Friday, January 12, 2007

Dumber than Barney Fife

And then there is this Nifong thing.

This Creep put all his eggs into just this one high visibility rape-case basket, only to use the case against the Duke Lacrosse players as his ticket to re-election in November, 2006.

Listen, that is all it was to him, a re-election free pass.

The poor "victim", who has to endure this malfeasance and bumbling.

The poor defendants, whose lives have been tore up because of same.

Michael Nifong should resign from his post as District Attorney of Durham County, North Carolina. He is an embarrassment to the city and the state there. If I were a defendant in a trial, and being tried by his office, I'd instruct my attorney to seek a dismissal due to his being a JACKASS.
Nifong, by the way, in primitive Chinese, means "Big-mouthed Idiot". Didja know that? Look it up!
This guy took this gimmee case, and did everything wrong in it's investigation and it's prosecution, by having ONLY the Duke Lacrosse team stand in a line-up, for the vic to identify; He screwed up again in the DNA investigation, asking the DNA lab to lie for him, and his side; he made so many statements to the media, in which he recklessly and with malice of intent, damned these young men to a life of trauma, based upon nothing more than the vic's drunken and racist statements.
Let's not forget that the forensic exam of the woman vics' underwear and pubic (PUBLIC) area revealed the presence of the semen/sperm of THREE Unrelated, Unidentified male donors. One of which is probably the father of the baby she carries, and will download pretty soon.
When she does, that's when the doody will hit the fan, because the various defense attorneys will demand a paternity test, and identification of the baby's daddy. And it will come out that she was/is just a Ho', and couldn't remember a penis and it's owner and it's user if she were paid to remember!
Which Is What She Wants. Download Babies, or Cry "Rape" for MONEY and Care.
And I can see this from here in the Ouachitas.... what must it look like in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina?
This Nifong DA office Makes Mayberry, North Carolina look like a Think Tank.
Call in Barney Fife!!! Comparatively, He'd be a Genius.

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Scarlett said...

"Download" babies? Yikes! Yes, Mal, that is a little harsh.