Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Maybe I just see this latest Lebanese matter in more insidious terms. Hizballa there increases the level of strife just at the time, December 1, 2006, when the United Nations is getting down to terms on Iran's nuclear ambitions, and agreeing upon sanctions against Iran. Simultaneously, the feckless Republican hold on the U.S. Congress loses it's control to the moonbat left, leaving this country with an internal argument over the future of allied troops in Iraq.
So what does an egomaniacle, nuclear-threat-slinging Iranian President do? Stoke the fire of fear and discontent in another area of his ayatollahs' control, namely Lebanon and it's tiny death squad called Hizballa. Put off the world's attention to another direction, stir up strife in the name of political policy and representation, whilst the centrifuges are unloaded here, whilst the uranium is mined here. Additionally, the Muslim world witnesses the struggle of freedom fighting Hizballa there, whilst the Iranian economy here languishes, unreported for the large part. "Those damned Westerners again, interfering in countries where there is no support for them."I wish I could agree that this immediate matter is of little concern, I cannot.
If Hizballa succeeds in it's aim to bring down the Saniora government in Lebanon, it will not be long until the place looks like Gaza. With little or no western investment there, the Syrian/Iranian influence will spread even more; no jobs, no infrastructure, but lots of shiny new mosques amid the destruction which was once the flower of the Middle East. Under the country's new name, North Somalia, or maybe West Syria, a new launchpad arises for even further spread of Islamic rule and Shiria.
Instead this upswing in Hizballa activity needs to be countered now, maybe not 'once and for all', yet effectively with a heavy hand. Take Shiek Nasrallah down by arresting him, putting him on trial. Let the U.N. sanctions continue to hurt the Iranian economy, as the U.S. builds up its naval fleet in the Gulf, and as Israel prepares a pre-emptive plan of attack. When the time eventually comes that our wise Congress demands that we pull out of the morass in Iraq, let's send our troops to the Iraqi-Syrian border, looking all prepared to bring it on into Syria. And again, let Israel do her thing in the same direction, effectively diverting Syrian and Iranian wealth, weapons and attention away from Lebanon.
It is playing the same game, only hopefully better, as the ayatollahs play. This heightened tension need last only until a dissatisfied majority of voters in Iran defeat the little warmonger, in what, 2008 or 2009, and redirect that nations policies into a less fateful direction.

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Very Rev. Fr. Gregori said...

I like your ideas for handling the problems in the Middle East, but I am afraid that as long as the Moslem religion exists, there will always be radical idiots who want to enslave everyone, cut off heads and blow things up. That is the nature of Islam.