Friday, January 12, 2007

A Really Great Guy, TV Weatherman!!

I called the Channel 40 TV station to ask the weathermen there a salient question about the percentages of precipatation, today. You know, "..the chance of rain is 60% on Thursday"whatever. I had to leave a voice mail message to this man, Drew Michaels, or to Ted Zarras. I emailed a detailed question to them as well.

I did not expect a return phone call from this guy, the Chief weatherman, Mr. Drew Michaels...especially on this very busy winter weather weekend. But later, he courteously called me back, explaining clearly the answer to my question. What class, and what personal service!!

Just wanted to do my part to tell everyone what a class operation Channel 40, out of Fort Smith, Arkansas, is, and especially Mr. Drew Michaels. Impressive~! Wish his forecast was better for my area; as it stands now, two days of freezing rain/ sleet / snow through Monday, the 15th.

UGH. Lotsa luck driving, be careful out there!

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