Sunday, January 28, 2007

Lessons of Texas, and Texans' Pride of Country

Texas-- what a grand place! This is maybe the best place in these United States to find true, red-blooded and feisty Americanism. Other than on the second Saturday in October, in the Dallas Cotton Bowl, I love Texas, and love the spirit of pride of Texans.

All Americans could take a lesson on American pride from even the least of this outstanding breed of American: for he or she loves this country, loves the American way of life and is oh-so-more-than willing to defend the same. From the toughest redneck up in Pampa, to the slickest urbanite down in Houston, Texans just know that America is the best, and each stands willing and ready to defend all of her. Their sense of pride in being Texan, being American is something all the rest of us 49 oughtta adopt.

The Localmalcontent remembers a good friend, from Stephenville, Texas, telling me over the phone just immediately after the terrorism of September 11, 2001, "While it happened far away from here, in New York City, and Washington, D.C., and in a pasture in Pennsylvania where the war against Islamic radicals started, We will end it here, too." He added this loving remark later: "They hit New York, and buddy, They hit My New York, That Is My Washington...."

That phrase of his has always stuck with me, since 9/11/01. "They hit MY New York...". I later adapted this statement to my similar beliefs, in hopes of persuading other Americans to think in like terms. For example, as a devoted fan of Major League Baseball, I love (and live and die) with the Saint Louis Cardinals. I HATE the New York Yankees, for all their monied success.... But, they are MY New York Yankees. They are a part of the incredibly rich fabric of American life, and I would not sacrifice nor trade the NY Yankees for anything, despite my envy/hatred of their success on the diamond! On September 11, 2001, I remember that I absolutely forgot entirely about "Baseball", because something way, way more important was happening. "To hell with the Cardinals, for now...." ya know??

But back to Texas. In an equal vein, similar to the "but it's MY New York City", we should all be Texans, for the reasons cited above: the undeniable love of state and country, of their loyalty unsurpassed by others, and of the Texan Mentality. It's My Texas, too! And I am ready to defend Texas from any foreign assault, anytime, anywhere. AND IT IS YOUR TEXAS, TOO. Assume that admirable Texas pride for land and Liberty in your life.

SO NOW, IMAGINE MY TOTAL SURPRISE TODAY, when I learned that there is NO organized protest of CAIR, the "Council on American-Islamic Relations" offices in the Dallas or Fort Worth area, on March 31, 2007. A fine organization called the UNITED AMERICAN COMMITTEE, had promoted and planned demonstrations/rallies in front of CAIR offices nationwide, earlier. But word today from the founder and Chairman of the UNITED AMERICAN COMMITTEE, Mr. Jesse Petrilla, tells me that only three such rallies are ongoing for that date, 03/31/07: In New York City, Anaheim, Ca, and in Orlando, Fl. The Localmalcontent had fully prepared to join the rally in Dallas, but upon learning there was NO organized rally there, I was stunned, knowing all about Texas pride.

Please visit this very Patriotic website, ,
the United American Committee. And if you love America, and our ideals, our way of life, and live near one of these rallies, the Localmalcontent urges you to attend. This site lists the planned activities of that day.
Consider also, joining the UAC. It is a worthwhile cause, denouncing the lies and circumspect logic of CAIR in America.

And only on the second Saturday of each October, remember to hum the national anthem of that day,
"Boomer Sooner, boomer sooner....."


Very Rev. Fr. Gregori said...

Wouldn't it be great if all of America can get back to having and showing "national pride". God Bless Texans!

The problem is that all of the social progressives and one worlders have managed to all but completely destroy national pride and love for country, through their brainwashing in our schools, in the entertainment industry and through much of our News Media.

I shall be sure to make the rally on March 31st (The one in New York City)which will be held at Ground Zero - The World Trade Center.Two of my sons will drive down with me to help share the driving since I would have to be back home early the following morning for the Palm Sunday Liturgy.

Jan said...

Pride can be a wonderful thing, sometimes. It can also be a dangerous thing. For example, in Kansas City, there's a strong sentiment that the only good Texan is a dead one. You'll probably be okay if you're just visiting - just don't take one of their good union jobs away from the locals. That's when you'll feel the full force of it. This is a town that doesn't take to outsiders.... and where it's all about connections and protection. An outsider has about as much chance here, as a snowflake in Hell.