Thursday, February 15, 2007


Here is the latest in my personal trial, my reconstruction of my face:

Got back from meeting with Dr. Sammy Worrell, an Ear-Nose and Throat specialist in Tulsa, Oklahoma yesterday morning. Dr. Worrell is a nice, big teddy-bear sized doctor who made me comfortable immediately upon meeting him. He studied the X-Ray images I'd brought with me, of my head, showing me the damage to my cheekbone and eye socket thereon.

He then showed me several "before and after" images of other patients who had had this same surgery before me. THIS CONVINCED ME TO LET HIM DO THE SURGERY ON ME, TOO.

He quelled my fears and my questions about my surgery deftly and confidentely.

Dr. Worrell told me in no uncertain terms, that I could not call him "Sammy".

I will have this outpatient surgery, next Friday, February 23rd, at 10 a.m. It will entail slipping a rubber, convex oval under the skin of my face, which will pull out my eye socket and cheek bones, to their former GORGEOUS stature. This, I am assured of, by Doctor Worrell../.../.../.

I will have to live with this convex rubber thing in my face for 10 days, until it's removed by the same hairline subcutanious cut made 10 days earlier.

With regard to my jaw's mis-alignment, the good doctor tells me that it will have to adjust with time. The strange lump which sticks out from my jaw, on my left side, is my "lymph node", normally under my jaw, and as it is on the right side of my neck; but it is out-of-place because of my attack, only, and cannot be corrected by any surgery, only time.

Consequently, I am JONESING now for a good Cheeseburger and french fries. I would kill for a good cheeseburger and fries just now... or a steak, or a good meatloaf... Instead, I look forward tonight to another brisk, hot tomato soup, with sauteed mushrooms and green peppers.
Followed by another delicious banana/chocolate milk shake........


Very Rev. Fr. Gregori said...

Just tell yourself that you are giving up the steak, cheeseburgers and the other good stuff for Lent. It just might make it a little easier.

Tell your doctor that you will hold him responsible if your face doesn't look as cute and adorable as you imagined it looked, that way he will besure to do a great job.

I received your package yesterday and want to say thank you very much. So far, I have played two of the Joplin CD's and I love them. The calandar is up next to computer where I see it every day.

Right now, we are still having a steady snow fall (even though the weather man keeps saying that the snow has stopped, I guess he forgot to tell that to the snow) and the temperature still hasn't got above 15 degrees since last week, so my son still hasn't been able to get over with a new battery for my car. This means that I am stranded here at home and my car is half buried in about four feet of 'global warming', but as soon as I can get out, I will have a small package for you.

Very Rev. Fr. Gregori said...

The story of the border agents was mentioned yesterday on Fox News, only they reported that it was an over 300 page document that contained some very disturbing information, such as:

The illegal Mexican had something in the neighborhood of 700 lbs of drugs in his vehical;

He refused to cooperate with the prosecutor unless and until he was guarenteed immunity from any and all charges;

He stayed as a house guest of Sanchez, a US border agent and his childhood friend;

That the US Government signed an agreement which the government of Mexico DEMANDED be signed, that said that any and all American law inforcement personnel who fire on any Mexican citizen in the US (legal or otherwise) for any reason, are to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Now, President Bush refuses to discuss the border agents case. He stated that at his news conferrance the other day.

I think this whole business stinks to high heavens, and I feel that our elected officials are committing treason by selling us out.