Friday, January 12, 2007

Riders On The Storm....~Both of them~

Hey everyone, how are ya today? Great, I hope. Me, too.

Thank you for the nice B'day wishes yesterday, and also thanks for your patience, allowing me to take a few days off from blogging, for that reason and others. Other reasons, you ask?...
Yeah, it seems that I broke my right hand, during a little celebration with friends here on Tuesday night, January 9, 2007. Of course, when you are 3 sheets to the wind (more like 23 sheets), you don't notice the pain, till later. I know what happened, how I broke my hand, but what is really angering the local malcontent today, is the report of the night's events from my closest friend who was here, that night. He came over to the house the next afternoon after our get-together with other buddies, and started off our conversation with "What happened last night?"
Well, by that time, my hand was hurting alot, sore, throbbing, turning green, and I replied to him, "Who the hell beat the s*** outta me, last night, man?" Really, honestly, I was only joshing him, just kidding. Afterall, like I said, I remembered (AMAZINGLY) what I did to fall and break my hand.
He came on in the house, and told me that it was he, who had beat the Poop out of me the night before, because at a late point, when both of us were well into the bottle and under the influence of 1/2 gallon of Evan Williams Green-Label, I Tried To Kiss Him.! And he wrestled me down to the ground because of it.

Why should I believe that I tried something which I have never done before in my life, my whole life?
I am not a gay man, in any stretch of the imagination. But I do have a few gay friends, acquaintances, and we respect each other's lifelines, but they never intersect that way.
So my buddy claims that I tried to kiss him, and as a result, he pinned me down in the coarse gravel of my driveway. It's nonsense. It's Bullcrap. And it Never happened. It wouldn't happen, even when drunk and when a person's most basic self comes outside, I would not do it.
I am NOT trying to defend myself here. Or to cover up even that very remote possibility. No, there is more to this story than that.
Because that next morning, after my friend told me his memory of the events, I realized that all the time I've known him, he's been drunk, or seeking drink, or needing drink. He's always been drunk. He can't keep a job as a result of his drunkenness,
and right now, he lives with his girlfriend in a dark apartment, with no lights, no heat, no water. He relies upon the kindness of others, like that femme-Fatal, Stella in "A Streetcar Named Desire".
Interesting note**-- In the time since he insulted me that morning with his memory, I have bought him 2 18-packs of beer, and given him $20.00 of gasoline for his truck, even a big bowl of homemade buffalo chili I made for them. ((Get this-- he even complained that there were NO Chili Beans in the chili I'd given to them... I showed him the pot of Chili which I still had, and all the beans in it~ concreting my impression that he lives in a world of hallucination, when drunk)).

And, he needed my truck yesterday to move his furniture and appliances to where he and his GF will next live.
((*A place that his dad put up the deposits for the utilities on*))

I fell here in the kitchen of my house Tuesday night, after the party ended (to my memory). I'd spilled both whiskey and splattered grease onto the floor, so I sprinkled a little 'Mr. Clean' liquid onto the floor, planning to mop it all up. I turned and slipped on the slick floor, not once, but twice, both times landing on my hand, arms, and my head.
Result? Broken Rt. hand, at the knuckle of my ring/little fingers, a sore elbow, and a dent in the floor where my hard head hit...haha!

Take a look at this photo above5, of the road to my house, during the last big snowstorm at the beginning of December!!
Weather forecasters are calling this weekend for 2 to 2-1/2 days of ICE accumulation over the weekend. So we shall see. You Got Milk? Got Food? Got Water? Got Heat?
Hope my good friend does, because I will only help him get these things after his apology for his hallucinations of Tues./Weds. !!

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