Monday, February 26, 2007

The Bush Administration, part 2

Buenas Dias, Senors y Senoras! Como es ta? Tambien, gracias.

Our President George W. Bush won his re-election in 2004, over Democratic candidate John F'n Kerry with 50.7% of the total vote to Kerry's 48.3%, and a record number of votes for a winning candidate, 62,040,610! Using these numbers and the math I learned in 1977 at age 8, you get a total number of votes cast of 122.3 million votes or so. Is this a mandate for his leadership?

I think this was rather, a vote for hope of leadership.
But George Bush listened to a tiny minority of legitimate voters that November, rather than to the other 61-plus million of us. Rather than look to and listen to the desires of this majority, for the direction of the United States, the President instead, foresaw a growing Latino immigrant population, and hoped to enlist that voting block into the Republican party. Relying upon the traditional family-centric-ness and traditional God fearing and God worshipping-ness of same, President Bush apparently calculated to place his party's future into the overflowing basket of free Mexican immigration, hoping then for two things to happen:
1) That American Conservatives would follow along with dutiful resignation, and with a blind eye to the lawlessness of the action; and
2) That illegal Mexican immigrants, with the above qualities, would be all that would run over the border, in search of a better life.
There is unfortunately, though, a third fact he should have considered, that is that:
3) Illegal immigration very often involves a dangerous criminal immigration as well.
Inasmuch as President Bush ignored or overlooked this last fact, he has abused his leadership authority. By not considering his oath of office to protect this nation, President Bush has allowed subtle terrorism to enter into the lives of Americans through lower wages, an abuse of Federal Services such as "health care", "welfare" and "education". The Localmalcontent does not think that he needs to go into the individual abuses of these three entitlements to the poor.
But it is an abuse of these, and considering the future abuse of these, this country is in real trouble Today.

Citing his newly found "political currency" just after the November 2004 election, President Bush would have been as wise as Solomon, had he decided to poll the nation at that time. Not to the degree that Bill Clinton did, please don't get me wrong; but to listen to conservative voters at that time would've driven this nation in a direction AWAY from this invasion of Mexican and other Latino-nation immigration.
Do you doubt that among all those 12 to 20 Million illegal immigrants, that there are countless criminals and countless terrorists? If you do, you need to get a real life~! This is not DisneyLand, nor is this Alice's Wonderland.
~REMEMBER~ IT ONLY TOOK 19 MEN TO BRING DOWN THIS COUNTRY ONCE UPON A TIME... so called 'students', looking only to better their lives~!

Some have proposed charging Treason against George W. Bush.
**Sadly, I would have to endorse that, but who is to say what treason is, without an examination of history, to see whether treasonous acts have adversly affected our nation? How long do we, should we wait and see?, and who is to decide exactly what treason is or consisted of?

END: AMERICANS ARE IN TROUBLE. WE ARE IN TROUBLE NOW, TODAY. America needs a conservative leader immediately, and the protection of a conservative government. But as for "treason", George W. Bush is guilty of this since he never listened to his majority of voters, with regard to his oath, in my mind.

Ignoring the United States Constitution, which clearly states that this Nation is goverened by the people, of the people and for the people was his crime.


Anonymous said...

Potent and dead on, absolutly right, man! Bush was my choice too twice. But now Im embarrassed to say I voted for the man.
I pray daily for the United States, now.

a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

"Sadly, I would have to endorse that, but who is to say what treason is, without an examination of history, to see whether treasonous acts have adversly affected our nation?"

Which history? Have you noticed how much more rapidly history is re-written these days? Not that I'm an old fart (no offense to old farts intended), but whith this crazy media age its practically rewritten as it happens. Thanks MSM...Libs et al

Abouna said...

Unfortunately, the Constitution of the United States only claims treason to be aiding and giving comfort to an enemy during war time.

I, on the other hand believe that when our elected officials ignore the will of the people who elected them and who fail to live up to their oath of office, and who make underhanded secret agreements with foreign leaders that result in the sell-out of our national sovereignty, also falls into the category of TREASON, or at least it should fall under the category of High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

We are told that if we don't like what our elected officials are doing, we have the power of the ballot, but what good does it do vote out the old just to vote in a new batch that do the same old same old and nobody is held accountable for the damage they are doing to our country because the laws and the courts say that they haven't broken any laws? My G-d, an average Joe can sent to prison for far less.

Whenever these elected officials screw up royally, all they have to do is mouth the words: "I accept full responsibilty", but there are never any consequences to them. They just go merrily on their way doing what they do, and we the people are the ones who suffer in the end.