Wednesday, May 20, 2015

You Likely Have Ear Worms

Can’t get that annoying song out of your head?

You’ve probably got an earworm,
which “tends to be this little fragment, often a bit of the chorus of tahe song, that just plays and replays like it's stuck on loop in your head,” says Elizabeth Margulis, director of the Music Cognition Lab at the University of Arkansas and author of 
"On Repeat: How Music Plays the Mind". 

The quirky YouTube hit "What Does the Fox Say?" by Ylvis, Starship's "We Built This City," and The Baha Men's "Who Let the Dogs Out?" are just a few tunes known to spawn earworms, according to Margulis.

The phenomenon is quite common.
For instance, a study from the Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition found that more than 91 percent of people reported having an earworm at least once a week, while about a quarter had them more than once a day.

As frequent as earworms may be, however, what triggers them and why they occur still remain mysteries. That’s mainly because earworms—which tend to last eight seconds—are by definition involuntary, and therefore tracking them in a scientific setting can be a near-impossible task. Researchers have yet to develop consistent methods of inducing earworms in test subjects. The data that researchers have culled on the subject so far come from surveys of a few thousand people or from small diary studies—but participants can be unreliable in recalling how often they get earworms, for how long, what they were doing at the time, what might have caused the earworm to disappear, and so on.

Music cognition research suggests that earworms could have something to do with how music affects the brain’s motor cortex, according to Margulis. When people listen to music, “there’s a lot of activity in the motor planning regions,” she says. “People are often imaginatively participating even while they’re sitting still.”

Repetitive listening could also breed earworms.
Indeed, 90 percent of the time, we listen to music we’ve heard before, says Margulis, and “when you've heard [a song] the fourth or fifth time, [one] note carries with it just so clearly the implications of the next note. You can almost feel exactly what's going to happen next.”

Despite the complaints of sufferers, however, the majority of our earworms are actually somewhat enjoyable or neutral experiences, according to Williamson. Her research has shown that people consider only about 30 percent of earworms to be “annoying.”

“We're more inclined to remember the things that annoy us,” she says. “So if you ask somebody about an earworm, they'll tell you about the one that annoyed them yesterday. They won't tell you the three or four they briefly had in their head which they didn't really notice, or [which] just kept them company as they walked around.”

THE THEME FOR INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU-- this simplistic theme runs in my head constantly, especially the flutes, & bells~ those tones, those short, hopeful tones- 'bing, bing, bong', bing, bing, bong...'- it SO reminds me of the hypnotic sounds of the casino games', from all those years~  and now, as I inspect all those casinos, too~
(I can't help it-  blame it on the Indian casinos):

Other earworms frequently cited as annoying include:
The "Love Boat" theme:

And the "Seinfield" TV theme: is Fk'ed up today, as you can tell~

Credit Inequality

The following is lovingly lifted from a  fellow Conservative blogger, Virtual Mirage,
from New Hampshire, at: 

Check him out~!

Those evil white men are at it again and the Obama Regime has instituted an amnesty program,  to expand credit to 45 million potential deadbeats — including illegal immigrants — whose credit files are too spotty even to score for risk.

(IBD) In a just-released federal report, the administration portrays these "credit invisibles" as victims of a traditional credit-scoring system. And since most are minorities, it claims that excluding them from the financial mainstream is discriminatory.

Analysts say most of these "unscorables" are not creditworthy, and according to preliminary estimates, their median credit score falls well below the subprime cutoff (535 vs. 620). Public records show many are subject to third-party debt collection and tax liens.

The ObamaCredit program seeks to give everyone a credit score irrespective of a credit history because failure to do it is sexist and racist - possibly even Islamophobic. The stated program will restore the balance created by "credit inequality". No, I'm not kidding. You can't even make this stuff up.

The Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau states, "Our report found that black and Hispanic consumers are more likely than white or Asian consumers to have limited credit records," CFPB Director Richard Cordray said in a press call.

"About 15% of black and Hispanic consumers are credit invisibles compared to 9% of white consumers (and) about 13% of black consumers and 12% of Hispanic consumers are thought to be among the unscored — compared to only 7% of white consumers."

Added Cordray, "These consumers face reduced access to credit that continues to hamper their opportunities for growth throughout their lives."

To remedy the "credit inequality," credit reporting agencies are being pressed to generate scores for this high-risk group based on payments of cellphone and utility bills, as well as immigrant remittances.

And when these deadbeats default on their mortgages, who will ultimately pay for it?? ...yeah.

This Week's All-Nighter Cloudburst

Nobody slept a wink last night here in Yanush, thanks to the latest, perpetual 13-hour thunderstorm.

We endured a heavy, driving rain, whipped frequently by 60 mph winds, spectacular lightning and the thunder ~ the thunder rattled this old lake house's rafters and foundation
all night long.  

It was like the storm parked itself over our house and Lake Sardis for the night and just rumbled on.

click to embiggen map

I've been keeping track of the rainfall at our house here, just north of Sardis this month, and with the 5.4 inches of rain since yesterday evening, May has registered 15.3 inches of rain- 
And it is still, only May 20th.  

The lake level which I'd reported on here, a week ago had receded some before last night's cloudburst; The debris in our backyard from the lake's high level and then again of it's 'most stable level' for the past three days, look like thick, parallel, concentric arcs of branches and grass and dead leaves back there.  Last night's additional rainfall hasn't stopped rising.  Yet.

Monday, May 18, 2015

"Tainted, and Now Exposed" ABC-News

Those are the last words of a truly honest expose' on the disturbing relationship between a so-called 'broadcast news lead Anchorman', George Stephanopoulos, & Bill and Shrillary Clinton's drive for personal glory.

The revelation that George Stephanopoulos donated $75,000 over the past three years to the Bill and Hillary and Chelsey Clinton Global Foundation is not surprising to me at all; Mr. Stephanopoulos' continued employment by a licensed broadcast news agency IS surprising.

I have long hated ABC News-- both TV and radio.  ABC is the most egregious of the three FREE broadcast networks, of biased news.  "if it's not positive news for Democrats, then it's not news", seems to be their most instinctive format.

That, and their noxious inclusions of ABC-TV entertainment programs, within the news, "AS news", such as stories about "Dancing With The Stars", or "Good Morning America" or "The View".

There is not one ABC news reader whom I don't find repulsive to listen to or watch~!  Likewise, we have not watched any ABC-TV show, well before I married my wife in 2008.  It is all trash, it is all garbage, and why the hell would I accept to be fed garbage by the American Broadcast Company, whose head corporation is Mickey Mouse?

And speaking of mice there, let me return to the case of George Stephanopoulos (I have to have his name somewhere printed, to look at as I type this~, it is so complicated):

This midget convinced ABC News that he could be an independent news anchor--
That in, of itself, suggests that ABC News was unstable and faltering in 1999-2000.

Nevertheless, in order to compete with CBS' Dan Rather's falsified news story regarding George W. Bush's National Guard years, which brought down Rather from his anchor perch, ABC-News hired a known Clinton-leg-humper named Stephanopoulos, straight from the stained-dress-Clinton White House, as a Clean, Unbiased Journalist.

What ABC-News was doing then, is the same thing as little George Stephanopoulos was exposed as doing himself over the past 8 years:  Seeking access to Democratic power bases, and in both cases, the Hillary and Bill and (butt-ugly) Chelsea Clinton power base, with money.

It's always the money funneled into their personal, Democratic pockets, these foul and corrupt Democratic elites~   And I would not be surprised, if ABC-News and Mickey himself, provided the $75,000 from Corporate funds, for little George to donate to the Clinton Slush Fund Charity.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Guess What Today Is?

Less than one week after Mother's Day, today May 16, 2015 is "World Whiskey Day".

I don't know what else to add to that~, oddly;  it's been a few years since I had even a belt of Jack Daniels, or Old Crow, or Canadian Mist, my old favorites.

Lovingly lifted from World Whisky Day (d0t) Com, this:

World Whisky Day invites everyone to try a dram and celebrate the water of life. Events are taking place all over the globe. If you can’t find an event happening near you why not host your own World Whisky day event? All you need is a bottle of whisky to share with your friends. World Whisky day celebrates all types of whisky/whiskey and encourages everyone to enjoy whisky responsibly.
World Whisky Day is all about making whisky fun and enjoyable. It's not about being exclusive or prescriptive (WHUT??)
You can drink it however you enjoy it (ice, water, mixer - whatever works for you). We want to be all inclusive and that means any kind of whisky/whiskey from anywhere in the world.

(no, I won't be rushing out to West Side Liquor to score me a bottle of whiskey, but I'll bet that dozens if not hundred if not thousands of Americans will do that (-here in S.E. Oklahoma, alone)-- drop by their local liquor retailer for whiskey, none of whom knowing or caring, today's significance).

It is World Whiskey Day, so the Telegraph gleefully announces~!

Tomorrow is World Hangover Recovery Day, too~

Friday, May 15, 2015

A Pastoral, Non-Contact Game

"how baseball was meant to be played":

Or, why I never made the big-leagues

"One second before Divorce Proceedings":

have a great weekend everyone, have some fun~!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

remembering Amos tonight~

FROM JUNE 22, 2008:

My best friend died yesterday. Alone and hurt along the highway. God I hope it was quick.
a part of me is gone too, as I never had a happier friend than Amos was.

Amos chose me for his pet, for his companion, not the other way around. When I first laid eyes on him in November 2004, Amos was boldly standing in the middle of a dirt country road, watching me in the truck driving up. He never budged from where he was planted, despite my honking the horn, waiting on me even then. I could not go around this young puppy either way, so I stopped and got out and asked him to move, trying to shoo him over. Instead, he came up to me and stood on top my feet, as close as he could get, rubbing my shins like a cat does.
I had no choice. I picked the little puppy with those huge paws up and put him into the truck floorboards, as I drove into Mulberry, Arkansas for a cheeseburger. I didn't get a cheeseburger though. I bought Puppy chow instead.

Being adopted by this pup lifted everyones spirits in a home where death was expected. I asked my friends if they minded if I kept the pup in their garage overnight, to be taken home with me the next day or so. These friends were gracious enough to allow that- despite his obvious mange. Everyone marveled at how big this pups' paws were, and suggested his name be "Bigfoot", and for a night, he was Bigfoot.
He became Amos the next morning. After his meal of puppy chow and some table scraps, Bigfoot crapped all over the garage floor. I renamed him Amos, which stood for "A Mess Of S--t".
Amos was right at home in the woods around us here. He ruled in these acres. Amos thrived on chasing squirrles, keeping skunks away from the premises, and swimming. Reliable watchdog, everready hunting companion, comic goofball.

The word "Authority" now comes to mind. Amos was the authority around here. Amos showed me better shortcuts through the woods behind us to Sardis' shorelines, and better paths through life.

Ten thousand memories of our friendship overcome me now.  His welcomed licks and kisses home from work.  Him and the leaf blower, how he hated that thing. Amos eating a peanut butter sandwich was the time I laughed the most ever in my life.. His only doghouse, he tore it up then chewed it up into a billion splinters. Amos rattling his water bucket, raising such a racket with it in his mouth, I dug a drinking pool for him. That worked for about a day, until he learned to wallow around in it and dig up the buried garden hose.
The holes he would dig. Why? Don't know. Amos must've thought them necessary, so. Who was I to question his authority here?

Thank you, Amos, for everything. I will sorely, sorely miss you friend.

Abouna's Blog Relevance Reduced
to Dog Cartoons

The once, highly regarded indi-conservative blogger, the Reverend Gregori, from upstate New York has sadly passed into blogger insignificance, as has your beloved Local Malcontent.

First Reverend, then Bishop, Gregori of the North American Orthodox Church once was a prolific conservative blogger, even a very close friend to yours-truly; but over the years, "Abouna" has complained of Internet hackers affecting his previous four to five bloggies, which have resulted in a suspicion that Abouna is another Victim of the International Cabal Dead Set Against Traditional Values (the ICDSATV)--

All the while, I've maintained the same Blogger website 8 years, whilst openly inviting any angry hackers/jihadis to try !  and destroy me and us, 

by boldly providing my home location and job(s) herein.

And Still Do So, you Cowards, Pieces of Dog Shit

While remembering my genuine friendship with Bishop Gregori, "Abouna",
I have to say that in the past year or so, his thinking/blogging process has become faulted:
Whereas, once he composed in writing his concise thoughts upon American government and her leadership, his blogs now are chiefly videos, all of which are time consuming rants punctuated with pregnant pauses of over 5 seconds, all the while helicopters whiz past the back of his head in computer animation. 

That is distraction enough; however, his videos have become his blog's downfall, since they are 2 minutes of truth, and 16 minutes of wasted time. 

I used to visit his site daily; now, it's maybe, , , monthly, given that I have to devote a half-hour watching all his added silly graphics, beforehand, during and afterwards.  And none-of-which add to his important message, one whit.

He once had a weekly "Munchkin" moment, which was extremely funny & widely re-blogged. Now though, he tries for the same effect with his pet "Tinkerbell" which hasn't 1/100th the same dogsonality as her predecessor.  Or, maybe it's 1/100th the effort on Abouna's part~
For proof, this, lovingly lifted from DailyMotion/video/ABOUNA: 

Tinkerbell first met Midnight four years ago and it was love at first sight. Midnight used to sit at his patio door every morning, watching for Tinkerbell and I to come by. Tinkerbell would run as fast as she could up to the door and Midnight would run to get his humans to open the door and let him out. Once he was out, he and Tinkerbell would run and chase each other, jump and play for an hour every morning. Midnight moved with his humans to Florida two days ago and that was their last play date together.

#2-THE LONG GOOD-BYE by abouna1

How Predictive that Title.... "The long good-bye"
The Super Nova- Flame-Out End of another Giant blogger~

What A Performance~!!
By The Opposing Pitcher

It's very hard but not impossible for me to root for the opposing team, playing against the St. Louis Cardinals.
But tonight, I was really pulling for the Cleveland Indians pitcher, Cory Kluber, who was pitching a no-hitter into the 7th inning, against the Cards at Cleveland.

As it turned out, Cardinals shortstop Jhonny Peralta lined a one-out single up the middle in that 7th inning, but was stranded on 1st base.  That would be the Cards' only hit ....

I really wanted him to have the No-No, the way he pitched~!
As usual, we watched the game on cable, while listening to the play-by-play on radio.... Because there's nothing like listening to Mike Shannon call a baseball game, strained through his daily supply of Budweiser beer.

And by "we", I mean "I".

Indians' pitcher Cory Kluber was as sharp a right-handed pitcher as I've ever seen, tonight:  
His command of the strike zone via his impressive curve ball and straight, laser-like fastballs was
a delight to watch.  His curve balls came into the strike zone from every position on the clock, bombing in from the 11 o'clock position, to submarining in from the 8 o'clock, to the
3 o'clock to the Cardinal lefties!  It was ridiculous~! 

It was like watching a rightie Sandy Koufax, tonight~!

~How he made my Cardinals batters look like little leaguers with great big surprise eyes when they got rung up for "Steeerike Thhhreeee".

Kluber pitched 8 innings, striking out 18.  YEAH, that's right, 6 innings of nothing-but K's.  Kluber did not issue a walk, and hit one batter during his best ever Major League performance.

Tonight's game was a record-breaker for the Cardinals, too:
it marked the most EVER strikeouts by a St. Louis Cardinals team, since a 17-strikeout game against the Brooklyn Robins in 1925, in 10 innings. Kluber did it in just 8~!

And what a performance it was to behold~! 
Indians 2, Cardinals 0.  
Most bizarre, this was Cory Kluber's 1st win of this season.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I Love Happy Endings~!

The best story on Drudge's Report today is that of Pippa the cat, who was sealed up in a box for over a month-and-a-half, 49 days to be exact, and both survived and was returned to her owner.

One life down, Eight to Go, Pippa....  Word to the wise.

Lovingly lifted from the Channel 9 News, Brisbane, AU:
A cat [which] went missing in Darwin, Northern Territory for seven weeks has been discovered trapped—but still very much alive—in a shipping container in Brisbane, Queensland.

“I got call from my former neighbour, ‘Hi, this is Jason, we’ve found your cat in our container,’”the cat’s owner Rebecca Schilling said.

The shipping container had been used to transport the belongings of Ms Schilling’s former neighbour Jason King interstate.  The container was sealed on February 20, 2015, transported via the VLine transport services and reopened on April 10.
“I was surprised to find it alive… It was really light and bony. You could see its skeleton and its spine.”
After being transported overland in a container across Australia’s dry interior with neither food or water for 49 days, three-year-old moggy Pippa was suffering from dehydration and severe weight loss.

“It turns out that she crawled into the container while it was sitting open in the cul-de-sac where we live, found a good spot and decided to have a good snooze,” owner Ms Schilling said.

And 'moggy' Pippa then endured a long nightmare, but she woke up from it, alive.

Actress Mollie Sugden, a.k.a. 

Mrs. Slocombe, Grace Brothers' Ladies Wear manager, and worldwide-renowned pussy[cat] lover, was reported to be absolutely delighted by the news of Pippa's rescue.

Monday, May 11, 2015

We're Beige & We're Waterlogged

click to embiggen map

Man, I've seen some rainfall during my 46 springs, but nothing like this last week's rainstorms. 

I remember posting about 29 straight days when we got a little rain each day, about 7 years ago, and that duration was something awesome and memorable-- but the daily, torrential rainstorms of this past week leave me, leave us shaking our heads-

Our little rain guage out by the garage has a 12-inch limit: It was full and overflowing at 
12 inches yesterday morning, May 10, Mother's Day.  Then we got MORE rain,
starting around 9:00 yesterday morning, and lasting throughout the rest of the afternoon.

Then a brief 1-hour respite~!

Then the water fell steady to hard, again from 6:00 last night until well after midnight again.  

My guess is that here in Yanush, at our home just northwest of Tuskahoma, and (FORMERLY) just north of Lake Sardis, now smackdab in the middle of Lake Sardis,
we got 14+ inches of rain in the past 7 days.

I'm not working today, as a result of the Flooding in the area.  Leticia can't drive her truck, because it's engine/computer is screwed up, the security feature won't allow her truck to start, because it's waterlogged.

Her fishpond is under water, the lake's shore is now about 30 feet from our home.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Don't Pay The Ransom-- We've Escaped~!

Well hello there. It's been a while since we've been together~!

Our laptop had to have major surgery, after I did research on "sovereign citizens", and only came back, WHOLE AND NEW, from Hewlett Picard yesterday.
Hint:  gov't. interference

I'm sorry for the absence, and I wish that I could relay some grand, secret vacation which Leticia and I had in that absence; but truth is, the merry-go-round broke down, clown.

Two Weeks with0ut your Local Malcontent??  Unthinkable, in my opinion.  

I won't be indulging into 'sovereign citizens' again anytime soon, considering what the U.S. Gov't. does to curious, individual thinkers like myself, like ourselves.

ON the UPside, I've had another bi-annual health checkup, required for me after prostate cancer radiation treatments:  I am in spectacular health; in fact, Dr. Tavaras said that I had the body of a 20-year-old.... and that that dude wants it back ~!

All's well with the two of us, thank you for your concerns-- if we could complain about anything at all, it is that our land has had TOO MUCH RAIN LATELY.  Including 3+ inches of water from God, in just the past two days, with lots more to come this weekend.

Computer woes....  That's all.  I'll see you again, tomorrow~!

Friday, April 24, 2015

The Most Rare Scott Joplin Composition

"The Picture of Her Face"

This video speaks for itself; because both my parents are deceased, and I don't have any photos of either of them, thanks to the fire.

Scott Joplin plays an homily to an unknown "Grace", either a first wife, a first love, or to his Mother.
Whomever, he loved her very much.

Please, do take the few moments to listen, won't you?

Scott Joplin's most unfamiliar, most intimate composition,
"The Picture of Her Face", from 1895 :

Happy 25th Anniversary,
NASA's Hubble Telescope

“This vista of starry fireworks and glowing gas is a fitting image for our celebration of 25 years of amazing Hubble science.”

Through 25 years of smudged lenses, bad gyroscopes, and still producing images of God's living, loving universe which are stunning beyond imagination, beyond comprehension, maybe it's time again to congratulate NASA for something it got Right~!!

My favorite image is the Deep Space Image, not shown here. Instead, here's a representative image of our Milky Way home, and our relative position therein.

When seen in this context, why do our world's problems seem so important?
Yet our creator, Father God knows where each one of us is, 
He loves us that much~!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

4/21/2015= I'm Really Having a Pretty Good Day~!

Nothing serious going on, except that I'm feeling cold (it's cold and rainy out), but I'm having a really good day.
Unusual, huh, for a 'known Malcontent'?
Today is my beloved, late grandpa's 101th birthday.  Heyyah, Papaw.

Despite being a life-long Democrat, he once confided to me that he voted for Richard Nixon for President twice, before swinging back Dem. for his last 4 Presidential elections.  Yep, he and I disagreed on Reagan, but I couldn't vote, so what difference did my voice make, back then~!  He also told me, that if I ever told anybody (then) that he'd voted for a Republican, he'd call me a damn liar... even though he really did!!

I believe that I know what my extraordinary, old Choctaw mentor would have to say about Hillary Clinton, yet as a Christian man, 
I cannot say those words here. 

Speaking of Hillary D. Clinton, here is her campaign's new OFFICIAL campaign theme song, debuting exclusively here on 'The Local Malcontent':

"The Hillary Waltz 2D Presidency", circa 1935,
when Hillary was in the 2nd Grade, and one year before
she perfected the polio vaccine.

(it is rumored, however unverified, that little 7-year-old Hillary is playing the kazoo on this recording as well; there is very little research being done to establishment as fact, and the future=tense Pres. isn't saying anything about the claim)

Image by Richard Terrell of Aftermath...

found this at American Thinker.... LOL~!

Monday, April 20, 2015

There Is No Need To Rebuild Our Home

America, We Love You, and we promise to defend you, ~!

WE Americans need to awaken, We need to come together, not take sides or fall into traps, designed to alienate ourselves from one another.  
That is the Democratic Party ambition:  division and animosity, hatred, anger, resentment.

Instead, we should all come together for what is truly, morally correct and just.  Overall.
We are far, far, far better off, when we all remember that our differences, through debate and study, make us all stronger by such, when the superfluous and the shallow concepts of short-sighted Liberals diminish by the overall good.

Enough editorializing.... bring on the videos~!


The "Assinanations" Among Us

I am simply astounded by the sublime irony of the ordinary illegal alien-immigrant, who comes to the United States in order to escape the squalid, poor conditions back in their former land, only to get here, settle in, and continue to practice the political backwardness of their pasts.

To describe these people, who want it all instantly, from their new Uncle Sam, yet still remain devoted and  loyal to their old country, I have coined for myself a new word to describe the above:  

Millions of illegal assinanations call some place within America home now.  Yet, they also fondly recall the political graft and the old ways by which their former countries hardly functioned at all,
instead of really grasping the true Ideal of Americanism, the American dream of real Liberty, freedom from governmental oversight and control, regulation and constricture.

Assinanations chose to flee from oppressive, overbearing, irresponsible governments.
Why The Hell would they then choose to elect, or re-elect someone as repugnant as those from whom they all have fled?

Illegal assinanations want America to be like their Mexico, their Honduras, their Haiti, their El Salvador (lol), in part, for their language and their familiarity with tradition.
And the Democratic Party in America recognizes that trait in them, 
and flaunts it, encouraging division in any/every way possible.

To the point that the party members, candidates, and elected pols stress 'dependence upon us, just like you were back then, but you're in a different place, so it will be different.  Ole~!' message to the assinanations.

For these bottom - feeding, American politicians, their word is assassination.  

Perhaps our new neighbors, the assinanations who have come here illegally, could become interested in another word, of which they have heard before:  Revolution

And why the hell don't Democratic politicians similarly honor, suck up to, the original inhabitants of this wild, wide land,  
We Indians, as much, as valuable, as honorably as they do these foreigners?

Seems that Communist equals Democrat to me~