Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Decision 2016: Watch the DNC This Week
Or The Matchup of MLB's Cellar Dwellers?

On the one hand, a night highlighting a bunch of losers.
On the other hand, a night highlighting two bunches of losers.

As for drama, one has skulduggery and mischief,
but nothing to witness live.
The other might have a double-play, or a stolen base.  
"Might have", the operative words.

The one will make me shake with anger, having to listen to millionaire politicians lie about how they are interested in making Americans' lives better;
the other will make me shake due to the bad play of men earning millions of dollars.

Both choices feature the bottom of the barrel, but as usual in baseball, there's some real hope for next year, for the Minnesota Twins and Atlanta Braves.

So given the choice, oddly enough I would gladly watch the 33-66 Atlanta Braves face the 37-61 Minnesota Twins at Target Field.**

Let's all hope that all three TV choices tonight, the Democrats, the Braves, and the Twins end up big-time losers this year, after October.

** Fox Sports Midwest has the Cardinals at N.Y. Mets, in the second game of a double header. That's on our TV now.... 

Monday, July 25, 2016

The BEST PART About DNC 2016 Week?


THANK GOD FOR BASEBALL IN JULY, when Smelly Democrats gather~

Only the third most rare Baseball event:  The Triple Play

Anything But "United Together" By Design

"United Together??"
"That's the best f ***ing slogan you could come up with, after 12 months of Democratic Convention committee meetings, 'United Together'??" boomed the stunned Queen Hillary.

"It's a solid winner within our 20-person reference group, Ma'am,
a group of young, millennial and minorities who make up our constituents,"
replied the Washerwoman Debbie.

"That f***ing worked in '64 and in '72, but this is 2000 and 16.  COFF-COFF-COFF  People have heard this before, COFF-COFF-COFF -- uhhhggghh, eeeghhhurh, refill this G&T right away--
why is this new and dynamic now?  Are we re-re-re introducing me again this week?",
the Queen snarled, hoarsely.

"We need to emphasize 'Unity' between the many many various subsets of Americans that we've created, your Highness....  You know, the blacks, the latinos, all those illegals, or undocumented citizens, all the poor, all the welfare recipients, the uneducated, the Facebook and Twitter crowd, Ma'am ... They are the ones who need to believe that we intend to unify them---, after the last eight years" the Vasserman-Shultz woman said before being quickly interrupted.


(Meekly) "cough cough, gurgle cough" Vasserman-Shultz appeased.

"Stop it, bitch.  We'll go with 'United Together' for the first night, since COFF-COFF-COFF  you have made up all those signs. But if you ever cross me again, if you ever do something again without conferring with me directly, COFF-COFF-COFF , I will speak to my friend Saul about you," gurgled Hillary.

What's the Deal Between the Clintons
And Low Volt, Southern Senators?



The answer lies in the dishonesty of the particular Clinton;
each one needed a hopeless scapegoat
to convey the appearance of acceptability
to the American public.

Only for the purposes of election. 
Then nothing else from them.

Thursday, July 21, 2016


The very first word I would utilize to describe my beloved wife Leticia, is


The personification of the word Demure.  
Leticia is quiet on the top two or three levels of her persona, openly to strangers, to friends, even to family members.  But like every woman, THANK GOD, Leti has that side to her, that, if you trespass against, then God Help you, because I won't.  I'm smart.... and I'm on her side.
Leticia Marie is a quiet woman with an opinion that I'd better listen to.  OOps, I meant to say "with an opinion on everything...".  I listen to her words, her insight, to her advice,  because 
She is Wise.  Beyond her years wise.  Sometimes she really startles me with the ease with which she can unravel problems, solving tough decisions facing us, the direct way she takes charge when she needs to/sees she must.  I've thought for more than eight years, since we've dated, since we first met in 2007, that she was older than her actual age; but I've always thought of myself the same way (S. Joplin ragtime);  She is, to this day, a rabid Beatles fan, as well as Buddy Holly, almost anything from Motown--a sign to me, that during her early childhood, she sat quietly listening to the radio, of songs only a decade-or-so old by that time.

Way before we got pregnant last year, and beheld our daughter Kelsey this spring, Leticia mothered ... me.  She took me from being a hot-blooded, bull-headed Choctaw alpha male, and within her arms and within her love, and lassoed me.  And it's to her loving bosom I cling when I'm really unsure what/where/when to do/go.  That probably results from her wisdom, probably, definitely yes, yeah.

Leticia nurtured me through ugly cigarette withdrawal seven years ago~, and for my former  shortcomings as a husband/father, she understood.  She understood.  She prayed for a child and God answered her/our prayer, just in time.r

Just in time because I was never ready before, without a woman in mylife like her.  No child could face this world with me as its' father, without Leticia's calm and loving care, before a child could be born, to me.

She literally bewilders me with her stamina now that my wife is a stay-at-home mother.  This place of ours is a show place, and that's after only 1/2 year of living here~!  But even back in Yanush, at my folk's lake house I'd inherited, when the woman of the house arrived there in 2008, 
MANNN, did things change.  In charge of that place and certainly in full charge of our home now in Poteau, Leti puts the finishing touch on just the smallest things like our tablecloth, the baby's room, our bedroom, our small garden, even our front door is special thanks to only one person:  

My wife, Leticia.
My wife turned another year older over the weekend--- she's now 22 again, and looks even younger than that.  With a certain smile reserved only for me and Kelsey, my wife of eight+ years will always be my baby.  And my mother.  And my lover.  
But most of all, SHE IS MY EVERYTHING.

oh please, say to me,
you'll let me be your man

Buddy Holly - You're So Square

~ And she is so square.  
Leticia Marie Malcontent IS A SQUARE.
Wonderfully, perfectly square

My Ideal Love

Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - The Fool On The Hill 1968


Dusty Springfield - I Only Want To Be With You

 Tijuana Taxi
Herb Alpert & The Tiajuana Brass


a day for us~!~~!~!~~!!

Dance On The Tables
Rock Around The Clock, Bill Haley and the Comets

"... till broad daylight..."


The O'Jays - Love Train

People all over the worled, join in, Join The Love Train!!

The O'Jays Understood That Black Lives Matter; 

However, they also understood that ALL LIVES MATTER, as well.

We are all dependent upon each other,  

JOIN HANDS, Let's make this Earth thing succeed~!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Song For You Leon Russell

And our prayers For You, Leon Russell~ Get Well Soon!

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Tulsa-born Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Leon Russell will be canceling his upcoming performance in Fort Smith following a heart attack he had last week.

The 74-year-old singer/pianist will be undergoing heart surgery in Nashville, Tennessee this week, reported News on 6.

Following his heart attack, Russell decided to cancel his upcoming performances through Sept. 18. This includes his scheduled performance at the Fort Smith Peacemaker’s Music and Arts Festival at the end of July. He is also cancelling a performance in Oklahoma City that was set for Sept. 16.

His representatives told News on 6 that they are optimistic he will make a full recovery.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Missouri, home of ragtime, casts it's ballot for ....

Donald Trump. He's our man. 
If he Can't Do It, No One Can. 
Then We're Screwed.

I liked tonight, that the Missouri delegation to the Republican presidential Convention reminded everyone that it is
the home of "ragtime", in the person of Scott Joplin.
just another reason that I really love Missouri.

"New York, New York" as a Ragtime Piano song
(barf bags if necessary, available in the arena):

((How Interesting is this!?!
That rendition of 'New York, New York' was performed by
Jon Englund, twin brother of Ronald Englund,
a.k.a. Freddy Kruger, of "Nightmare on Elm Street" horror movie fame~!))

Wow, there may be conspiracy theory material there.. 
Or a sure sign of the end of the World~

Play instead this more wholesome, more TRUMPIST selection from Scott Joplin, composed within 1 year of Joplin's move to New York from Sedalia, Mo.,

The "Wall Street Rag", a most uniquely-slow Joplin rag, 
which has never been featured on my Joplin-biased bloggie before:

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Ponderisms, Nos. 12, 13, 14

Why is it,
that our present American government emphasizes so much that we citizens should NEVER judge all Muslims by the actions of a certain, murderous few of that religion, 
    Yet goes to such great lengths to stress that all gun owners should be judged by the actions of a certain, murderous few gun owners?

Why is it,
that Social Security and Medicare, two unavoidable taxes paid for by working people are both projected to go insolvent (to go BROKE) in about 20 years, 
    Yet we never hear about welfare payments or food stamps given to the unemployed,
going insolvent (GOING BROKE), EVER?

Finally, Why is it,
for the past 7 years & for the next 2 (projected) years,
pay raises for active Military personnel
have slashed to just about 1.5% per Annam,
AND medical benefits and housing/employment benefits have been reduced for our military veterans,
    Yet benefits of every imaginable kind have been introduced or increased for illegal aliens
living within our borders?

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Bernie Sanders Read the Riot Act

Bernie bows to Queen Hillary, upsetting ignoble hippies nationwide:

"There could be some tragic deaths, Bernie .... how's your cute little niece doing, at Plattsburg Community College this year? She's a sophomore, isn't that correct?" ~Hillary asks

How she operates

The All-Star, "Royal" Treatment

It was nothing less than 'old home week' at tonight's All-Star baseball game, held in San Diego's Petco Park this year.

For the fourth year in a row, the American League defeated the National League 4-2, meaning that the World Series will begin in the American League champions' city, probably Cleveland or Arlington, Texas (my guess).

All four of the American League's runs were produced by two members of the Kansas City Royals, 1B Eric Hosmer and C Salvador Perez, with 2 RBIs apiece.
Eric Hosmer was also named the Most Valuable Player of the 87th All Star Game.

These All-Star games are never very interesting to me because I have to continually reset my evaluations of players from other teams who play against my St. Louis Cardinals (*read 'Cubs').  It was hard rooting for Kris Bryant of the Cubbies, who hit a 1st inning, 1st pitch home run....

There's no anticipation to it:  Like, 'When will my teams' best hitter get another possible at bat?'

Speaking of the Redbirds, only one player, Aledmys Diaz, SS, got into the game, striking out in the 8th inning with the bases loaded, and then playing the field in the bottom of that single inning too.
So personally, it was nice watching the Royals stars shine tonight.

Monday, July 11, 2016

UPDATED: The Five Who Died
AMBUSH in Dallas

the Horror duJour, this time in Dallas, Texas, is still being investigated at this time--  

So far, 5 Dallas police officers have been murdered, 11 others wounded, 

during a mostly peaceful #Black Lives Matter protest march.
Except for that "mostly peaceful" part.  ...

This could turn out to be more of a national disaster than 9/11 was, in a sense:

It could be the beginning of another American Civil War, iff the shooters , the murderers are identified to be American citizens of Black heritage.  So far, no witness has claimed to have heard anyone screaming "Aloha Snackbar", indicating possible ISIS involvement.

Identified so far:

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) police officer
Brent Thompson, 43;
Looks like a great guy, probably somebody's best friend.

When Brent Thompson saw you in church, said Sandra Hughes, he’d wrap you in a hug.  When his children were in Hughes’s classroom, he’d ask how he could help, and what he could do.  And when he became a grandfather, Hughes said, he “just lived for those little kids.”

“He’s just an incredible guy,” said Hughes, a retired teacher in Texas. “he was just wonderful.” Even more here.

Dallas police officer Patrick Zamarripa, 32, had survived three tours in Iraq, one of the world’s most dangerous places.  Zamarripa was a bicycle officer in downtown Dallas.  
He leaves behind a two-year-old daughter, Lyncoln; even more heartbreak, here.  

Dallas police officer Michael Krol, 40, grew up in Michigan but found his calling in Big D. 

Officially a cop, he stood before the cameras, goofy grin and all, as his Michigan family crowded around to watch him hoist a certificate saying he had graduated from the Dallas Police Academy. It was April 25, 2008. Krol, then 32, still had a cherub face. And he seemed to have a long career ahead of him. 
“He was a big guy and had a big heart, and he was a really caring person and wanted to help people,” said brother-in-law Brian Schoenbaechler; 
even more heartbreak, here.

Dallas police officer Lorne Ahrens cut a formidable figure:  

 The 6-foot-5, 300-pound former semi-pro football player could turn heads just by showing up, according to his father-in-law, Charlie Buckingham, “He was a big ol’ boy,”  Ahrens leaves behind his wife Katrina, who's also a Dallas police detective and the couples’ children, a 10-year-old girl and 8-year-old boy. Even more, here.

Dallas police officer Michael J. Smith, 55, a former Army ranger who joined the police force in 1989.  The 25-year veteran officer was the one always standing guard by the tree fort in the vast lobby of Watermark Community Church in Dallas, where he worked as a uniformed security officer in recent years, greeting parents and children and ushering them on to their Sunday programs.  
“He was outgoing but also very tender and unassuming,” said Wes Butler, the director of family and children’s ministries at Watermark. “He was just there, you know? People naturally engaged with him. He was one of the good guys, the one you’d hope your kids would go to, if they ran into trouble.”  Even more, here.

Their Crimes??
Simply that each was born White, and chose to become police officers in the Metroplex.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

In Deception We Trust

Have a look at this photograph made last winter, of the snow-covered Kiamichi mountains and Ouachita National forest of southeast Oklahoma:

No, your eyes deceive you; these are the mountains of SE Oklahoma, despite what your mind tells you, this is not a scene of Miami Beach, Florida.

In our present American experience, we are told that we cannot trust our instincts, cannot rely upon what we've heard uttered from candidates' mouths, and should never trust what it is we see with our eyes-- our senses and our instincts are somehow faulty and unreliable when it comes to our American politicians.

Just never you mind that your (once trusted) instincts have told you for the past 25 years that Bill and Hillary Clinton are the two most corrupt individuals ever to enter politics- disregard what used to look obvious to anybody. 

Because just as Hillary has maintained for 25 years, she and Bill are innocent of every single accusation brought against them.  It really and truly has been one huge conspiracy of the Right.
That's why no one should insist that Hillary provide the transcripts of speeches which she's given to Wall Street lobbyists, the Unions, foreign governments.  We would misconstrue her words to mean something else, like what the words appear to mean.  Or would mean to any one of us. Hillary's words are too lofty and esoteric for us to comprehend.  
That's why our laws are not intended for her too.

Likewise, seeing the word "Classified" on an email from some ambassador somewhere, doesn't mean what you think it means.  

We Americans are just too harsh, and way, way too ignorant (not to mention 'too judgmental') when it comes to Hillary Clinton's actions, words and deeds.  We couldn't possibly understand why she is completely innocent ~ 
and always has been~ of any and all wrong-doing:   http://townhall.com/tipsheet/guybenson/2016/07/08/embarrassing-hillary-spox-still-insists-she-didnt-tell-a-single-email-lie-n2190122

We are too reliant upon our instincts and senses, when we should instead be more reliant upon her, and her style of government.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

LIAR, LIAR, Pantsuits On Fire

Sorry for not adding any original content for the past 3-4 days; Kelsey isn't sleeping very well, 

so neither are we either.  Mama and I are cat-napping an hour or two at a time (if lucky).  

Kelsey has had some tummy troubles with eating barley baby cereal, she don't like it.

Asleep just now, 6:30pm, so are we gonna try

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

"Ohh, The FBI Broke Down"
Through the Years Since J. Edgar

Starring James Comey
as Elmer Fudd, 
Head Looney Toon~

NOW~! Integrity Free!! 

"I'm hunting wabbits"...

I am livid-- seething at Comey's press conference today,
& I'm ready to confess to a couple of well-deserved murders I committed back in '93 in SnowMexico, now that I know that 'since I didn't know the consequences of my actions,  I shouldn't be held accountable....

I'll just go on and run for president now....