Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Perfect, Sublime Pineapple (Rag)

Nature does not correspond always with "social beliefs",
and that should be a lesson to be respected by us all~!

the early Scott Joplin genius, 1907:

the recent Joplin-Japanese genius, above~
brilliant, cohesive, tight, soft
& stunningly romantic,

Each guitarist gets the melody, then each gets the bass line,
then each gets the counter-melody line, trading in turns

Enemy Base Destroyed by 'L-D Sonic Beam'

There are many mysteries in our universe and this certainly one is for the record books.
Could it be possible there are wars going on between alien races that the public is completely ignorant to?

In an exclusive Oct. 31, 2011 Exopolitics TV interview, the human representative of the Andromeda Council confirmed that a 5.0 earthquake reported by the U.S. Geological Survey (U.S.G.S.) to have occurred in the Gulf of Aden at 1:22 am on October 31, 2011 was in fact an effect of a sonic beam weapons attack by the Prozion star system (members of the Andromeda Council) on a Draco & Reptilian undersea base located at the same coordinates as the epicenter of the Gulf of Aden earthquake.

In an October 31, 2011 statement, Tolec, the human representative of the Andromeda Council stated,
 “Yes, I was able to confirm this event with the commander of the primate biosphere where many of the Andromeda Council meetings are held.

This was a strike by the Prozion people. They’re just doing their job as promised. This base in now completely collapsed & destroyed.”

Tolec, the human representative of the Andromeda Council, forwarded this reporter this statement confirming the Andromeda Council attack.

At the time Tolec forwarded this statement, Tolec had no prior knowledge of the U.S.G.S. map or other source setting out the exact epicenter of the Gulf of Aden earthquake when he forwarded the Andromeda Council statement about this attack.

The Andromeda Council Oct. 31, 2011 attack comes a little more that two months after the Andromeda Council’s reported sonic beam weapons’ attack of August 23, 2011 that destroyed underground Orion grey and Draco & Hydra reptilian bases and tunnels under Washington D.C. and that resulted in a shallow 0.1 km earthquake felt from Virginia to Ottawa, Canada.

(click image to embiggen)

The Andromeda Council is a reported galactic governance council composed of selected star system representatives that carry out governance and development functions in war-torn  areas of our populated and organized galaxy and universe.

In unrelated news, The Andromeda Council has approved the division of the State of Oklahoma, on planet 1035Ã3-cO/N, (Earth),  BACK into two states, one eastern state for Civilized Indians and the other, westerm state for those pesky, reptilian, Plains Indians. Here's their offering of proof, the new map of the United Snakes:

(click map to embiggen)

Monday, March 30, 2015

Unveiled in Cork, Ireland
To Honor Choctaws

Hat/Tip, to friend Terry

Lovingly lifted from Irish Central, this warm story:

A sculpture of nine eagle feathers will be installed in Bailic Park, in Midleton, Co Cork to thank the Choctaw Indians for their kindness and support during the Great Irish Famine.

Despite the oppression faced by the Choctaws in the years preceding the famine, on hearing of the plight and hunger of the Irish people in 1847, they raised $170 to send to the Irish people and ease their suffering. This figure is equivalent to tens of thousands of dollars in today’s currency.

The sculpture, consisting of nine giant, stainless steel eagle feathers, is currently being completed by Cork sculptor Alex Pentek. Speaking to the Irish Examiner, Pentek says, “I wanted to show the courage, fragility and humanity that they displayed in my work.”

The $111,000 (€100,000) sculpture will be officially unveiled in a few months and invitations have been sent by Joe McCarthy, East Cork’s municipal district officer, to Choctaw leaders.
In what is one of the most surprising and generous contributions to Irish famine relief, a group of Choctaw people gathered in Scullyville, Oklahoma, on March 23, 1847 to collect funds for the starving Irish people. They passed money collected onto a U.S. famine relief organization, in an extraordinary act of kindness from those who already had so little.

Just 16 years prior to this collection, the Choctaws were among one of the so-called “civilized tribes”, who were forced off their land by President Andrew Jackson (the son of Irish immigrants) and forced to complete a 500-mile trek to Oklahoma that would become known as the Trail of Tears.

Despite the allegiance shown by the Choctaws to General Jackson during the War of 1812, the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek signed on September 27, 1830, resulted in the Choctaws signing away the remainder of their traditional homelands in Alabama, Mississippi and Florida and undertaking a forced march off the land. Over half the 21,000 Choctaws forced on this march perished on the trail due to malnutrition, disease and exposure. The winter the Choctaws spent on the Trail of Tears was one of the coldest on record and even those who survived the journey to Oklahoma faced further hardships in creating new communities for themselves, along with new homes, schools, and churches.

It is this terrible journey that inspired Pentak for his creation, “To see members of your family drop to the side of the road and to be powerless. To change that course of history. That stirred my imagination.”

Friday, March 27, 2015

another $400 bucks' worth

Ordered earlier this morning, from Country Outfitter(dot)com, 
Size 12 EEs

In Less Than 5-1/2 Years~

No Peace in our time, thanks mainly to
the 2009 Nobel "Peace Prize" winner.

The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to brand-new, controversial leader Barack Zerobama. What foolishness it was, in light of the current ignition of the flames of war all over the Middle East.  

War in Syria, war in Yemen, ISIS in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Yemen; stable yet un-corraled leaders in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia toppled or assassinated, thanks to United States' foreign policy; imminent war with Russia over Ukraine, unresolved conflicts within Afghanistan and Iraq, and finally threatening violent words from the leaders of Venezuela and North Korea against the United States.

Not to mention the dishonest treatment of our best friend/ally Israel, as well as one-time allies Japan, India, South Korea, & at one time, even Russia.
Now, on perhaps the verge of WWIII, maybe Oslo, Norway should be carpet-bombed, for it's compliance in fomenting the coming war.

What a Legacy.  But that's our Barry Soetoro~!,
winner of the now-Bogus, now-worthless, Nobel Peace Prize.

The five members of the Nobel (nominating) Committee are appointed by the Norwegian Parliament to roughly reflect the party makeup of that body. The 2009 Committee comprised two members of the Norwegian Labor Party, one from the left-wing Socialist Left Party, one from the Conservative Party of Norway and one from the right-wing Progress Party. The chairman of the Committee was Thorbjørn Jagland, former Norwegian Labor Party prime minister and Secretary General of the Council of Europe since September 29, 2009. The panel met six or seven times in 2009, beginning several weeks after the February 1 nomination deadline. The winner was chosen unanimously on October 5.[9] but was initially opposed by the Socialist Left, Conservative and Progress Party members until strongly persuaded by Jagland

Jagland said "We have not given the prize for what may happen in the future. We are awarding Obama for what he has done in the past year. And we are hoping this may contribute a little bit for what he is trying to do," noting that he hoped the award would assist Obama's foreign policy efforts

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Let's Put This to Bed:
"Local MalContest" Trivia Ends In a Push

Can we talk??!

The idea of bringing back "The Local MalContest" from its' relative success in years past, is a flop.  I am thankful for the 5 (FIVE) guesses from four friends, and I thought someone would surely, literally read, the answer I'd woven therein.   But alas not.

Most of all, I hoped to regain some lost readership of my bloggie. That didn't happen either.  So, what is the answer to the Question,
"What was my first job?"


Let's review the clues which I gave:

Clue #1:  In the post titled "The Local "Mal-Contest" To Return", posted on Friday, the 13th of March, I wrote:  ... be watchful for it. I'll Highlight it in the Blog Title.

Clue #2:  The Title of the particular blogpost in question.  "Somebody's Having A big Day. Could Ir Be You, Too?"
 I DO know how to spell "it".  It doesn't have an R in it.... Day + IR  DaIRy.    Of course, this could also be "Raidy", but no.

Clue #2-A:  My first sentence at the 3/16 post above, was:
I've never talked about my very first job, as a young teen-age boy, in Poteau, Oklahoma before here on The Local Malcontent... in 1940, LOL....  
2015 - 1940 = 75yrs.

So, there's that first clue, "Dairy".
And for the very discerning reader, ir all in ir's entirety. 
Was my job at a dairy farm milking cows, churning butter?

Clue #3:  Clue number 3 was in the body of the post itself, aligned along the left margin, the first letters of each line:









Go and look, if you can't believe ir's simplicity~
So, since nobody won, we could do one of two things:  

Try another one, with the prize-contribution doubled, for a winner's favorite charity, or maybe donate to a deserving charity which appeals to a wide array of people?  
The latter one of course, because an $800 donation in a winner's name, 
could throw somebody into unnecessary IRS trouble....

So, this former Dairy Queen sodajerk, banana-split creator,
and lover of hot fudge Sundaes still-- 
will faithfully contribute $400 to 'Day Spring Villa', a shelter for abused women and children here in Oklahoma, because as they say
"Domestic Violence & Sexual Trafficking Are Never OK"

Monday, March 23, 2015

"Clinton, Clinton, Clinton, Clinton,
baked beans, Clinton, egg and Clinton"

Oi, it's not got much -Illary in it, mate~!
(hint) Equate spam with Hillary every time.

(20 year old meat, left out in the open all that time)

Truly, Reaganesque

This morning, just moments ago, Texas Senator Ted Cruz announced that he is running for the 

Presidency of the United States, at Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia.

His awesome, inspiring speech lasted 30 minutes, all without teleprompters,

and generated 7 standing ovations, among other multiple applause.

Morning In America Again, Baby, 
After A Long Dark, Stormy Night !

Here is the starting point, of the American Correction, in Ted Cruz.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Smells Like Karen Carpenter

AS IF suicidal Karen Carpenter and suicidal Kirk Cobain Collarorated, mind-blowing, 
bubble-gumN-shot gibberish~

I can't tell where Cobain starts and she finishes, or vicey versey, it's that gooey.

Ok, this might be the best video that I've ever posted, Ok?

OK, Then.
I'm Afraid

Well, if nobody is able to guess 'Where my first job' was, then America is indeed in trouble, because the "Right" is not able to see thru the dimmest of hidden trivia questions.  

3 Steps, to a $400 bonanza, for yourself if you wish, your Fav charity, or toward your tax burden, or to Hillary Clinton, any other pol.--

All CLUES you need, since I am a beneficent Malcontent, can be twilled from that one single post.!

I have bentted over backwardedly to help you tosspend mymoney.  

All I can conclude is that your favorite charity DOESN'T MEAN THAT DAM MUCH TO YOU~ otherwise, you would dig deep.

Go and make your educated, sly guesses as to where, here, not here.

"Mr. Obama Is Near"

Lovingly lifted from WaPo, this:

For  Obama, Camp David often ranks as the venue of last resort

On Monday, when Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani visits Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland will once again serve as the venue for important geopolitical negotiations on seemingly in­trac­table issues, a role it has played for more than seven decades.

But as Secretary of State John F. Kerry and other Cabinet members host the Afghan president, one major U.S. figure will not be present: Mr. Obama.  

His absence is just one signal of how the role of the cloistered compound in Catoctin Mountain Park has changed under this president, a city dweller who prefers gym workouts and golf courses to hiking trips and fly-fishing expeditions.

For several of Obama’s predecessors, Camp David was a critical refuge from the public spotlight and a chance to spend time outdoors, as well as a forum for soft-touch presidential diplomacy.

For this controversial leader
its role has receded.

When he wants to woo or entertain foreign leaders such as Chinese President Xi Jinping or Jordan’s King Abdullah II, Obama has opted for California’s Sunnylands retreat, which offers plenty of sunshine and an 18-hole golf course. 

When he’s looking to relax on his own, the woods are rarely his first choice.  Looks as if he prefers the "Weeds" in all his golfing photos~

Shortly after Obama took office, first lady Michelle said the “most unexpected and uniform advice” she had gotten from her predecessors was to go to Camp David “early and often.”

White House officials say the first lady - at times with her daughters - visits a fair amount. Obama, however, has not warmed to the place in the same way as some previous commanders-in-chief. Obama has made 35 visits to Camp David since taking office, spanning all or part of 86 days....

At same point in his presidency, George W. Bush had made 119 visits covering all or part of 375 days.

During a 2010 White House dinner the Obamas had with a group of historians, one of the academics asked the president whether he had taken advantage of Camp David to avoid the pressure of the job. Michelle Obama interjected that the president was “an urban guy” not that taken
with the place, according to multiple participants.

Who needs a tranquil, wooded retreat
when you are an urban, metro-sexual guy?? 
Who needs to find peace, solitude, even one-ness with the forest, when the mean streets of Chicago are more your bag? 

Who needs abundant nature, in all it's glory to assist you in some hard decision, when you merely follow your marching orders issued by your Iranian-born Boss?

That's why, I would be shocked, SHOCKED, if Barry Soetoro ever tried to come to Southeast Oklahoma, or to any heavily, forested, wooded place for retreat, rest and respite.
Perhaps the people of Rock Ridge said it better,
when they welcomed their new Sheriff into town:

Monday, March 16, 2015

Somebody's Having A big Day. Could Ir Be You, Too?

I've never talked about my very first job, as a young teen-age boy, in Poteau, Oklahoma before here on The Local Malcontent... in 1940, LOL~! Hee hee no 1983 in truth~

Questions about 'Your Local Malcontent' are answered generally, at a post I continue to update, as the need arises. 

Eventually, that post with all these others, will comprise the life which was/is/shall be the essence of me, ' your Local Malcontent'. All that matters in the end: If I have pleased God.

Needless to say maybe, but all my life, I've been aware of God's soft,  constant presence
in my life, my awareness,and my innate need to serve others.  Because that's all~ 
satisfying Our Holy Father's word, His demands of us:  Adore Him, and serve our brethren.

While stopping far short of homosexuality (for that is against His Will), heaping love upon His other children is His desire for you, and for me.  It is that simple, that is the key to life everlasting.

"Rock of Ages, Cleft for me", "Let me hide myself in Thee". God is all there is; all & only
eternal & Holy God, there is nothing outside God.  We all need to begin to realize that fact. That fact is all that there is in life for us.  I Love the simplicity of God's Love, and His

For whom did I work, my first ever Job?  This is your Local MalContest trivia question.

this malcontest will be open through 11:59 pm (CDT), March 26, 2015. 
All decisions are circumspect, yet final.
We will donate $400 dollars to your favorite cause, charity, for your clever, winning guess, from all comments HERE AT THIS BLOGPOST.

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Local "Mal-Contest" To Return

Leticia and I decided last night, that I could announce the return of a Trivia Contest to my bloggie, like I had
in the past.  

It's called "The Local MalContest".
For reasons beyond me...


In a couple days, I will post a Trivia question, a very very, very very very
hard Trivia question here,
and the first person who answers the question correctly, in the comments section, will receive:

A $400.00 DONATION TO YOUR FAVORITE CAUSE.  Even To Yourself, if you're that mean.
That includes to your favorite politician's campaign.

That's right, Libs, make me contribute to Shrillary's election, only if you are smart enough though~

We did this maybe three years ago, now four years ago.., with such great results: We donated monies to The American Cancer Society, The American Wildlife Fund, and to St. Jude's Medical Center for Children.  
And It Was All Good, all for God,
& we had a good time, was pleased to do so, in the winners' names.

So be alert, come back here in a couple days, and be watchful for it. 
I'll Highlight it in the Blog Title.

Same rules as before:  
NO 'Googling' for the answer.
I must know *your email address, and *your full, REAL name, upon winning.
*Always kept private

There will be a time deadline, to be announced, and followed, with the Trivia Question.

Are You Ready To Rumble, For Your Favorite Cause?  For the Arctic Gorillas?

Stay Tuned...  Here~!

Comment Away~! and Welcome Back

I'm sorry about that-- about six weeks without comments here, 
since February 5, 2015.

Felt like I had to do it, because I had some malware-adware loaded onto this machine, and after knowing how much trouble my blogging buddy Abouna had with hackers at his first 23 blogs, I took every precaution I could think of.  

Let me tell ya, it was a strange month, what with all the normal fears which go along with blogging in the first place, i.e., fear 
of the Federal Government, or mindlessing posting sensitive comments which could affect my Oklahoma St. job, then dread of the controversial leader Zerobama's incoherent, explosive anger, & the normal dangers which come from Liberal zealots (one of whom, I suppose, got me thrown off of FaceBook),

 then all of the common STDs which attach themselves,

from visiting all the porno sites....  

LOL.  I don' need no stinking porn; I got 

Anyway, thank you all for your patience with me,
with The Local Malcontent bloggie, 

Let's go get 'em in 2015 NOW~!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cherokee Rumblings

(click map to embiggen)

FACT:  A Bad Day to be from Cherokee, Anywhere.  

Three minor earthquakes in a row, first in Eutaw, Alabama ("Eutaw" means 'Cherokee village'), then one in Cherokee, North Carolina, then finally an earthquake in Cherokee, Oklahoma.  
All these, today.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Who in their right mind, ever wonders if a number is happy, is a happy number, or an unhappy number??

For God's sake I guess, there are happy numbers.
That must mean that there 
{who cares}

Let's see?:  
From Wikipedia, this on "Happy Numbers":
A happy number is a number defined by the following process: 

Starting with any positive integer, replace the number by the sum of the squares of its digits, and repeat the process until the number equals 1 (where it will stay), or it loops endlessly in a cycle which does not include 1. Those numbers for which this process ends in 1 are happy numbers, while those that do not end in 1 are unhappy numbers.  More formally, given a number n=n0, define a sequence n1, n2
, ... where n{i+1} is the sum of the squares of the digits of ni.Then n is happy if and only if there exists i such that ni = 1.

If a number is happy, then all members of its sequence are happy;
if a number is unhappy, all members of the sequence are unhappy.
likewise, if your wife is happy/unhappy, all members of your marriage will be ...

Say Whut??  That takes too much time to find happiness in life, much less fap-happy numbers, IMHO.

So, 103 is a happy number.... It's also a prime number, does that make any difference? 
The 143 happy numbers up to 1,000 are:  

1, 7, 10, 13, 19, 23, 28, 31, 32, 44, 49, 68, 70, 79, 82, 86, 91, 94, 97, 100, 103, 109, 129, 130, 133, 139, 167, 176, 188, 190, 192, 193, 203, 208, 219, 226, 230, 236, 239, 262, 263, 280, 291, 293, 301, 302, 310, 313, 319, 320, 326, 329, 331, 338, 356, 362, 365, 367, 368, 376, 379, 383, 386, 391, 392, 397, 404, 409, 440, 446, 464, 469, 478, 487, 490, 496, 536, 556, 563, 565, 566, 608, 617, 622, 623, 632, 635, 637, 638, 644, 649, 653, 655, 656, 665, 671, 673, 680, 683, 694, 700, 709, 716, 736, 739, 748, 761, 763, 784, 790, 793, 802, 806, 818, 820, 833, 836, 847, 860, 863, 874, 881, 888, 899, 901, 904, 907, 910, 912, 913, 921, 923, 931, 932, 937, 940, 946, 964, 970, 973, 989, 998, 1000 

And Iff, God Forbid, n is not happy, then its sequence does not go to 1. Instead, it ends in the cycle:
4, 16, 37, 58, 89, 145, 42, 20, 4, ...

To see this fact, first note that if n has m digits, then the sum of the squares of its digits is at most 92 m, or 81m.

Then the world ends, violently, with seawater covering us all with man-eating squids.

Another Classic Case of The Elderly Resentment of The Young

All of the Democratic leaders in the administration and the Senate, and the House of Representatives are over 70 years old, all feeble-minded, all angry, all hostile. 

"In thirty-six years in the United States Senate, I cannot recall another instance in which Senators wrote directly to advise another country -- much less a longtime foreign adversary -- that the President does not have the constitutional authority to reach a meaningful understanding with them.  The decision to undercut our President and circumvent our constitutional system offends me as a matter of principle," Biden said.

Thirty-six years ago (from 2009) was 1973.  No American leader (Zerobama) or President ever tried to reach a nuclear agreement with a foreign adversary in those years,
not even Bill Clinton, with North Korea.  
Mr. Biden is as usual, delusional and simply lying to us.  
He's an idiot from Deleware, where most idiots are from. 

But wait~ Harry Reid, the senile Nevada Dipsh!t, made it more personal:  "Today's unprecedented letter originated by a United States senator who took his oath of office 62 days ago," Reid said. "As a kind of pettiness that diminishes us as a country in the eyes of the world. Republicans need to find a way to get over their animosity of President Obama. I can only hope that they do it sooner, rather than leader."

Feeble Senator Reid needed surgery, after his unfortunate injuries to his ribs, his face and his eye, from working out with a rubber band.  It's reported that now his flatulence is uncontrollable from both ends; his bowels are affected by any spicy foods, like oatmeal seasoned with salt, sugar.

Enter a young, eager American Senator, who composes a letter to the self-same, elderly leader of Iran, who merely states to them, that America's Constitution requires the Senate to approve any, ANY treaty with another country.

the hammerhead,elderly, ego-stuck administration would wish you think differently, but it is a lie.

World News Videos | US News Videos

Freshman Senator Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas, authored a letter to Iranian leaders, reminding them that any Iranian nuclear deal "signed" with the Zerobama administration, could, would be unsigned by the next President, outside Senate approval.  

Simply Put.  Hooray for Arkansas, for waking up and 
electing a Republican, finally.

UPDATE:  Sleepy, purple-lipped, COCAINE-ADDICT SPEAKS:

Monday, March 9, 2015

There IS A Cure For What Is
Affecting America's Youth

Formerally known as "duffasism", this annoying and painful ailment can be treated:


Contact your doctor today, before Obamacare disallows the prescription coverage~!

wait a second there:  did that spokesperson say "blogging" was a symptom of Hipster, too?  
I feel like doing some hashtagging too....