Sunday, January 14, 2007

Like Sports in America Today?

The World Series Champs!
The Super Bowl Champs!

The NBA Champs!

The Stanley Cup Champs!
NCAA Basketball AND Football Champs!

But in an Islamic-Ruled America, Forget It!

You may not like American sports. You may not like one particular sport. But these Championship teams in their sports catagory would become a thing of the past, should America falter, and somehow become an Islamic country, or come under Shi'ria law.
Wouldn't that be just tragic? Because whether you are a sports fan like me, or not, the implementation of Shi'ria law and Islamic rule in Muslim countries prevent athletic competition. What would that mean? Well, for one thing, no more March Madness for college basketball teams. No more Fall Classics, and no World Series, for Major League Baseball. No more intense hockey playoffs, or NFL playoffs, and no Super Bowl, naturally. Do you like chess? Chess is banned under Iranian Islamic ruling, as well. SOURCE:
(Question # 73)

This is absolutely unacceptable. Pray 5 Regulated and regimented times a day, but unable to enjoy either playing or watching sports?
These Islamists are nuts. Are we going to allow, are we going to Submit to these kooks to command us in this slavish way?
There is way more that others have tried to bring to the attention of the American populace, to show the great and immense dangers to our ways of life here. But too many liberals ignore the threat, and too many liberals in positions of power hope to appease Muslims' focused goal of dominance across the whole world, believing that in some magical, some demented way, Muslims will tolerate us, during their domination of us.
I will concentrate on a more intensive blog entry on this same subject tomorrow, or on Tuesday. Stay tuned, pray for us, and our fine American and Allied troops, in this war of civilizations.

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