Monday, February 19, 2007

"Regal" Tender, Indeed!!

Above photo, lovingly lifted from the now extinct "Sacred CowBurgers" site.

Today, I've had the time to harken back to a more confident time in American History, during which our leader, President Ronald W. Reagan gave his 1989 Farewell Speech.
"Farewell" speech.... in light of some other recent, genuinely disasterous Presidents who, after leaving the Oval Office, have become National Horses-Asses, this humble leader was soon stricken by a most dibilatating disease, Alzheimer's, which robbed him of a post-Presidency prominence he most richly deserved.

Today for me has been January 11, 1989 again, otherwise known as my 20th birthday. But more importantly, by far, was the speech to the American People, given by our beloved leader, President Ronald W. Reagan. He bid Americans farewell alright, but in his always-sunny, optimistic and dedicated belief that America was indeed a shining city on a hill, eager only for greatness and freedom, of and for every citizen therein, he urged us all to continue in that belief despite his absence. I have done this; inasmuch as this President urged me to so, as well as my core belief compells me.
I've added a link to that winter night's benediction, back in 1989 by this wonderful leader; his words are as relevent today, as they were that night.
Maybe more so.....

Today, we Americans are vulnerable to an flooding onslaught of opinions upon which direction this nation should go. We stand amid the earliest Presidental election cycle ever, with a main-stream news media promoting candidates personal ambitions, OVER the needs of the entire nation. Even predicting who will take the Senatorial seat of the media-favorite-elected President, or what may happen if a black, Muslim-taught leader is elected, or a Christian Morman, or a once-divorced New York City mayor.
These are distractions, at the very least, away from what we all should be considering; and at most, an unsightly and shameful reflection upon us all, for the shallowness and triviality the media assign to us, in our choice of leader.
"We'll be right back after this (left wing, socialistic)DisneyWorld Ad....."

Letters to our elected State leaders mean nothing today. In this all too-commercial world, it is more important to write to the Bayer Aspirin Corporation, or to the makers of your favorite Static-free Dryer Sheet manufacturer, and complain to them about their advertisements linking them to these candidates, and the "news coverage" of them.

Look back at this actor/President, this one-time promoter of 20-Mule-Team Borax, if you will, and learn how he lifted himself, then the people of California, then the people of the United States, above the commercialism to the real seriousness of matters.
President Reagan led by example. An example desperately needed again today.
Here's the link, to the Farewell speech, January 11, 1989: ((RealPlayer needed to watch))
It's 20 plus minutes long, but do you doubt that it's worth seeing?

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