Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Changing Face of Atlantic City's Boardwalk

A sign of the times in picturesque Atlantic City, New Jersey: 
massive casino closings.

As of July 23, 2oi4, Four huge casinos are either closed down already, or scheduled to shutter in September, this year.

 Lovingly lifted from  
ATLANTIC CITY - This resort faces the prospect of having four major vacancies on its famed Boardwalk come mid-September.
The grim reality sank in July 14 when Trump Plaza issued layoff notices and targeted Sept. 16 as the date to cease operating as a casino.

Perception is reality in tourism, experts say, and the Boardwalk is synonymous with Atlantic City. How will four hulking, empty buildings sit with visitors - especially at night - and will they impede tourism when Atlantic City needs it the most?
That raises both eyebrows and serious questions for other Casino operations, across our Beleaguered States of America.  The eyebrows, anyone can understand:  Why, HOW does a casino ever close down?? 
"They got all th' bankroll that we had," and similar sentiments.

Ultimately, it comes down to the U.S. Economy, and that part of the U.S. economy focused in and around the casinos, and the most common patrons who gamble frequently, not so much on the vacationers coming to Atlantic City, or to Las Vegas, Nevada.

When the main source of disposable (gambling) income begins drying  up, thanks to state' and national economic trends, so do the businesses and the jobs and the security provided thereby, and by extension, yet other businesses, and other jobs.  In New Jersey and in New York, the average Joe and Joann are now struggling to just put food on their tables.

The very same type of casino struggles may begin to appear soon in Vegas:  
With nearby California witnessing businesses and corporations closing or moving elsewhere, laying off hundreds or thousands of employees, and similar situations happening in nearby Oregon and Washington state, things do NOT look rosy for large, Las Vegas casino operations, top-heavy with steep overhead expenses.

But what about Indian Casinos? 
Ahh, my specialty.

Indian casinos, either in or near, or both, populations which are presently, relatively, unaffected by business downturn, will be resilient, to any extent like we see in Atlantic City, NJ.

But there will be indications to watch for.
In states like Mississippi and New Mexico, Indian casinos 
have become a bell weather:  Should regional business and income drop more than the present level (already Near the break even point), then they too may close down
The small Indian casinos in California are already feeling the severe pinch of economic downturn, I hear; Indian casinos in New York and Michigan too.

In all honesty, I cannot report any "severe" drop yet here in Oklahoma, at the Indian casinos which I audit.  And likewise, I do not hear of problems from friends, associates who, for the Oklahoma Tax Comm., audit other Indian casinos statewide.

Because of our proximity to wealthier 'guests', gamblers who reside and work in prosperous states, states like Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas, where the state economies are still afloat in deep waters.

Everyone knows that I used to be a Choctaw Casino manager in McAlester, OK., then hired as a casino auditor by the State of OK...
I still have access to the actual numbers.  While the 19 casinos in my area are still doing well, there are only mild fears for the future.  
They mostly forecast a modest downturn for the next 8 to 18 months in income, manageable losses to their profit margins.
Nothing to fear, like a casino closing through 2016.
What I am trying to say here is, it all boils down to a state's, a region's economy, which in turn depends upon the state/region's leadership in both the capitol and Federally.

When the government is blue, so will be you.  Sooner than you think.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Don't EVER Say
"Things Can't Get Any Crazier"

Ok, boys and girls, that was The Eagles with "Lyin' Eyes", moving up the chart from number 21 to number 17 on this Week's American Top 40.

Now, we have a song dedication next, from Tammy in Memphis, Tennessee.  She writes:  "Dear Kasey, I'm not sure how to do this really, but I hope that it can be done.  And I believe that if anyone can accomplish this unusual dedication, it's you, Kasey."

"You see, I can see the future, sort of... and what I see is a terrible situation for all us Americans, in about 35 to 36 years out;  around the year 2014 or 2015 AD.  In the next century, even."  

"Anyway, I'm just an unpretentious girl from Memphis, 
and yet I have great fears both for our country and for you too, Kasey... I believe that you will come to a very unusual, mysterious end around that time also.  You might even disappear entirely!" 

"OH, I hope my visions of the future are not true and that they are only the results of some bad acid my boyfriend Archie got from his brother in prison.  
Yours truly, Tammy in Memphis"

Dear Tammy, you are such a sweet girl, and thank you for being worried about yours truly, Kasey Kasim. But I am just fine, I feel great and in fact I am on top of the world... Nothing could possibly interfere with my plans for my retirement, hopefully years and years in 
the future you speak of. 
And as for our country, Tammy, the USA, in my own opinion, things couldn't get any crazier than they are
right now, here in 1979.

Now for that dedication:  It's the Manhattan Transfer, that upbeat Jazz group, whose only TOP 40 hit was back in 1975, with "The Boy From New York City" (it got to number 19).
Here's the Manhattan Transfer with "Twilight Tone", for me, Kasey Kasim.  

Kasey Kasem's body was flown from the funeral home in Tacoma, Washington to a funeral home in Montreal, Canada on July 14, two days before a judge ordered Kasey's widow Jean Kasem to keep the body in Tacoma for an autopsy. 
But mysteriously, Kasey's body never arrived.
A representative for Kerri Kasem, Casey's daughter,
has confirmed that her father's body is missing.

Read more:

Hearin' the Twilight Tone, Here In the Twilight Zone

Friday, July 18, 2014

"She Loves You, And You Know You Should Be Glad"

"Yes Sir, That's My Baby"


"The Fool On the Hill"

"Lady Madonna"

VINTAGE BEATLES "I Want To Hold Your Hand"

"She Loves You"


She holds me in her hands, as I quake and fume over National events.  She corrals me, within her loving words and her loving arms, and comforts me, lovingly lifting me from my frustrations, while letting me know that all is well around us. 
Recently she has told me that despite everything that's gone on 
with us this year, all is well between us. 
I Love my guiding spiritual guide, Leticia Marie

happy birthday, Leti, my love~!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Place Holder, At Best~

When I was 11 or 12 years old, my father made me read "The Art of Cross Examination", by Francis Wellman.  He and my mom had hoped that I'd follow in his footpath by becoming an attorney also.

That book nearly killed me, reading it all; but I have found it so valuable later on in life, since it taught me to recognize and to listen to differences in people's words; and also, to be able to fashion the right question to ask, which, if and when answered, would expose their lies.

When my dad passed away, I gave his copy of "The Art ..." to my attorney at the time, partially in lieu of some fee.  
Wish I still had that tome.

Anyway, there's something very fishy about US Attorney General Eric Holder's many statements about race relations here in America, about his perceived need for a conversation on 'race relations', which has the hollow ring of fraud to it.  I believe that this Attorney General is basing his beliefs without evidence proving his argument.

His many comments about how both he and controversial leader Zerobama are opposed, simply because of their race, is totally without merit on the whole, and without evidence to prove his points.

"Your Honor, I'm completely wet. Therefore, it is raining cats-and-dogs outside."
And he expects all of us to believe him and his bullcrap.

Eric Holder is unqualified to be America's Attorney General, based on his incomplete knowledge of the rules of evidence,
and the rule of law or both.

Say that you are a defendant in a trial, for whatever offense against the law.  Your attorney, Eric F.N. Holder, allows testimony without objection, or rebuttal during cross, that you are also a child molester and a tax cheat and you pull tags off of mattresses and once you were seen pissing into a lake~ a long time ago. 
Where's the evidence, Mr. Holder?  You incompetent counsel.  
So likewise, today, Eric Fn Holder says that Americans are all racist, keeping young Barack and him down, because they're part Negro.

Cite your unequivocal, undisputed evidence, sir, or keep quiet.
But he cannot, since there is none; only his claim.  Boot this moron out of office.  NOW. 
Attorney General Eric Holder granted an exclusive interview to ABC's "This Week With George Stephanopoulos" from London, where he was portrayed by ABC as deeply concerned about the global terrorist threat. What stands out from this very rare session -- Holder hasn't been on Sunday network television in four years -- is that Holder pulled out the oldest, lamest card in the Obama political deck: President Barack Obama and he are opposed by people who should be suspected of racism.
And darned if he didn't get away with it again.  ABC's Justice Department correspondent interviewed Holder and asked him why he believes they are "'sometimes treated differently,' those were your words. What did you mean by that?"

Holder took that softball and hit it over the fence. "There's a certain level of vehemence, it seems to me, that's directed at me (and) directed at the president," he answered. "You know, people talking about taking their country back. ... There's a certain racial component to this for some people."

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


'keep on piggin', Democratic morons. Even the 70's British rock group "Pink Floyd" nailed you.

Ha ha, Charade you are.

Like swine, you root in the mud/filth, where you were born, and where you thrive, among the flies and maggots, the stench:  Only you would choose such a low level for yourselves.
It is your birthright; you Democrats are but animals, something less than mankind. (Yeah, I've studied the Talmud, 'the 974')

But When Your Hand Is On Your Heart...

Democrats.  You house brown, town mouse...  you undesired pestilence.  Filthy, disease bearing rodents.  You lie to us as it conveniences you.  And you get away with your slimy lies.

Less than stupid, you.  Do you know what you deserve in your life?  The very slavery which you intend for others.

"The Wizard of Fraudz"

If you can claim to have seen Barack Hussein Obama as a huckster fraud as far back as 2008, like I can, then you and I are among the smartest 48.3% of Americans. 
(those who voted to elect either John McCain or Mitt Romney)

But nowadays the worm has turned, the percentage of Americans is growing, who see controversial leader Zerobama as nothing more than a snake-oil salesman full of B.S.

What must it feel like, to be one of his (FORMER) believers, his sycophants, now that he and his resume of lies is revealed?

Now that Mr. Obama doesn't need African-Americans and their support any longer, he has abandoned them entirely.  NO, let me correct that sentence;  ... he and HIS ADMINISTRATION HAVE ABANDONED THEM.
In favor of our new illegal, hispanic immigrants, the Democrat's newest, nearest and dearest 'lower class' to whom to pander.

You see, it goes like this:  When you are a Democratic politician, you MUST pander to and cajole the lowest perceived class or race of citizen.  Getting them to believe in your MOST- altruistic political pandering speeches, getting them the vote, then getting the promise of their vote, and then after the next election goes your way, forsaking them for two/four/six years, until you once again need to pander to them again.

And The Pandering Goes Something Like This:
"You sent me to Washington to make things right~!  
And I have tried so hard to make it so, but those damned rich Republicans, they only are out for themselves, not you.  You need to re-elect me to continue to fight for ((FILL IN THE BLANK) GOVERNMENT SUBSIDY) for you.  I'm there for you~!"
And tragically, it is best for Democrats, if the fill-in-the-blank-subsidy is NEVER resolved, since it forever stays in their arsenal that way.

YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS, BUT:  I DID NOT MEAN TO GO OFF LIKE THAT.  BUT it is just so obvious to any rational observer, that that's all the Democrats do, is lie to their constituents, government-dependent slaves.


I'll try again tonight to focus my thoughts.  
gotta go to work, angry, and catch up right now~

Monday, July 14, 2014

Unpacking, Downloading

Heyyah, we are home! and I do mean "home".  As in, "there's no place like ..."

Please give me a little more time, to get back into work/blog rhythm, 
plus catch up on the latest horrors here in America.  
Time to decide what to talk about, first.

(but looking for a great vacation bargain?  Man oh man, 
we Heart Halifax~!)

Saturday, July 5, 2014

"The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful"

Hello, and 'Ahoy' from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada~!


Hi, everyone, since there's a hurricane in town today, and there's nothing else going on, I have taken to the only public computer in this Bed and Breakfast to give you an update.  That's like us, to hastily plan a vacation and then have a blasted hurricane blow through on a Saturday, no less~!
The front desk and the help here all assure Leti and me that tonight will be very nice to go out on the town, after "Arthur" leaves the area.

I must agree with all the locals that I've, that we've talked to, that Halifax IS CANADA'S BEST KEPT SECRET.  In a week, we've explored the coastline, crept the forests, 
the very quaint city herself, Halifax.
I don't know where to begin, to describe the reception that we've enjoyed so much while here: Warm, friendly locals, the staff here at Heritage Hideaway Inn, the (cheap) prices on everything, the ease in getting around,,, they oughtta hire me, the "Local" Hal(ifax)content to promote them all.

I've had lobster for dinner the last four nights, and we've eaten at three different, nearby places. All under $30. American~!

Leticia and I fly home next Saturday morning early, and there will be a part of me 
that doesn't want to leave.  I have felt relaxed from minute One here.  
These folks are the essence of 'laid back'.  It's like they won't be happy unless you, the guest is happy, too.
That's been the main difference I've seen here, the friendliness of the Haligonians (that's what they call themselves...~).  It's like Oklahoma, but with a vocal accent like Maine and New England.
another difference.

We are loving our time here~! Our room is gorgeous, straight out of Victorian England, featuring a high, four-poster bed, two sofas, a stone fireplace, there's a TV, I think~,
a wash basin and vase, and a chamber pot under the bed....  LOL
Our room has a small, private balcony, with French doors which opens to the trees, a mini forest in back. Me Likey!  Most nights, we sleep with these doors open for the coolness of the night air.
Not last night, it rained all night long, and still raining now at 10:45 am.  Thanks, Arthur.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

"Welcome to the Home by the Sea" Replayed for you.
For all eternity

Reblogged from 2007, and even then from another website in 2005,
my true story of my haunted, University of Oklahoma apartment:

Written by Phil Collins. Performed by Genesis. Loved, lived, hated, and feared by me.

Creeping up the blind side, shinning up the wall
Stealing thru the dark of night
Climbing thru a window, stepping to the floor
Checking to the left and the right
Picking up the pieces, putting them away
Something doesnt feel quite right
Help me someone, let me out of here
Then out of the dark was suddenly heard
"Welcome to the home by the sea"

Coming out the woodwork, thru the open door
Pushing from above and below
Shadows but no substance, in the shape of men
Round and down and sideways they go
Adrift without direction, eyes that hold despair
Then as one they sigh and they moan

Help us someone, let us out of here
Living here so long undisturbed
Dreaming of the time we were free
So many years ago
Before the time when we first heard
"Welcome to the home by the sea"
Sit down sit down
Sit down sit down sit down
As we relive our lives in what we tell you

Images of sorrow, pictures of delight
Things that go to make up a life
Endless days of summer longer nights of gloom
Waiting for the morning light

Scenes of unimportance, photos in a frame
Things that go to make up a life
Help us someone, let us out of here
Cos living here so long undisturbed
Dreaming of the time we were free
So many years ago
Before the time when we first heard

"Welcome to the home by the sea"
Sit down sit down
Sit down sit down sit down sit down
As we relive our lives in what we tell you
Let us relive our lives in what we tell you

Sit down sit down sit down
Cos you wont get away
No with us you will stay
For the rest of your days - sit down
As we relive our lives in what we tell you
Let us relive our lives in what we tell you

Somewhere on the Internet is my true story of my haunted apartment, when I lived in Norman in the late 1980s.   It is all true, and it happened exactly as I wrote, there, remembered here.

I had a wonderful basement apartment for three+ years, as an OU student.
And it was haunted by a congenial ghost or group of ghosts.
Most memorable of the four or five instances when we, the ghosts and I intermingled, was this disturbing occurrence:
I was sound asleep in bed one night, when suddenly, the stereo in the living room suddenly turned itself on. I know, remember for a fact that I had turned it off the night before, as the radio station I loved so much then, KOCC, the jazz station of Oklahoma City Comm. College, went off the air at midnight.

As I said, I lay in bed asleep, and awoke when the stereo came on by itself, at about 3 am or so. The stereo played only one song, loud, then went back to 'off'.

That one song was "Welcome to the Home By The Sea". Above.

A song about a haunted house, which was being burglarized, in the dead of night.
But something awful was about to happen to the burglar: He was to become prisoner, trapped there, helpless, as the ghosts also trapped there, "let us relive our lives, in what we tell you," held him captive.

As mentioned, there were other instances when I felt, or I saw the ghost of that place. And the story of all of them is currently elsewhere on the Web, as a ghost story of the month.

It is here, if you want to read about my haunted past: 

Now, almost three decades later from that pleasant time in my haunted apartment, I still am the prisoner, being forced to relive their lives, my life, our lives, in what we tell you.

I have never escaped, really, from that Home by the Sea, at the corner of Eufaula Street and Santa Fe Avenue. No, I am still there... Spirit. Another ghost, wishing to be free.
Now, that corner is a well kept part of the First Baptist Church of Norman parking lot.
But the ghosts, and me too, are still waiting, not living, there. In fact, we've never parted.

For no one really ever leaves.

Sit down, sit down, sit down.... as I relive my life, in what I tell you.
They are with me again now here, Oohhhh

A Little Housekeeping Here:

Leticia and I will be away for the next 15 days; away from the news, the Internet, politics, sports (most sports), and the United States.

Saturday morning we are flying out of Dallas/Ft. Worth to Halifax, Nova Scotia for some "much needed alone time".  I hope we find ourselves again.  This is my birthday present to my wife who adores Victorian Bed and Breakfasts, and who will turn get one year younger on July 18th.

In the meantime here, I have some suggested reading, sites from which I usually come up with Malcontent posts. 

Weasel Zippers


American Thinker

Major League Baseball

Mark Levin Show (listen live)

That's for new stuff.  The latest, breakiest stuff.
I've shifted the Search Box to the top of the right margin also, so you can type in any topic that's on your mind, to see what I've said about it already.

Oh yeah, Life goes on, long after the thrill of livin' is gone...   

I'm just lookin' out for you..., and us..., and me. See you again here on July 13th~!  Heyyah!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

the Hapless Padres

What a Sad Week for the San Diego Padres baseball team--
Losing a great hitter, then losing a no-hitter.

The Sandy Ago Padres are miserable. And they are a miserable team.
Earlier in the month, Baseball great Tony Gwynn passed away from cancer (mouth cancer from chewing tobacco) at the age of 54.  Mr. Gwynn deserves a blogpost all to himself, so I will not elaborate more here about him, except that he was EXCEPTIONAL, a lifetime .338 avg. batter, and he played his entire career for his beloved Padres.

Now, for the second time in two years, the Padres were the losers to San Francisco's Tim Lincecum, not bashing one hit in their 4-0 loss today.  These Padres are pathetic.
The Padres are disengaged from the game of baseball; they perform the functions of their respective roles, but little if anything more; take a look at the Padres' rating, among the 30 MLB teams.  The San-itary Diego Pads:

click to embiggen


This is the only known joke in the world, about 'houseflies'.
Are You Ready for It?  
Got a flyswatter at the ready?  Ok, Here goes:

A boy said to his father, "Father, you know, yesterday I saw five house flies among which three were male and two female."
Father:  "Son, how did you know how many were males and how many were female?"
Son:  "Because three were roaming around a whisky bottle whereas two around the mirror."

Well, uh, this joke rocks the house in Hindu circles....       I suppose.

Here's 100 true, bizarre facts you probably didn't know about houseflies ( I sure didn't know or care)

(this post prompted from meeting, then killing the stupidest, unluckiest housefly in history this morning.  It lighted upon the end of a cigarette, at the instant I lit the end of said cig.)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Trey Gowdy KO's Commissioner Koskinen in First Round

This Moron Is The Commissioner of the IRS~

"Mr. Koskinen", his name plate reads.  
That is being awfully kind to him.
His title is Commissioner of the 
Internal Revenue Service. 
For he is as dumb as a stump.

Of course, Koskinen is going up against Representative Trey Gowdy, who is a fireballer, a sharp, former prosecuter from South Carolina in the ongoing IRS Scandal involving the targeting of conservative groups claiming tax-free status.  
This "commissioner" who was an attorney 45 years ago (1969~!!), but "gave it up for Lent, after one year", is in WAY over his head, both in his present position, and yesterday in questioning from Rep. Gowdy in the House Investigation.

I want to find out what this moron Libtard has been doing for 45 years, don't you? 
And why he's fit to be our Internal Revenue Service Commissioner.  Probably donated a lot of money to the Democrats for all of his promotions, unable to do so honestly with that level of intellect~.

Gowdy focuses in on his every reply like a laser cannon, destroying Commissioner Koskinen's  air of smugness and authority~!  Gowdy's questioning of the witness is brilliant in the extreme, and kind of fun to watch too, as the Libtard Koskinen cannot keep up.

Koskanin's ignorance of Federal Law is breathtaking; 
His ignorance of government protocol is too.

He's hiding something and he knows it.  It is merely a matter of time until the truth is known widely.

this is the Head of your
 Internal Revenue Service.

Monday, June 23, 2014


Shrillary Clinton made the claim on ABC-TV, that she and President Bill Clinton left the White House "dead broke" when they left the White House.

Cry me a river.

Yes, Mrs. Clinton maintained in TV recent interviews, 
that she and the former President were destitute in year 2000.

--So much so, that the couple had to resort to living in a
40-year-old, 18'x56' house trailer, a mobile home, in a roach infested neighborhood in Skunksmell, Arkansaw, a suburb of East Texarkana.
Or something like that...

Puuh-lease~! How stupid does this couple think we Americans are?

"Green $$ Acres", starring Hill and Bill

By anyone's standards, the Clintons are filthy rich, to such a point that their daughter, Chelsea stated in a recent interview that she "tried to, but could not care about 'money'.
Way to go, Hillary.  YOU make us all feel so much worse because of your opulent poverty.

"We pay ordinary Income taxes," she revealed. "And our daughter, Chelsea is practically a homeless person in Manhattan;
my baby only made $24,000 per minute" back when she was on NBC-TV. We had to give her a job at our Clinton Global Foundation, 
a Non-Profit organization, where she could make a decent living,".
Chelsea and husband's mid-town Manhattan apartment is worth only $10 million dollars,,"