounds like there was a pow-wow in the 'hood, again.

Enough, already!!

Reuters, come here and find one single Okie, or
an Okie family who is complaining about these VERY MINOR QUAKES.  You won't, because you can't.  Try it, in say Stillwater or Okarche, or Choctaw, or in Shawnee 
(and good luck, princess).

You see, we Okies are made of Far harder stuff than Californians, who themselves quake, and piss whenever there's a 3.0 minor earthquake, because to them, fear of the future is a valid concern, fear of the "big one" earthquake is always being threatened to be just around a corner. The TV tells them so, so it musbe true.



Let's talk 'bout TERRORISM, 
About real terror.

not some little vibration in the flower garden, 
or making auntie's souvenir tea cups sway.

Ask about an immanent Tornado Warning,
or better yet, Ask Citizens of Moore, Ok., Joplin, or Tuscaloosa, Alabam, which threat 
a tornado or earthquake, they dread the most.

Or ANY resident of Texas, Kansas, Nebraska (where I once saw the biggest tornado ever-), Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Iowa -- "Tornado in your town, or Earthquake in your town?"  All would choose the earthquake.

Miss Reuters, your panties are damp, must be another United Nations sign, the sky is falling, so pay up.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


I hope that you haven't gotten tired of my fascination with older, Popeye the Sailor cartoons yet, and you will please indulge both me & yourself in 'just one more' here:

I found this oddly disturbing Olive Oyl video on YouTube, 
while searching for "Did You Ever See A Dream Walking?", a tune composed by Harry Ravel, played by many big bands, sung by many too, in the 30s and 40s.

Mysteriously, this cartoon video was included in my search results (& IT AIN'T GOT THAT TUNE IN IT !)!

I don't remember ever seeing this cartoon, so I can't say
if there are any words spoken in the original (yet) or not-
there aren't any here, adding to the spellbinding effect.
-Not even to mention, the bizarre, 5 I-beam scene.
Nevertheless, this cartoon is a suspenseful cartoon by way of the music composed by Mick Sumbling, and WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT MAKES.
Judge for yourselves below:

and enjoy.

Friday, April 4, 2014

"Help Wanted: Late Night Comedian"

Help Wanted:  Cranky old comedian, with obtuse sense of humor wanted for one-hour-long interview show, late at night, four or five nights per week.  Must be only mildly funny, and exclusively so to (Northeast U.S.) Democrats; Must be politically correct, in both word and deed, both while on-air, and off.  
Crusty, cynical, one-trick ponies, and/or useless has-beens
from Liberal government Administrations encouraged to apply, especially if you have a far-out-looking, sycophant sidekick bandleader, to:
Leslie Moonves, Columbia Broadcasting System, NYC.

David Letterman announced last night, April 3rd, that he intends to retire from CBS' "Late Night with David Letterman" show sometime in 2015, at age 67+.

Letterman has had such an unusual career in that late night format, that it may be harder to replace him than it was for 
NBC replacing Johnny.  Or even Jay.

Letterman ceased to be funny to most of America around 18+ years ago, in 1996.  Since then, he's only been a 'dead man squawking'.  Both his show, his monologue and all his skits became so tiresome, predictable, only minimally humorous 
and unashamedly bitter. 

So long Dave~!  Remember to keep to yourself 
there in Connecticut and Montana.... 
(cause lots of us 'crazies' also have guns)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fetid B.S. Lies Heaped on US from POTUS

Now we all know what South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson knew then:  Obama Lies.  It doesn't matter about what, to whom, where or when, Mr. Obama will lie, because he is a lie, from beginning to end.  

This pest is willing to destroy America with his lies, to make himself and his Socialist Democratic party look good, but it just cannot pass the smell test.  

or any test where the 'truth' obviously exists.  

  • “I said Benghazi was a terrorist attack from the beginning.”
  • "If you like your health care plan, you can keep it."
  • "Raising the debt ceiling doesn't add more debt."
  • "Workplace violence" at Fort Hood, Texas (in 2009)
  • "Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase.”
  • "If in fact IRS personnel engaged in the practices being reported on then...I’ve got no patience with it, I’ve got no tolerance on it."
  • “We’ve got shovel-ready projects all across the country.” 
  • “We reject the use of national security … to spy on citizens who are not suspected of a crime.” 
  • “I pledge to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.” 
  • “The sequester is not something that I’ve proposed. It is something that Congress has proposed.” 
  • “I didn’t set a red line [in Syria].” 
  • “You Didn’t Build that” 
  • “Under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience laws will remain in place.” 
  • "I am not somebody who promotes same-sex marriage."

Wednesday, April 2, 2014



Call it Sodium Thiopental, for short... 
and for the purpose of this post.
Otherwise, it is Sodium Pentathol, 
"truth serum". 

Call it 'in short supply'.  

Call it an ideal, massive, capitalistic opportunity 
in the next two years.
A million+ dollar idea.

Sodium Thiopental is the first drug which is typically injected into a death-row inmate, 
during execution.  It is a rapid onset, short acting barbiturate- general anesthesia.  

And since 2010, nobody has the balls to manufacture it, in the United States.
As a result, death row inmates are backing up in the several states which allow such types of soft, humane executions.


The only American manufacturer of Sodium Thiopental, Hospira, Inc.,  objects to it's drug's usage by States in lethal injection-cocktails.  So, they decided to cease the drugs' manufacture four years ago, in 2010,

(Hospira, INC., of Lake Forest, Illionis on the NYSE, @ HSP)

This public corporation has a conscious, as does HobbyLobby, Inc., which is a privately held corporation.  Hobby Lobby's conscious has decided not to pay for abortion subsidies for its' employees health care, and is standing up for unborn children before the U.S. Supreme Court.

But all that aside, let's get back to the multi-million-dollar opportunity to manufacture 
sodium thiopental:  

When both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate turns red this fall, 
it should encourage, emphatically, the production of Sodium Thiopental.

Any Indian Tribes interested in making several millions of dollars per year, making this stuff?

I would hate to see it going to some uncertain, Central American country for manufacture, who could use several millions of dollars in income per year....

The Up Side?

It's lethal injection usage is not only universally considered "humane" on those people who have 
taken another's life, universally NOT considered "humane". 

And, 746 out of 748 executed murderers, since 1974, 
have no negative remarks whatsoever,to say about useage of
Sodium Thiopental.

It would NOT need to be paid for by U.S. taxpayers, 
unlike ObamaCare's abortion fees.

Kill killers, not Babies.