Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Back in the Good Ole Days, There was this thing called "Laughter"

It is a terrible burden, just an awful weight, when you are one who knows the secret.
A secret as to why the world is, as it is; or at least, I believe it's one of the secrets.

There is just nothing hilarious anymore. And that is so damn sad. There's just nothing to compare to the days when America laughed together, as one big family. When we'd all sit down together and eat supper, and pray, then put away the left overs, and laugh. Or maybe it was a funny, slapstick movie making the rounds in the theaters. But overall, it was laughter...

Reader's Digest magazine even used to have this column called "Laughter, the Best Medicine."
Innocent, yet funny stories about everyday situations which everyone could relate to.

Therein lies the secret: For you see, we all used to laugh together, at hilarious situations happening to someone else, but could all too easily be happening to you or to me.
There is no more laughter, not like there used to be. No national laughter, no world-wide laughter. Today, way, way too often, the comic uses the bluest language possible, or the joke is always on some self-absorbed minority, like Mexicans, or gays or obese people, who way way too often calls up the ACLU or their attorneys instead of being able to laugh, too. The joke wasn't funny, but then, neither was their reaction. And Heaven forbid, if a joke is made at the expense of an overweight gay Mexican....
See?? I just did it too.
>> I took the fast opportunity there, to get the quick laugh at the expense of obese gay Mexicans.<<

It's a burden to know what's wrong, that there is neither National Laughter, nor world-wide laughter. Someone's gonna be hurt by the humor fashionable today.

>> Likewise, it is sad to know that I was born years too late, to have fully enjoyed the national laughter of a generation or two before me. Just like the music which I prefer, I like old, funny classic movies, TV shows and comedians. I have watched as "television" has become a liability in the household in my 38 years. Movies and cable stations race to see which medium can become even more radical, obscene and outlandish than last year's filth. The last movie which I paid money to watch in a theatre was the 1995 film with Robin Williams, called Jumanji. Everything since then, and alot before then, is filthy. I'd be demeaning myself, lowering myself to watch.

And I guess that is perhaps a deeper level to the secret: If we allow ourselves to hear the vulgarity once, then it gets a foothold in the doorway of your mind, so that the next 30,000 times you hear the "F-bomb" used, you will say, "Wow, that was funny!!" when it never was.

I have to go-- "The Andy Griffith Show" is about to come on TV Land.


Abouna said...

Way back when, in the day, when I was growing up, we used to watch Henny Youngman, Red Skelton, Milton Berel (Uncle Milty), I Love Lucy, Buddy Hacket, etc. These shows were truly funny without having to be dirty.

But then (and I can't remember exactly when or why) people began to get extremely thin-skinned. Everybody was being so easily offended, while at the same time, they were becoming more and more vulgar and grass. The more the ACLU got involved, the more people and groups claimed that they were being offended and/or being discriminated against. The only thing that would make them laugh was to tell filthy jokes or anti- Christian jokes.

Today, the good old-fashioned comedy and humor is taboo while foul language, public displays of nudity and the vulgar antics of those participating in gay pride displays are "in".

What a sorry situation.

Anonymous said...

Reading your comments today made me both laugh at my memories and to cry. I cried realizing that you are right, what is funny today? Nothing. at all.

who is that 4th picture of? I ought to know, but cano't place him.

Abouna said...

Number Four is actor/comedian Jim Varney, creator of the character "Ernest".

Varney passed away February 10, 2000 due to cancer.

a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

I get where you're coming from. I have often thought I was born too late, but that said if I had been born earlier I'd be older now. Like God forbid, Abouna.

I believe I'm safe with the Abouna comment as he is not an "obese-gay-mexican." Did I get something wrong here? Was OBM ok to joke about? I'll have to re-read the ppost.

We're a nation of "me, me, me, mes." What's in it for me? There is little respect for what our nation stands for any longer.

Old movies and TV shows are the way to go, nothing better although there are some that may squeak into the category. I used to want to live in Mayberry when I was a kid.

Re-read this and apologize for the OGM - should have been more PC

Of size-same sex oriented-individual of one of two sexes pre/post phased-in access to earned regularization (if it matters either way) racially south of the 31° 20’ 41.79” N 111° 04’ 50.72” W (roughly)