Monday, January 29, 2007

This Just In: Oklahoma Wins 2nd National Championship

LAS VEGAS — Lauren Nelson, an aspiring Broadway star, was crowned Miss America, the second year in a row that a Miss Oklahoma has won the crown.

Nelson, 20, of Lawton, Oklahoma, is a student at the University of Central Oklahoma and wants to get her master's degree in musical theater.

(And maybe the best part of this? She was crowned Miss Oklahoma over 75 other beauties from this place!)



V ery Rev. Fr. Gregori said...

Well, Ihave to say that OKLAHOMA really knows how to grow them. Could it be something in the air or in the water? LOL

Either way, congratulations OKLAHOMA.

Samuel said...

She is gorgeous. Yeah, way to go Oaklahoma! I dated a hot girl from there in college. I thought there was no finer girls than yours for many years.