Monday, September 1, 2014

'Up To No Good'

That could be a catchy title for anything happening in the United States. currently.
But I'm talking U.S. Currency, currently.

We've reached rock bottom with our coins and 
our paper currency.

~Did you know that there's a minted, gold coin, celebrating the 50 years AFTER Kennedy's assassination?   That's creepy. "Kennedy Free, Since '63~!"
(this coin shows the side of Kennedy's head which was not blown off from 3 angles)

anyways, the state of our coinage is shameful.

The United States Mint began issuing Presidental, $1 coins a few years back, and I remember hearing how dreadful the "Richard Nixon" coin would be, and dreadfully designed too, probably....
But we have in circulation, other butt-ugly coins like the Rutherford B. Hayes dollar coin,
and/or the Mrs. R.B. "Bob" Hayes (the Lucy), $10 gold coin.

(YEP-- The U.S. mint is so bereft of ideas, they have begun to issue $10 gold coins in the images of our first ladies.) Most Holy God, please never let me lay eyes on a Hillary, or a Michelle,
or a Roslyn Carter coin, PLEASE oh PLEASE, Lord...

Calvin Coolidge is in the house~!  His commemorative $1 coin only quietly traded. And so's his wife's. 

Back in the day, America also celebrated it's Natives, with the 'Indian Head Cent', the Indian Head nickle (you might've seen that one around this bloggie...), and a coin honoring Sacagawea,
the wife of, and guide to Lewis and Clark's vagabond journey across dangerous, evil Native Lands, to the Pacific Coast.

With ALL that said, I gotta tell you that I am embarrassed by our pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, halves and bucks coins.

When did we begin worshipping humans with our coinage?  (more on that, below)

Once, we celebrated the achievement of our nation, our LIBERTY, our freedom from tyranny, WITH imaginative designs of freedom, true freedom, i.e. LIBERTY.


Well, that lasted until 1945, when our erstwhile, pitiful curmudgeonPresident Franklin D. Roosevelt died in office.

Liberty died with him also, in these United States, as America celebrated instead, the Deaths of our human leaders in it's coins, rather than the everlasting idea of her founding.

The idea of Liberty, once an honored position embellishing our coins, was reduced to just being a label, tucked away along the rim of every coin, around the best likeness of a dead man , instead of representing the center piece of our coins, being 
the constant, vital, living center piece, the commonplace reminder of our lives.

.... someday, you will have a $1.00 Obama coin in your hands. With the word "Liberty" highlighted around his holy image/halo.

 BTW, it is already worthless.
You know what that particular coin will be called... ; and sadly, incorrectly, it will be on a level par with the stunning Liberty Walking Half Dollars, Liberty dimes, Franklin half-dollars, Indian head nickles, and George Washington quarters, with "Illinois", or "progressive Wisconsin" on the obverse.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Good riddance to state park geese
By Administrator, Sammamish, Washington Review

The number one problem that keeps people away from Lake Sammamish State Park, Washington, has been the overpopulation of Canadian geese — and the ankle-deep, goose poop.

If you’ve been to the park in the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed the geese are gone. After a couple of days of pounding rains, so is the abundance of goose excrement that covered the beaches and lawns.  Often, inches deep.
Former goose poop is now just fertilizer.

Of course, a straggler goose may swim ashore and find that the grass is greener at the state park, but for a moment in time, the geese have been relocated. We sincerely hope the state park will continue its program in future years, especially with new pristine sand slated to refurbish Sunset Beach for swimmers.  And it's verdant gardens, fertilized by, yes, you guessed it.... Gooshit.

Animals, people and parks are not always a good combination.

Chipmunks and birds crapping are one thing, but geese are similar to dogs in total content — although the average goose can’t even catch a Frisbee.

Dog owners have learned to accept the responsibility of keeping their hounds on a leash in the park and to clean up the dog excrement. Which leaves only one troublemaker, the geese.

Some of the geese — the Russian geese more so than the Canada geese, according to Ranger Rich Benson — had been getting very aggressive with park visitors. No one wants to be near a 30-pound goose when it decides it doesn’t want you to share the path.

“Scary” is how one, drenched-with-goose-shit, morning runner put it, last week.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Did You Ever Think You'd Live To See
The Day When

... when the President of the U.S. would not lift a finger to protect the citizens by securing our borders?

... when the Golden State of California would be the poorest state in the Union?

... when the United Nations would supplant our Congress as our legislators?

... when killing unborn children would be thought to be another unalienable right?

... when world events mirrored the verses of the Book of Revelation?

... when: Having a pond on your land; heating your home with a fireplace; having a different opinion than that of the national leaders; choosing not to answer all the Census' questions,
would bring the Feral Government to your door?

... when America would have a dictator?

Regarding that last question, many of my friends staying with us this weekend, the men, we do not think that controversial leader Zerobama is done 'consodifying his power'.
It was our consensus fear this morning early around a campfire, that the Ass (democrat) in the White House will declare martial law before the 2016 elections & declare himself 'leader' until such time as he decides he's done.

These were our mutual Chahta fears, our mutual expectations.  & we are preparing for that moment, Barry.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ya'll's Invited~!

It's that time again.

This coming weekend is the annual Choctaw Nation Labor Day Festival in our backyard... Tushka Homma, Oklahoma, to be exact.  Really, there's no other place to be in Oklahoma.  We just celebrate being Choctaws, just folks, probably related, and seeing old friends again.

There will be about 50,000 our cousins in town for the weekend.

It does become personal honestly, and a strong reminder of who we are, how close we all are, how our lives intertwine.  See the new babies, meet the new husband, ride the rides, weave a basket, pitch horseshoes, play championship checkers, listen to the old stories, gripe directly to the government, whatever-- you can do it all this weekend.

Did I mention that it is all FREE?  It is all free, even the top-name, country concerts.  Now I did.

The center of the known universe will be less than five miles from my livingroom for four days, and Leticia and I open up our home as much as we can (dare) to house friends visiting Tushka Homma.  Last year, for example, we had couples sleep on our (screened) front porch, on our deck, in the game room, and tents pitched behind the garage. I think 13 or 14 people around for the weekend.    We put on a good BBQ Friday and Saturday afternoons, and plenty of Leti's frybread, before we all go down to Tushka Homma.

Next weekend won't be any different:  Come by, say "Halito, chim achukma? Can you put us up?"

Lovingly lifted from ChoctawNation *com:  

The Choctaw Nation is holding its 66th annual Labor Day Festival Aug. 29-Sept. 2 at its capitol grounds near Tuskahoma, Okla. Top entertainment, lots of fun and Choctaw cultural activities keep people coming back every year.

“The Nation’s festival is a tradition,” Chief Greg Pyle says. “Some of the people have been coming since they were kids. We try to give everyone a chance to enjoy what they like best whether it’s the concerts, the culture, the sports or just the great food.

“The surrounding communities prepare well in advance for the surge of visitors. We appreciate how everyone works with us,” Pyle continued. “Most of the Nation’s employees work the long weekend to provide a memorable holiday for others. We are grateful for all the hard work it takes to prepare and hold an event of this magnitude. It’s as much fun for us, though, as it is for all of our thousands of visitors.” 

(Retired) Choctaw Chief Pyle,  Assistant (Now) Chief Gary Batton and the Tribal Council have agreed it is important to provide several cost-free activities at the festival such as the concerts and carnival rides because many are not able to afford the expense. All of the sports tournaments are also free to enter, which has increased participation, keeping the Red Warrior Sports Complex a hub of activity.

Giving is in the heart of the Choctaw,” Pyle said. "The Choctaw Nation welcomes the opportunity to bring everyone together", he continued.

The Choctaw National Day of Prayer opens a day of fellowship, worship and song at 7 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 1, at the war memorial. The worship service is followed by another service in the church tent near the amphitheater and a whole afternoon and evening of gospel singing. The sounds of worship can be heard across the grounds as performers begin lifting their voices. Twenty-nine acts begin singing in 15-minute intervals leading into concerts by the southern gospel group Gold City and contemporary Christian musician Jeremy Camp. Camp has 25 No. 1 radio singles including the recent “Overcome” from his album “We Cry Out.”

Like I say, this will be the center of the known universe next weekend, two days away.  An' I wan' see ya here~!  Let's party~!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

"Talkin' Pirates Baseball"

I have been going back and forth with a Conservative baseball fan, timsrighty, over on/at this morning, and it reminds me so, about the ardent love of the game overall, that WE TRUE FANS HAVE.

timsrighty is a longtime Pittsburgh Pirates fan, and me, a Cardinals fan.  Who Could Not be more alternative?  Maybe an Orioles fan? A Phillies (NOT) fan? A Steelers fan?
A Cleveland Indians' fan fer sure....

My take on the older Pittsburgh Pirates (whom I rooted for, loved): Willie Stargell, Kent Tekulve, Dave Parker in RF!!!, Omar Marino, WHO WAS Center Field, what a squad~!

The 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates, the first team I really followed on Television as a World Series Team, defeated the Baltimore Orioles, in 7 games that year.
What I do remember most though, of that series, is Howard Cosell's play-by-play commentary, about a Baltimore fan who'd fallen asleep during the game, with a cigar in his mouth.  As the ABC-TV cameras followed this sleeping fan, his cigar fell out of his mouth onto his beer belly.

That and Kent Tekulve's amazing, right-handed, submarine pitches for strikes in the late innings.
Calling Tekulve in to pitch meant 'lights out' for opposing teams and batters, he was that amazing to see/face.
Let's all go back to that gladstone year, 1979, in baseball:

Thursday, August 21, 2014

J STREET PAC's Hypocrisy & Deceit

"J STREET (dot) ORG is a superficially Jewish political action committee in Washington, D.C., which in my humble opinion, directly opposes the desires of the Israel government in Jerusalem.  

Instead, it still insists upon a defunct hope for a 2-state solution with Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the East bank along the Jordan River, and a Palestinian capitol in East Jerusalem.
This from a Jewish political action committee??

The "J Street Blog", a part of the website for the donation-seeking, democrat-supporting PAC, posted yesterday the following, entitled (incredibly enough) "Time for Solutions" :

  • ..."J Street believes that Israel has the right to respond to threats to its civilians from rockets, terror and tunnels with force proportionate to the threats it faces.
  • We also condemn without reservation Hamas, its ideology and its use of terror to achieve its aims.
  • Yet we state equally unequivocally that there is no military solution to this conflict. A never-ending chain of missiles and air strikes produces only death and devastation and fails to offer a sustainable resolution to the conflict."
  • ... "We advocate a different approach."
  • ... "In our view, political leadership at this challenging moment requires more than responding to rockets with force – it requires proposing viable political solutions that can be accepted by Palestinian moderates, neighboring countries and the international community.
  • We urge the government of Israel to put forward a bold, comprehensive proposal for resolving the conflict and to propose a cease-fire while this is negotiated. In addition to seeking the agreement of Palestinian leaders, Israel should invest substantial effort in building support from Arab neighbors and the international community."

Say Whut??  How the heck is this a 'different approach'?
I suggest that we try the same thing which has not worked for the last 68 years, but phrased differently this time, so that the diplomats can continue to work towards an unreachable goal. 

This approach is what we used to call at the BIA and at the McAlester Choctaw Casino, "job security" work.  Because if there ever was to be an accord between Israel and the Palestinians, that would make J Street's future unnecessary and moot.


  • A workable Israeli proposal would offer:
  • An outline of the parameters on which an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza will be established – including borders based on pre-1967 lines with swaps, a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem, mutual recognition and guarantees for the security of both states – and a commitment to a diplomatic process to achieve it within a set period of time;
  • Recognition of the present Palestinian Authority under the leadership of President Mahmoud Abbas – as established following the reconciliation agreement among the various Palestinian parties in April – as the legitimate government of the entirety of Palestinian territory;
  • International oversight, in cooperation with Israel and the Palestinian Authority, of security at the borders of Gaza, providing inspected but otherwise free movement of non-military goods and people in and out of Gaza – including by air and sea;
  • An international mechanism and fund for the rehabilitation of Gaza and a commitment to ensure that the Palestinian Authority security apparatus is the only legitimate armed Palestinian force in Gaza.

Read it all, here; it is just a sad commentary on how some PACs lie,
 under the assumption of "Supporting Israel".

It's April 16, 1947

, and you are in Paris, France after the Allied liberation 
from the Nazis.

    You and your most loved one wander into "The Hot Club" of Paris, after a fantastic meal of veal cutlets, buttered scallops and fresh, steamed carrots at Le Cheval Blanc.

    You've heard of a new, Spanish-Gypsy guitarist called "Django Somebody", making the rounds in your city of Lights, of Love, and you two want to check him out.

Lucky You.
    For on this night, young Django Reinhardt will premiere his rendition of "Claire de Lune", by Claude Debussy.  
After two, or maybe three 'old' standards played, to get you, his audience, into the mood, young Django reaches into his sport coat's pocket and pulls out his Zippo and his pack of Lucky Strikes, instantly removing only one with a flick of his talented right wrist, and catching the cigarette with his lips.  He lights it, with the flame highlighting his Mediterranean, olive-hued, sharp facial features.  When his lighter is again stowed away, then he begins to play, he begins to hypnotize you and your lover, and all the other lovers in that tiny, smoke-filled room.

    And it makes your two heads spin; mixed then with the cool, spring night air, you two are overflowing with love, with freedom, with anticipation of your next great discovery:  Maybe hanging upside down from the apex of the Eiffel Tower, oui?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

America's Rampaging Addiction to Government Crack

Doesn't that sum it up?
Our addiction to government food stamps, to welfare, to disability, to Social Security, to crop subsidies, energy subsidies, corporate tax loopholes.

Controversial leader Barry Obama, former cocaine addict himself, is relishing his new role as Drug Dealer in Chief, as he heaps out our taxes to the 'less-fortunate' among us, including able-bodied workers, the discouraged, the brow-beaten, the poorly-schooled, the easily-distracted.

The War on Poverty... as I blogged last week, 
Poverty won that war.  

The War on Drugs... Drugs have won.  
Spark one up in Colorado or Washington and celebrate. Drop an extra Ritalin.  
Crack cocaine, crystal meth, high grade weed, Ecstasy, Rohypnol, all these designer drugs came into being, during our great war on drugs, of the 1960s and 70s. And helped Americans to become more like Belgium, helping Americans become more ... distracted ... from what is really going on:  

The theft of our future.  As well as the erasure of our past.

The Moral Majority?  Minuscule.  Muted.  The United Methodist Church of America just endorsed same sex marriage. 

Race wars? Coming to your town soon~! Sponsored by the NAACP and the Justice Department. 

Where is God?  Why won't HE intervene?
Because HE's been suspended from schools, for Being too controversial. Especially in Islam Appreciation class, and 
in 4th hour Sex-Ed.

Rosemary Lehmberg, The Best Thing To Ever Happen In Texas

Yeah, what better representative for the Liberal fags in Austin than Rosemary th' District Abomination?

What an embarrassment this woman is to all of Texas.  Who the heck elected her? And why?

This mess, this madam, is another Liberal disgrace, is another vindictive, venal, vicious liberal in a place of power.
Good people need to realize, and to realize that Liberalism is a mental disorder, first and foremost, as they are unable to comprehend simple history, for one thing.

The people of Texas must be so proud of Rosemary~!  Rosemary the Drunk.  The convicted drunkard.  
The Lehmberg legacy in Texas.  
Of Texas.  
Quoting, "... that the night of her arrest for drunk driving, the District Attorney was combative, resisting, and refusing to comply with law enforcement, "

"After repeatedly cursing her jailers, Lehmberg was phyiscally restrained, and a 'spit mask' was placed over her head," to prevent her from spitting her vile venom onto the Sheriff's department personnel. 

Is this woman a lesbian? She looks like she could be,
 ... maybe ... probably ... uh, likely.

She probably didn't have a/get many boyfriends in junior high/high school, I'm thinkin'..

Rosemary Lehmberg, convicted drunkard, likely vampire, and Travis County's Head Proscecuter.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


On scenic Cedar Lake, south of Heavener, Oklahoma


I've found a great band on SoundCloud, and I'd like to promote them.  After buying and receiving their album Friday, UPS, I've concluded that they are extraordinary.  (Link below!)

Do you enjoy the music of 'The Marshall Tucker Band', 
or 'Steely Dan'? Like I do?
They are in that offbeat, extra~ordinary genre, maybe also like
The Grateful Dead, or SoundPilot. (link below)

You will sure enjoy this new group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania called "Northern Arms".  
Their first album is stunningly awesome, every cut is good! I take their CD with me in the truck, to listen to while driving to my casino destinations.

It is self-titled, "Northern Arms"; and the more that I listen to their eight tracks (yeah, I bought it, got it last Wednesday), it's all I've listened to:  It is part native, part goth, part big-band (they have clarinets, of all things in a rock band)  but mostly, they have deep, deep soul and a beat which touches my inner-most, Indian heart. TRY "UNDER THE PINES", as an appetiser. (link below)

While I cannot play their music here on Blogger- yet,
you can go to MY Facebook  page, , 
and hear "Under the Pines", by Northern Arms.

I do hope you will take time to go and listen on Soundcloud, then consider buying their album, these boys deserve support, and you can be onboard the bandwagon early with a good seat~!

)link above( Then, promote them on your own bloggies too, alright?  They are THAT GOOD~!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Totally Off The Top My Head~

I've never just written something without planning it out, backing it up and all. Until today.

Why today? Because August 16th is normally a BADDDD DAY for me, personally.

Or so it's been for the past ... 28 years of my 45.  ((Saturday, August 16, 1986, too))

No, we won't go into that, (8/16/1986). So, time for a new reason to remember 8/16.

Instead, off the top of my head.

.... it's been a good summer, financially, but certainly not any other way for us, Mr/Mrs. Malcontents.

As if money was the only thing, on our minds; I can provide for our existence, by myself, but Leti wants to work, and she's so very very good at what she does for her bank/s.

What is most on my mind, is that I cannot give her a child. This topic is like 89% of my thinking these days.

Why I am sterile; why

That was one major reason for traveling to Nova Scotia, last month; to see specialists in fertilization at Halifax' University of Dalhousie. They "probed" my sensitive areas in search of sperm, and came back with just over zero. Just over.

It just only takes one though, right? One little swimmer? That's what they found in me-- one little swimmer in all Lake Michigan. None in or near lake Sardis.

I know what/who to blame, but is that proper? Who's to say that if my condition was in my child's, I wouldn't do the same thing that my folks did?

Dillon is gone. That's the other 11.% of my thoughts. I could cuss out God Himself right now, for what happened to Leti and me in April~ I cannot get over his leaving,,, I can't.

Thought that my thoughts could, might've gone another direction, they didn't.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Chief Wahoo Welcome Here

It saddens me that this is STILL an issue, and especially that The Native Times seems to have taken 'the other side' on the issue. 

Once and for all, would you Democrats, you Progressives, you thin-bloods kindly mind your own business, and let us live in peace without stirring up trouble?  If it isn't the Redskins, then it is the Cleveland Indians MLB team.  

Then it will be the Atlanta Braves.  Then the Chicago Black Hawks. Then the Kansas City Chiefs. Then the Holierthanthou, New York Birdwatchers Society will probably chime in, claiming an imagined offense against the Hawks, Seahawks, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Orioles and Eagles.  Stop this.  Stop this now.  


Lovingly lifted from The Native Times:
COLUMBUS, Ohio – It’s time for the Cleveland Indians to drop their name and Chief Wahoo mascot, an Ohio state senator says.   

Eric Kearney, lefta Democratic state senator from Cincinnati, (home of the REDs and self-loathing state Senators), introduced a resolution Wednesday that would encourage the baseball team to adopt a new name and mascot, citing racial insensitivity. He also sent a letter to Indians owner Lawrence Dolan urging a change.

With the Indians in the midst of a four-game series with Cincinnati, Kearney said it’s the right time to introduce the resolution. The Legislature is on summer break.

[a handful of] American Indians and others (??) have protested the use of the logo for years at the team’s annual home opener, complaining that the mascot mocks them and their heritage. It’s part of a national debate over the use of Indian nicknames in sports that has regained momentum in recent months, particularly the campaign to get the NFL’s Washington Redskins to change their name. In June, a federal trademark board ruled the Redskins’ trademarks protections should be canceled because the team name is disparaging to Native Americans.

no one disparages/d the 1995 World Series,
though, do/did they?  (the Braves beat the Indians in six)


and if you are indeed, a bed-wetting, miserable, progressive mental patient, push the "call" button right now, and get some more prozac delivered. And leave us alone.

Oh, and let's not forget about the Reverend Martin LA. Kings, Jr...If that's NOT racist, then nothin IS.

"The Little Brother of War", Stickball
Our True Traditions

And the Progressive bed wetters cry out "I'm offended"...
"they said 'indian', they said 'choctaw', I'm offended, so they cannot say that out loud"...