Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Hillary Major Surprise Announcement

God, how long does it take this woman to make up her mind? This stunning announcement, coming today, of all days, JANUARY 20, 2007, the day designated for swearing in America's President, is anticlimactic, otherwise.

So, now the battle begins. Conservative America, put on your hip boots and have your BullShit repellant ready. Hillary will Re-create herself in the next 22 months, into a person whom you've known and loved all these many years. How could you not vote for her??

And yet, if you do vote for her, get ready for Clinton-Act II; reduced funding for the Military, making apologies everywhere in the world, for every wrong ever committed (doesn't matter that the U.S. didn't exist in the 8th century, it's our fault for Mohammad's tribulations then....

Look-- I just saw this news, haven't really had time to formulate more insidious thoughts about It (her) yet. Plenty more, from plenty of us all to come.

**But let me just add this: Ask anyone in Little Rock Arkansas, if they would like to have her and Bill back living in that city... Or why they all, and in Mena Arkansas especially, fear her so much.


Very Rev. Fr. Gregori said...

My friend, you are correct in your reading of "Hillarious Hillary".

This woman does more re-inventing of herself then anyone I know of. I remember when she was the "First Lady" and she and her draft dodging husband let the public know that they had "No use or respect for the military" (nice coming from the Commander in Sleeze).

I live in New York State and I can honestly say that regardless of what the brain dead Hillary butt kissers say, she hasn't done squat for the State during her two terms as Senator. She loves to talk the talk, but she certainly doesn't walk the walk.

By the way,I am 1/3 Native American on my mother's side (Mohawk)

Anonymous said...

Brother, believe me I was in the navy when clinton was getting out of office, and it sucked. Reducing the fleet to reduce the budget. Hurray we are saving money. Whatever, anyway I am from Tahlequah OK. Not looking forward to this years election because America will load the gun and try to Russian roulette alone again. As the world will watch and laugh at any decision that is made. Somehow I don't think it will matter who we vote for, corporate will make sure they get who will benefit them.
Why else would a millionare spend his money and that of his friends to gain a position that quite honestly doesn't pay that well, for all the stress you have to live through.

Very Rev. Fr. Gregori said...

There was a time, many years ago when the government of the United States was a government by the PEOPLE, for the PEOPLE and of the PEOPLE. Some how, as a result of brain washing in our government schools and through the liberal news media, we have allowed our government to be hijacked by big business corporations and big multinational banks.

You are correct, it makes no difference who we vote for anymore because both parties are controled by the same One Worlders. I fear that the only thing left for conservative Americans is another civil war, and I would really hate to see that.

urbanadder22 said...

The new "softer" Hillary should fool no one. Unfortunately she will--as her husband did so many for so long. "Bill" set us up for 9-11, and GW was left to cope with the results. He did so as far as his capabilities and economic interests allowed him to--which wasn't enough.

The Democrat alternative to Hillary--a silver-tongued orator with Hussein in his name--is not any better.

The only hope is a Republican wise to the way of the Islamics--internally as well as in foreign affairs.

Civil war with Americans on both sides would be a disaster. Now if it were to entail those who are trying to make us into an "Islamic Republic" on one side and the rest of us on the other . . .