Friday, November 21, 2014

Toronto Hockey Fans To The Rescue

I've said it before here, this year:  Canadians are some of the nicest, friendliest folks that my wife and I have ever met.  And this 50-second video shows exactly what I mean.

lovingly lifted from the Tea Party News Network:

What hockey fans did at a Maple Leafs vs Nashville Predators hockey game, being played in Toronto, this past Tuesday will leave you speechless. While the vocalist was singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” her mic began to cut out.

That is when the hockey fans stepped in and took over where she could not. Listen to this crowd, made up mainly Toronto Maple Leaf fans, take over our National Anthem!
Feeling the love our northern friends show, will absolutely give you chills!

The Nashville Predators beat the Maple Leafs, 9-2, Tuesday night.

“To The 2/3 Who Didn’t Vote,
I Hear You, Too”- Obama

Absolutely psychotic.

Now, I guess we can tell where  that 2/3 of the non-voting  public comes from:

In a completely unrelated story, Miss Honduras was fatally shot as she tried to escape her sister's jealous boyfriend, police and reports said, hours after the siblings were found dead beside a river.

Maria Jose Alvarado, 19, who had been due to fly to London to compete in the Miss World beauty pageant, disappeared with her sister Sofia Trinidad Alvarado six days ago after a party, sparking an exhaustive search.
La Prensa newspaper reported that police were investigating whether Trinidad's boyfriend, Plutarco Ruiz, shot Sofia Trinidad in the head after he became jealous when he saw her dancing with another man.
He then reportedly shot her beauty-queen sister twice in the back as she tried to flee.

Chief detective Leandro Osorio said the bodies of Maria Jose and her 23-year-old sister had been found buried along the banks of the Aguagual River in the town of Arada, in violence-plagued Honduras's northwest.
"We are 100 percent sure that it's them," Osorio said.

Police in San Antonio, Tejas arrested Ruiz and his alleged accomplice on Tuesday, seizing a Colt-45 pistol and two vehicles.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

101-year-old woman accused of shooting great-great-granddaughter

API:  Loretta, Rhode Island-  (Appropriately named) Mary Louise Slaughter, 101, of EastCircle, Connecticut, was arrested and detained yesterday after admitting to shooting her 3rd-generation ancestor grand-daughter in the upper chest, authorities said.

On Wednesday, EastCircle, Connecticut police commander Chris Tommandresdre said that the arrest of the great-great-grandmother was indeed a first for his department.  "Yeah, she's in jail in Loretta this afternoon, in a cell designed for handicapped women," the commander said.  
" ... because of the accused' advanced age, she was placed into a 'comfort room cell there."

Slaughter is accused of shooting her granddaughter, Tina Smoot of Fannitale, CT, late Tuesday night, Nov. 18, when Smoot entered her grandmother's assisted-living apartment in EastCircle to check on her elderly grandmother's welfare.

 "Dat ... old bitch shot me in dis shoulder, when I come up to her, an' shakin' her t'wake, to seein' if she alive or not," Ms. Smoot said after leaving the local hospital, to astonished police and news reporters.  

Soon afterward, Ms Smoot posted on her (Cunta-multi) account  "... dat old snatch woke up suddenly 'n seen me, din she shouted 'Gawd save me', an din she pull out dat gun o hers, and she shoot me right here in my shoulder!"

The defendant's legally purchased, 32-caliber handgun was found at the scene.
Ballistics results on the alleged-legal weapon will be available in a week or more.

A grand jury will have to be convened to determine whether elderly Ms. Slaughter will be charged in the obvious criminal assault, or whether the defendant was somehow justified in the attempted murder.

Ms. Slaughter could face life imprisonment, when convicted.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hey, Barack, Ho's Yu Momma?

Revisited again, this LMC blog post, from June 9, 2010:

Widely & well known, 1960's,
 Hawai'in  EZ Piece of ass,  Stanley Anne Dunham, mother of bastard son, Barack H.O.

Hawai'i was such a hedonistic haven in the 20th Century, those warm, sultry, often nude beaches to offer the sailors and airmen stationed there, not to mention African and Icelandic students coming, eager
there, earnestly eager,
, for unsurpassed convivial knowledge ing

The temptation  for such unbridled, sexual indulgence must have been TOO MUCH for Stanley Anne Dunham.  Her youthful, womanly yearnings became indulgences into Whoredom at an early age.
Stanley Anne, an unwanted 'female child' by her parents, as demonstrated by her given name, "Stanley",
was at first a parental slap-in-her-face-Insult.
Her parents gave her a strictly Male name, implying what?? Obviously just the beginning of their many, generational disappointments.

fu**ing what?  You're pregnant by who, by a what?," Stanley Anne's intolerant, libtard father must've screamed,
at some point.
Mr. Dunham was obviously a man of the 1930s Midwest,
so he'd have asked that somewhere to daughter Stanley...

And keep in mind, Abortion was not legal in Hawai'i yet,
in 1962, and altogether unknown in Kenya, where women gave birth regularly to babies while squatting down amid cactuses, or beets, or whatever.

No, Miss Dunham was a well known and accomplished whore in Honolulu in the very early 1960s.  She once tried printing a calling card, which she would leave at Adult bars, at Dairy Queens, laundrymats and bus stops,
begging for men to screw her ( SOMETIMES SHE WOULD EVEN OFFER TO PAY THEM~!).

Little, ugly, unloved Barack Hussein was the unwanted result of momma Stanley's passion for a,
any man.  One such ugly African man, once, named Barack, Senior....

"It" (her desperation) shows, from her later life, more obviously than her former life,
that Stanley Anne Dunham was just another, less-than-average, college town whore.

It Is A Sad Life, to be sure, and most assuredly, a life leading to generational despair and to regret. There is no doubt, that Stanley Anne Dunham Obama Soetoro Smoot Himes Kennedy Jackson Kennedy Clinton Kennedy, died in bereft embarrassment more than the Cancer that gratefully, took her.

Such a sloven whore, Stanley Anne Dunham Et. Al. was throughout her life, up until her death.

Given that such characteristics generally skip a generation, I'd surmise that any grandchildren
of Stanley Anne's would also be likely wanton whores sometime in their early lives, given their ugliness and mamaw's sultry ways.

Histories Written by the Victors, Always

I have never read the actual histories of the rise to power of earlier, evil dictators,
like Adolph Hitler, like Nero, like Stalin or Chairman Mao.
Of course I've read the post-histories of their nations' fall, as well as the leader's own, dismal ending.

What's different today is experiencing it, feeling it:  On an excruciating, day-by-day basis rather than merely reading the overall synopsis of the times of past dictators.

Pure evil in our time.  In our country.
~Oh my God, America & her vaunted values are dead, we are beginning to stink.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Always Playing "Messy Doctor" Huxtable

The women who are now coming out of the woodwork, claiming that comedian BILL COSBY raped them, now reaches 13 in number.  
As high as Bill "Bubba" Clinton, a former Democrat president~

I don't know what to think at this point, I would remind everyone that Bill Cosby is entitled to due process & his day in court; if the statute of limitations doesn't apply here, favoring Cosby.

It would be preferable, if "Doctor Huxtable" recently contracted Ebola through his generous, and selfless treatment of suffering Nigerians, dying a heroic death, ending up as a bloody pan of stinking, human Jell-O, as the predictive end to Cosby's entire career.

    In an interview on NPR’s “Weekend Edition” that aired Saturday (where Cosby and his wife appeared to talk about loaning works to the National Museum of African Art), Cosby, 77, didn’t say a word when host Scott Simon asked him about the allegations. In the past, Cosby has repeatedly denied these claims.

    “This question gives me no pleasure, Mr. Cosby, but there have been serious allegations raised about you in recent days,” Simon said, without specifically saying what the allegations in question were.

    There’s a long pause. “You’re shaking your head no. I’m in the news business, I have to ask the question: Do you have any response to those charges?” Simon said.

    Another long pause. “Shaking your head no,” Simon continued, and said again: “There are people who love you who might like to hear from you about this — I want to give you the chance.”   And again, no response.

     (Listen to the audio here.)

Maybe NBC can quickly send up that script, that Post-script to "The Cosby Show"?

If NBC would/will, it still would not resurrect its' own gutter-level ratings:  a 14% overall rating among TV viewers, because of their 30-year record decline, televising their lineup of obscene-yet-banal, and unwanted TV shows.

Hyping Bill Cosby in a sit-com, slated for next 2015 season, would be correctly in line with NBC's continual, & highly offensive, support of another possible criminal, controversial leader,1/2 Black/White, Barry hUSs Obama.
Afterall, it's ALL About their dishonest coverage of the Peacock Race Riots to Come.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Remember When Presidents Smiled?


Among American Movie Directors Today,
Tim Burton is The Greatest

(Note:  I didn't expect to compose a bloggie this morning; being Saturday & all,  plus Leti and I have alot to do to get ready for Thanksgiving here at the Malcontent mansion, and then I go cut, load firewood with a friend later on-)

That being said, we love Tim Burton's movies.

We love the offbeat sense of strange which he mixes liberally in his films:

"Beetlejuice", "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure", "Mars Attacks",  "Nightmare Before Christmas", "Sweeney Todd", "Batman", "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter", etc., etc., etc.

So, we both look forward with big, expectant eyes for his next film, "Big Eyes". 

The reviews are thrilling, considering that this film will be somewhat of a first for Burton, as it will be in an Un-Burton style. "Big Eyes" is the true story of an artist who paints portraits of children with big eyes, and the struggle that she endures when her new husband takes over the claim of authorship from her, to keep the paintings' popularity at a peak.

While the reviews as I said are thrilling, so is the trailer, inasmuch as it is REALLY hard, imagining that Tim Burton is the director.  Is Tim Burton reaching a level of maturity which would abandon his former niche, his former territory wherein he IS the Alpha Male?  I hope not, so much.

For someday, I'd like to see Tim Burton's take, on video of the Bizarre, Grotesque Obama Years. 
~With Danny Elfman again, composing that film's music, naturally!

The movie Trailer for "Big Eyes":

And now lastly, as a TREAT combining the 
Burton, Elfman and Reubens, "The Morning Machine" scene, 
from "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure", my mostest favorite movie:

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Charm, The Warmth of Our Next President, Joe R. Biden

Folks, I'm convinced. 
So much so, that I'm throwing my support TODAY behind the candidacy and the election, of Vice President Joe Biden, for President in 2016.

You can count on me, Joe, to contribute to your campaign frequently and often, and that's also true of the way I will vote for you as well~!
Why, I'll even go door-knocking for your campaign... over in California... (gosh, Joe, people around here know me, so it would be kinda weird, you understand).

The way I (and the WFB) see it, you have at least 5, and maybe even 6 things going for you, in your quest in becoming our 45th controversial leader; the Joe Biden presidential campaign has, for all intents and purposes, already begun. With Obama having abdicated his Veterans Day duties in order to attend a dictator summit in Communist China, YOU stepped up to the plate on Tuesday by laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery.

Because the 2014 midterms were another terrible failure for your potential challenger Hillary Clinton, and because the chances of Mr. Obama resigning before the new GOP-controlled Senate takes office in January are high, you are strongly positioned to lead the Democratic Party into the future on those gimpy, 74-year-old knees, either.

And Joe, just look at all these pretty Blue States, just
a-waiting to cast their winning Electoral College Votes for you!


  • YOU are NOT Barry hUSs Obama:    
     So it's not likely you could do any worse as president. Your personalities couldn’t be any more different. Obama is an academic smartypants; you are an Average Joe who is far more comfortable in a go-kart than in a lecture hall. You'd rather hold a squirt gun than a history book. Whereas Obama is aloof and anti-social, you love to be the center of attention. 

The veep's not afraid to get in there and mix things up, are ya, 'Regular Joe from Scranton, PA', and you don't care about making a “gaffe” or dropping an F-bomb on live television.  You have a proven track record of working across the aisle.  Obama prevaricates and surrenders in the face of tyranny; America’s adversaries don’t respect him. You, Joe, wouldn’t have this problem because you are universally loved. Plus, there’s always the chance you might suffer a manic episode and launch all of our nukes at them.

And, you know how to deal with 
people who cross red lines, like that sassy little Iranian girl.

     It's time for one of us to go to work.
     You have a good day, alright, Joe?  Nurse, I'm leaving now~

(with my kindest apologies/highest regards to author, Editor Andrew Stiles)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Promptly, At Least~ The GOP RNC Responds To My Complaint

Whether or not the Republicans actually do anything, IS A DIFFERENT MATTER, as we all already know.

I made some phone calls yesterday morning, and composed two emails directed to Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus. All related to a banal, asinine survey which I received two days ago.
Here is My first 'gentle' email: 10:39 AM (14 hours ago)
to Reince

Dear friend,
I DID NOT 'sign up as a member of the Republican National Committee's online community.

Please note the difference: I am a Conservative, as most of your supporters are.

The GOP had better recognize us Conservatives during the next two years, with appointments to critical committee appointments within the Senate and within the House of Representatives, or We Will Abandon you in the next election year.


You'd better, because I am only one of millions of Conservative voters, sir, and heyyah, there is now a 'Conservative Party' alternative candidate.

This IS NOT a threat, please sir; just a solemn recommendation for you, an urging for you and the GOP to follow.

I will instead continue to contribute to individual candidates, and NOT THE GOP at large. Until you make the difference, and the change to the conservative politics WE Americans support.

Thank you for your consideration,

The Local Malcontent,
Talihina, Oklahoma


Well, I got a reply from Priebus, sort of-  from his secretary at least~ it is copied here below.

His closing, condescending remarks about 'being part Native Indian' notwithstanding...

I'm not convinced.  Actions would sure persuade me though~

Dear Local,
I am Chuck DeFeo, Chief of Staff for RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.

Our office received your emails and calls referencing our survey and apparently your response at your Internet blog site.

Local, YOU are the Republican Party, and your conservative values are OURS too. Americans like you who cherish values like Thrift, like Cutting Federal Spending, and Second Amendment Protections are also the heart of the Republican Party.

The Republican National Committee has heard from many thousands of Americans just like you, and Reince Preibus and the Republican National Committee have heard you.

Local, your input is valuable. I encourage you and every American with similar, time-tested values to reach out to this office, or to your Congressional representative, your Senator(s) with any matter which you feel important to you. Because that issue also matters to us.

Personally, Local, I am part Native American myself. My mother's family came from the Piscataway Nation. My great-grandmother was a Piscataway tribal member, and her values of family and tradition are also mine, having been handed down through family.

Kindest Regards, Many Thanks,

Chuck DeFeo
RNC Depuity Chief of Staff

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The GOP Offers Up a One-Question Survey

Really, that's the way you show leadership, Grand Old Party, by offering a one-question survey for your supporters, your voters,
your electoral saviours, to answer??

Hyperbole, plain and simple.
?????    ?????
Folks, we are in trouble, again.  The following, copied
from Gee Opie~! dot com  the republicans... this is insipid.

"What do you believe should be the first thing Republicans do in the new Congress?"

Reform our tax code

Approve the Keystone Pipeline

Repeal ObamaCare

Enact a jobs bill that grows America’s economy

Reduce government regulations and red tape

Impede Obama’s executive actions on immigration

Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment

Cut Washington spending and reduce the National Debt

Stop Obama’s War on Coal


What a load of crap~! We are in trouble if our new Congressional leaders, the Republicans, come to us and have to ask in the first place;  then these choices shown above, some are impossible ('pass a balanced budget amendment'), some are impossible without a Conservative residing in the White House, and  the two most important issues** vital to the American economy, in my opinion, are not even on the list.  And notice too, there is NO place to write in your own answer.

This is identical to one of Bill or Hillary's Listening Tours, I think.  It's all for show.  And It's insulting to our integrity and to our intelligence.

Guess What?  By the end of the day, Mr. Rince Preibus or whatever his name is, will damn sure know mine, and what I think about his little dog-and-pony survey.

** Close the Southwest Border NOW, and then slash the Corporate Tax rate to become not only more competitive, but the ONLY PLACE on the planet where corporations want to open factories for business~

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


While searching for an appropriate Google Image to display with this blog post about honoring America's Military Veterans on Veteran's Day, I discovered something so sublime and so precious,
so fundamental:
I was looking for an image of 'generic' Veterans to add here.
Races of the Vets did not matter to me one bit.
For who am I to say that it was a White man, or a Black man, or a Native Indian man,
or Woman,
who should be selected, included herein, with my tribute to America's Finest?

To be brief, I was really surprised to see Google had arranged images by race or gender.
That makes me sad to think Americans generally,
might think that exclusively.

It is an American Military Veteran, of any/all blends whom I honor today and everyday~!

Today, We Honor ALL American Veterans,
TO WHOM we owe our freedom.

Our Great nation America, owes everything 
we hold close and dear, and sacred,
and normal,
to these brave American Sisters and Brothers.

If you wore the uniform of the United States Military, I want to shake your hand, and hug your neck in thanks,
And tell you, sir or madam, you mean the world to me, to my wife, and to our Nation.
Thank You, thank you, thank you.

This prayer by Sister Germaine Fritz, is for each of you friends of mine~!

Monday, November 10, 2014

What Exactly, Is A "Sooner"?

I am sorry this morning to tell you this:  But in the early days before Oklahoma became a state, a "Sooner" was a slick cheater, someone who could 'legally' side-step the rules of the Land Run.

Most of all, I am embarrassed to also tell you that during the 1910s and 1920s, a "Sooner" meant a Progressive, political point of view.

I am a 1991 graduate of OU, and of course knew some of the uglier, hidden history of the Land Run of 1889:  Smaller Indian tribes which moved here from their ancestral homelands, and settled here by the Federal government in Washington, were overrun by white settlers, eager to capture a 160-acre piece of free land. 

Overwhelming, Illegal Immigration ISN'T FOREIGN to us Okies, 
or to us Indians, what were or were moved here first.

I'm thinking of becoming an OSU Cowboy fanatic instead now. Maybe a Ole Miss fan...

From, this disturbing confession:

The origins of Oklahoma's nickname stretch back to the Civil War era. The Homestead Act of 1862, signed by President Abraham Lincoln, provided that a legal settler could claim 160 acres of public land, and those who lived on and improved the claim for five years could receive title.

"Boomers" were settlers who favored the opening of unassigned lands in the Oklahoma Territory and lobbied the U.S. government to this end. Promoting the "Boomer's Paradise," early advocates of settlement in the Unassigned Lands began what is referred to as the "Boomer Movement.

The Boomer Movement gained new momentum in 1886 and 1887 when the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway constructed a line that ran right through the Unassigned Lands. Rail stations at Guthrie, Edmond, Oklahoma (City), Verbeck (Moore), and Norman, created when the line was built, offered high potential for townsites.
At this time political pressure was exerted to open up the Unassigned Lands to settlement. In 1889 an amendment to the Indian Appropriations Bill allowed President Benjamin Harrison to proclaim the Unassigned Lands open for settlement.

At high noon on April 22, 1889, legal aspirants would be able to enter the Oklahoma Territory and choose 160 acres of land. The event soon became known as the "Oklahoma Land Run" or "Land Run of 1889". Settlers from across the globe, seeking free land, made their way to Oklahoma Territory to stake their claim to a new life. 

The great dramatic moment came when, at the stroke of noon, starting signals were given at the many points of entry. In some instances it was given by a blue-clad military officer firing his pistol or by his trumpeter, at times by a citizen firing his rifle in the air, or, as at Fort Reno, by the boom of a cannon. All produced the same results -- a tumultuous avalanche of wagons and horsemen surging forward all in one breathtaking instant.

April 22, 1889, was a day of chaos, excitement, and utter confusion. But it was nonetheless a significant day in national history, one that gave birth to new hope for thousands of Americans and became an iconic image in the history of the west.

One of the few rules to claiming a lot of land was that all participants were to start at the same time. Those who went too soon were called "Sooners". Sooners were often deputy marshals, land surveyors, railroad employees, and others whowere able to legally enter the territory early to mark out choice pieces of land for themselves or others.

As time went on, "Sooner" came to be a synonym of Progressivism. The Sooner was an "energetic individual who travel s ahead of the human procession." He was prosperous, ambitious, competent, a "can-do" individual. And Oklahoma was the Sooner State, the land of opportunity, enterprise and economic expansion, very much in the Progressive spirit that engulfed the old South in the 1920s.

The University of Oklahoma USED to have an Indian warrior on a horse, called "Little Red", until a minority of Red diaper doper babies whined & complained,
then he was eliminated from existence. Again, does this sound familiar?

Saturday, November 8, 2014

NovemBURR is "Native American Heritage" month


Heyyah, Friend-- Do you want to make a serious difference in America's Future?  Then please consider making a generous donation to "The American Indian College Fund".

What you can do Today with just two bucks, or Ten, WILL make all the difference in America's political makeup on down the road.

WE Indians love freedom, we do not understand anything else but total freedom, and that's why the Founding Fathers sought out, and adopted the Iroquois' form of light government as a model for the United States' Constitution.

~That's why we Indians fought so hard against the White mans' advance across the continent, toward the west. For Absolute, UnRegulated Freedom.
It Is Possible~ With Your Kind Help.


Please, Please, give a donation to the American Indian College Fund, because a Native Mind IS A Terrible Thing to Hand over to the Democrats' Poisonous way of thinking~!!

Were You relieved by the Republican
Tidal Wave election, November 4?
'Cause it was brought about by real examination 
of Liberal policies, & the (S)election/rejection thereof. 

Leticia and I are again giving this year

a tax deductible $500.00 contribution
to this wonderful fund.

I would so love knowing that you've done the same, for us Indians, and for our America, 

And Thank You, Friend~!

What Happens When Republicans Win Elections, Around Here

There is nothing to gripe about  these days.... 
The political waters are calm for now, Democrats are huddled together in a corner, licking their wounds, and trying to make the best of a very bleak future for themselves.  Try as they may to twist last Tuesday's election results into a favorable shape, they cannot.

Now comes the best part~ They will continue to unravel,
their numbers in every, single governmental body being so tiny, and so exposed, as the insignificant, lying, vulgar Communists they are.

From today until the new Legislative Branch is sworn in, will be an exercise in desperation for the lame duck, rejected Democratic Senate and their controversial party leader in the White House.

From 2012, this forewarning from the American Indians
(Native American Nightly News):

~And here is some smooth jazz, to complement the week's great results, a great version of
this old standard by sax giant Sonny Stitt, "Ain't Misbehavin'":

And some New Age music (when I was in college at OU, I volunteered one night a week as a Jazz DJ at Oklahoma City Community College radio station for over a year, on KOCC-FM, 89.9.  I played this stuff for 5 hours each Wednesday night), back when Mr. Reagan was our President:

Please have a great weekend, knowing that the BEST IS YET TO COME FOR US~!!