Sunday, November 29, 2015


In my opinion, there is no better place to live than Oklahoma-  Tornado season notwithstanding.  Shoot, even a deadly tornado brings out the best of us and our compassion and love, our boldness and our determination to help in crisis.

The warm, friendly, country feeling about the entire place, from corner to corner and North to South, the people are mostly, mostly great folks, who all get along so well:  Indians of different tribes, White folks, Black folks, we put aside what differences there may be outwardly, or even politically when it comes right down to it: 
Pride in our state.

There Can Be ONLY ONE OKLAHOMA, and this is it, 
just a stones-throw from Nirvana.

But enough talk about our great state...  Let's talk OU Football, and the spanking the Sooners put on the Oklahoma State Cowboys last night in Still(FROZEN)water.

58-23, but even that blow-out score does not tell how much of a true wipe out-farce of a game it was.  Congratulations however, to those Cowboys for their 10-2 season, and best wishes to them in their own Bowl game on January 1.

Now, OU is preparing to challenge for another National Championship (#8), this time under the rules of the college football playoff system.  As things stand today, the Sooners would play the Alabama Crimson Tide in the first round, in Dallas, and winning that contest, would face the winner of the Clemson Tigers/Iowa Buckeyes in a Championship game to be held on MY BIRTHDAY, 2016.  

Yep, on January 11.
Can you say "kismet"?  Why sure, you can~!

Here below is the awesome pre-game show of "The Pride of Oklahoma" Band, from last weekends' game against TCU, in Norman.  What sets OU, and The Pride Band, and indeed Oklahoma itself, apart from other schools, is that for one thing, the band honors the other team during the pregame by also playing their fight song. 
--That, along with the National Anthem honoring America,
Our state song, "OKLAHOMA~!"
the University chant, 
there is the very obligatory "Boomer Sooner" as the Pride marches off the field in the inter-locking OU formation.
I see that now, each band member wears a banner across their chests with their own name on it. That's new, Talk about "Pride"~!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Report: Some French Muslims Blaming Paris Attacks On ‘Shape-Shifting Jews’

Lovingly lifted from The Daily Caller (dotcom), this:

According to (Daily Beast reporter) Dana Kennedy, a cross-section of French Muslims she spoke to in Paris suburbs are deeply conspiratorial about the terrorists attack carried out by radical Islamists, saying the real perpetrators are magical, shape-shifting Jews.

“The Kalashnikovs, the identity cards the [killers] supposedly left behind, it was all staged,” she quotes one Muslim saying. “It was a conspiracy designed by the Jews to make Muslims look bad.” (Kennedy also notes that a group of his friends “nodded in agreement.”) -- this quote, taken from after the January, 2015 Charlie Hebdo attack.--

Another young Muslim man named Mohamad told Kennedy that “magical Jews” were behind the attack. These Jews are apparently a “hybrid race of shape-shifters” who are “master manipulators.” 
Conspiratorial Jew-hatred aside, the Muslims she spoke to also said Charlie Hebdo did not have the right to publish cartoons mocking the Prophet Mohammad, while making clear they did not condone the attack. Many had anti-Israel and anti-American views, but Kennedy notes they “did not seem to have much of a grasp of geopolitics.”

One comment from this Daily Caller article,
from "Esau's Sausage" is the truth:
"Watch as the Muslims slide from mere denial into paranoid schizophrenia. For many Muslims, Islam is not a religion or an ideology, it is a psychosis."

Jews are not 'shape shifters', per se:  That is an Indian talent.

I have known people and have two friends now who are shape shifters-- none of them were/are Jewish.  
- I've actually done it once - becoming a beaver to prevent imminent capture by the police once, as a wild teenager.

I cannot seem to do it at-will anymore, though~
My wife Leticia tells me she can shape-shift, so I'd better watch what I do when I don't think she's around~~
so I'm always on the lookout for turtles or frogs in un-
expected  places~  LOL

Besides, wouldn't the accused-French-Jew/to/Muslim be better described as religion-shifters instead?  

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Give Thanks~! We All Are So Blessed

We want to wish all of you a very 
happy and blessed Thanksgiving tomorrow~!

In your Thanks-giving, I urge you to remember to pray for our miserable leader, that he may come to his senses as soon as possible, and reverse some of his awful decisions, and also decide to take decisive action against Muslim aggression throughout the world, and the possible threat here at home.

Here in Yanush, we'll observe Thanksgiving with Leti's sister and her boyfriend, her father Kenneth will arrive later tonight for the weekend, plus the assorted, unexpected friends and neighbors dropping by.

Leticia is going to fry a turkey, weather permitting, early tomorrow morning; her celery/sage dressing is already made, and I've tasted/attacked it, Incredible!

I'm preparing my world-famous Choctaw sausage and wild rice casserole (the best thing I've ever put into my mouth!), hot green bean/red pepper casserole, cranberry sauce, deer chili (Ken's contribution), candied sweet potatoes, dinner rolls, pecan pie, cherry pie, chocolate cake, ice cream, plenty of real butter, milk, tea, coffee.
Then later, adult beverages for all, 
once Dallas loses to the Carolina Panthers.

What else are we thankful for?
That's a very long list, especially this year:  
I'm/We're thankful that we are pregnant;
We're thankful to live in Oklahoma, within the Choctaw Nation, under the guidance of Chief Gary Batton and Governor Mary Fallin~
We're thankful and praying for success for Senator Ted Cruz, for Donald Trump, for Gov. Mike Huckabee, our personal favorites in next year's Presidential elections.

And Thank You, Heavenly Father, for all the rain this year, for blessing us with so much abundance of rain.  Our garden's crops were so plentiful this year, we have canned Okra, canned tomatoes, canned green beans, and canned peppers to last until 2026.

And when tomorrow's torrential rains begin, we will look for Your promise, Your rainbow, which for one thing says, 
that the rainstorms are over, finally.

We're Thankful for our good health:  We're pregnant, and we're healthy, and we're cancer-free--

Thank You, Most Holy Creator/Father, for all of Your Blessings upon us~!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Good King Wenceslas - The Piano Guys


Silent Night by きよしこの夜


"..., Songs That Made The Hit Parade"

My Top 10,000 American TV theme songs, 10-at-a-time:

"I Love Lucy"  

"The Flintstones"  

"Petticoat Junction" come ride the little train~! 
oh, all that overt 60's sexual inuendo~! 

"Green Acres"  

"The Honeymooners"  

"Perry Mason"  


Oh, the Original Twilight Zone theme~

"Star Trek"  

"All In the Family"  

I Dream of a Bewitched Martian

Was There A Fantasy 'War' on American TV, 50 Years Ago?

I've wondered that for so long, since I've been a classic TV Sit-com fan, during the period from 1964 - 1969.  There were competing fantasy sitcoms and science fiction shows on American Television. 

Was that meant to be a distraction to a very unpopular war and
a very unpopular, controversial Democratic President?

Imagine it's 1964, and it is nighttime in America:
On your brand new RCA or Zenith 25" television, you could watch such imaginative TV programs as "Batman", "Star Trek",
or "Mr. Ed".

But the real battle for ratings came from far more personal, more intimate, fantasy relationships: Built upon the shoulders of famed shows like "I Love Lucy", "Leave It To Beaver", "The Donna Reed Show""Daddy Knows Best", "The Honeymooners",
even "The Flintstones".

Starting in 1964, you could watch "I Dream of Jeannie" on NBC, or "Bewitched" on ABC,
or "My Favorite Martian" on CBS.  
In my opinion, a clear, three-way battle for fantasy distraction
for the average male, back then.

CBS offered "My Favorite Martian" as an alternative first to ABC's "Bewitched", then NBC jumped in with "I Dream of Jeannie".  There were many critics in that time who panned all three fantasy shows, as being merely the extension of hedonistic thought among Americans from the 1950s, the desires to or for getting away from the bland or horrific news of that era,

... the very beginnings of TV erotica.

So what better way for American males and their wives to escape,
but to have 1/2 hour each week devoted to Fantasy?
"Bewitched" was first, and began with a mortal man, Darrin Stevens, getting married to a young hot witch.

Then came "My Favorite Martian", about a successful guy who houses an alien from Mars as his 'uncle'.

Finally, taking a truly American hero approach, CBS debuts "I Dream of Jeannie", a story-book tale about an American astronaut, who discovers a gorgeous Genie in a bottle, upon his successful return to Earth from a dangerous orbit.

*******      ******      ******
NOW, all we get are zombies eating mortals on AMC,
or comic book super heros, or moronic, uber-sexual,
bedroom soap operas.
Or (essentially worse) "Reality shows", where staging and pre-planned interactions are the norm.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

someOUne's knocking on the door

Do me a favor, open the door, an' let em in~!

and just for good measure, here's a photo of 
Phyllis Diller:  A-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaa

Here's a challenge:  To anyone Who Can Correctly Guess Why
Phyllis Diller is featured here, along with Paul McCartney's Wings hit
"Let Em In"
We will send you a crisp $100 bucks, for the 1st
correct answer in the comments~!

but i don't think you can, a ha ha ha ha ha haaaa

Saturday, November 21, 2015


I have a great idea for America:  Let's elect a new leader next November, who totally represents YOUR WAY OF LIFE, YOUR LIFESTYLE, YOUR VIEWS.

Let's elect a Elderly woman who is an obvious Alinsky Socialist, 
A known ( & proven) liar-

Let's elect a woman who's marriage is so obviously just a sham.

Let's elect a woman, whom no news agency calls a "Lady",
for very good reasons.

Let's elect a woman based merely upon her name's recognition.  

Let's elect a woman for the novelty of it.

~! To Hell with the likely probability that she's as dumb as a stump---


My posts yesterday have been pulled back, after some serious deliberation and sleepytime.

It's a mix of things:  Of my emotions, including new emotions, my anger, and OUR revulsion at the sudden, dark turn that worldly matters have taken since 2009.

I did mean to highlight inferior Muslim actions
yet, I myself was shocked after some good sleep, & a meal, to see what I'd posted of Muslim Horror.


I violated my own first rule yesterday, not once but twice.

A Choctaw man, really any INDIAN man, has easily aggressive blood: Quick to anger, Quick to war--
Quick to seek any alternative, but always ready for war at a moment's notice.
Yesterday's world headlines, stories just made my blood percolate.
For the dozen of you who actually read those two blogposts, "How ya doin' today??", I'm Sorry, but I ventured past my self-set boundries.  


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gladiolus Rag - Scott Joplin

There is something so beautifully uniquely different about this version of Joplin's Gladiolus Rag, something like an echo, listening to the piece being played in a huge empty music hall.  
--Always haunting, always beautiful, Joplin displays a great deal of passion in Gladiolus.  

Yet something about this seems almost as if hearing it as a distant memory, too....

Saturday, November 14, 2015

La Marseillaise - Edith Piaf

We here are grieving at the awful loss of innocent life in Paris, France yesterday; boy if
this doesn't finally put the danger of unfettered illegal immigration -- both in Europe and in the United States-- into very clear focus, then maybe we deserve what is about to happen on our shores someday.

Up at the top in my margin, I have a short saying entitled, "LIVE IN SUCH A WAY".
(That those who know you, But don't know God Will come to know God Because they know you.)

A similar saying could be attributed to the Islamic terrorist animals:
"Live in such a way, that those who know you, but don't know Satan, will come to recognize Satan, because they know you."

Finally, a note to Fearless leader Zerobama:  If there is an international gathering in Paris to grieve and to show solidarity with the French people this time around,

Thursday, November 12, 2015


I can't get enouefsquegh Clouseau,
WELL, have you heard this lately??

Inspector Clouseau's split-second-timing, when everything whichcouldgobad,

#Clouseau Lives~!

I cain't get enough of me, of the stupidity of my job,

of my ridiculous Inspector Clouseau job~
(I didn't say that in public, did I???) 

Ohh, Clouseau~!

Profitez de la musique Pink Panther, S'il vous plaît~!

Clouseau, the Visiting Dentist~ The Gas, the gas hahahahaqhahshashdhahahaha what's so funny??
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha-- 'your whole face has changed'  hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaa

"That iz not my dog"  

The Byuump on your head~ you could receive a concussion from that Byuump on your head"-


That's all I do~
I verify, I confirm, I uphold
the State regulations.  
I am paid extremely well to do this,
for your benefit.

The once and only time I've come across a Tribal Casino's "inconsistencies",
resulted in my having to testify in
Federal court, and ending in
that Tribe's conviction of Tax Fraud.

Hopefully, my job will always be
to just confirm the numbers
(because I'm just not that smart).

I will always have my idol,
Inspector Clouseau,
by my side however~

Wednesday, November 11, 2015



You certainly deserve more than one single day of the year for recognition, for sure, and I hope that each of you fine Americans receive that honor every day throughout the year,
and throughout your lives.

        I cannot begin to imagine, or personally to feel the dedication that each of you have for our Blessed country, The United States of America, to the point where you are willing to give your life to save our ways of life here.  I cannot comprehend, I cannot imagine it.

YOU ARE MY HEROES-- not athletes, not politicians, not mere actors on some stage~  because you promised that you would give your all to defend me, my family, my neighborhood from evil, 

Know this:  If you and I meet, you will receive the respect and the honor which you have earned from little ole me, 
whenever, where ever, whatever.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

To Walk the Red Road

VERY Lovingly Lifted, from NATalk,
'Native American Talk' blogspot:

Long road winding began in the stars,
spilled onto the mountain tops,
was carried in the snow to the streams,
to the rivers, to the ocean…

It covers Canada, Alaska, America,

Mexico to Guatemala,
and keeps winding around the indigenous.

The Red Road is a circle of people 

standing hand in hand,
people in this world, people between
people in the Spirit world.
star people, animal people, stone people,
river people, tree people…

The Sacred Hoop.

To walk the Red Road 

is to know sacrifice, suffering. 
It is to understand humility.
It is the ability to stand naked before God
in all things for your wrong doings,
for your lack of strength,
for your uncompassionate way,
for your arrogance - because to walk 
the Red Road, you always know
you can do better. And you know,
when you do good things,
it is through the Creator, and you are grateful.

To walk the Red Road

is to know you stand on equal ground
with all living things. It is to know that
because you were born human,
it gives you superiority over nothing.
It is to know that every creation carries a Spirit,
and the river knows more than you do,
the mountains know more than you do,
the stone people know more than you do,
the trees know more than you do,
the wind is wiser than you are,
and animal people carry wisdom.

You can learn from every one of them,

because they have something you don’t:
They are void of evil thoughts.
They wish vengeance on no one, they seek Justice.

To Walk the Red Road,

you have God given rights,
you have the right to pray,
you have the right to dance,
you have the right to think,
you have the right to protect,
you have the right to know Mother,
you have the right to dream,
you have the right to vision,
you have the right to teach,
you have the right to learn,
you have a right to grieve,
you have a right to happiness,
you have the right to fix the wrongs,
you have the right to truth,
you have a right to the Spirit World.

To Walk the Red Road

is to know your Ancestors,
to call to them for assistance…
It is to know that there is good medicine,
and there is bad medicine…
It is to know that Evil exists,
but is cowardly as it is often in disguise.
It is to know there are evil spirits
who are in constant watch
for a way to gain strength for themselves
at the expense of you.

To Walk the Red Road,

you have less fear of being wrong,
because you know that life is a journey,
a continuous circle, a sacred hoop.
Mistakes will be made,
and mistakes can be corrected 
if you will be humble,
for if you cannot be humble,
you will never know
when you have made a mistake.

If you walk the Red Road,

you know that every sorrow
leads to a better understanding,
every horror cannot be explained,
but can offer growth.

To Walk the Red Road

is to look for beauty in all things.
To Walk the Red Road
is to know you will one day
cross to the Spirit World,
and you will not be afraid…


My God, I am so blessed~ I feel like the patriarch Abraham who was denied fatherhood until he was 90 years old....  
Maybe when I am 90, I can claim to have just two children~!

For the past 5 weeks, I've just not been interested in posting my feelings about politics, or anything more than just copying/pasting random things like baseball, astronomy or alligators, because for the first time in my life, I am about to become a real father.  This is a new and unexpected emotion for me, since I've been told since I was 8 years old, that my reproductive processes did not exist, then despite marriage to my bestfriend, Leticia, and the joy of being paired with her, then being diagnosed with stage-4 prostate cancer at age 43- just three years ago-- then going through radiation therapy on "those parts", 
today, I am an expectant Daddy
and I. don't. know. how. to. react.  

My entire thoughts and Focus have been re-aligned away from politics, American injustices, and baseball whatnot.

- Whatnot-- much of this "Blowcal Malcontent" bloggie could be called "Whatnot".  because of the topics I opined upon, which now, don't really matter in the long run.  

What matters now, more than anything to me, IS
that I'm about to become a Father
Leticia and I adopted a young Choctaw boy, five years ago, "Dillon",
a long time friend of mine, but he turned out to betray us, our love, & our home~  betraying me especially, to go and become just another lowlife, dependent, government-sucker in Texas.

I was/am still so broken, so devastated by his choice, his betrayal; we both were/are~~~

But God Provides, God Enables found me wanting,
found me child-less,
and Moved:
We are now 2-months-along pregnant,
My, Our unlikely, once in a lifetime chance.

So I foresee a change in this bloggie:
A change I never before dreamed of...