Friday, February 16, 2007

It's Like November, 2008, Already

The Presidential election of 2008 is under way today!!
Candidates are now seeking your money, and your support, despite the fact that the real presidental battle is more than 1 year from now. What's it all about? Can you say $$,$$$,$$$? More on this aspect of candidacy races, later in this rant.
Candidates who are already prepared are piling on now, nearly a year before any state's primary (New Hampshire) or any state's straw poll-caucus (Iowa).

There are the usual big "Screamers", the big names early in this race, which is the first Presidential race in 80 years, in which there is NO (elected) incumbant running (look it up... Wikipedia). Why these men and women have come out SO early for an election more than 18 months away, is beyond me and my simple experience. Im sure that it is for the media coverage, as well as collecting contributions. What gets me is that I will not be able to watch TV, or listen to Radio News for the next 18 months, because of the endless political campaigns thereon. And this I believe: it will turn away many voters, in the long run. They, like me, will be so tired of the bickering and the specialty-speeches to their particular, biased voting blocs of the time. By the time of the real election on Tuesday, November 4, 2008, there will have been two brutal partisan bashings, which will have 'produced' (more like "distilled") one candidate each of the two basic parties. God help us during this time.

Early on, at this date, there are at least 16 Presidental candidates, from the two parties:
ON the Democratic side, there are:
Dennis Kucinich, Rep., D-OH
Bill Richardson, Governor, D-NM
Tom Vilsack, Governor, D-IA
Barack Obama, Senator, D-IL
Joe Biden, Senator, D-DE
Christopher Dodd, Senator, D-CT
Hillary Rodham-Clinton, Senator, D-NY
John Edwards, Senator, D-NC

ON the Republican side, there are:
Rudolph Guliani, former mayor, NYC, R-NY
Newt Gingrich, former Rep., R-GA
Duncan Hunter, Rep., R-CA
Tom Tancredo, Rep., R-CO
Mike Huckabee, Governor, R-AR
Mitt Romney, Governor, R-MA
John McCain, Senator, R-AZ
Sam Brownback, Senator, R-KS

Let's get rid of the extraneous candidates right now, who will not make a national difference, despite their egos:
Thats all for Kucinich, Vilsack, Biden, and Dodd immediately. As well as Guilini, Hunter, Huckabee, and Brownback, shall we? OK, that leaves 5 Democrats and 4 Republicans in the Big Race To Run America. (Even this list will be trimmed down, by the end of September, 2008, to maybe three or four candidates.)
Let's be presumptive, and guess who'll be left standing, at that time, 16 to 18 months from now:
ON the Democratic side, there will be:
Hillary Rodham-Clinton,
Bill Richardson,
Barack Obama,
John Edwards.
On the Republican side, there will be:
Newt Gingrich,
Tom Tancredo,
Mitt Romney,
John McCain.
On a hopeful, nationwide Third Party candidacy, there will be:
Barack Obama,
Bill Richardson,
Joe Leiberman,
Or kooks and crackpots, such as
the Localmalcontent,
Gene Simmons,
Justin Timberlake,
Donald Duck.
Well of all of this fluff and bluster, I want to tell you about Congressman Tom Tancredo.
Representative Tom Tancredo represents the 6th Congressional district in Colorado, an area which includes Columbine and Littleton, Colorado, both sites of tragic, awful school shootings recently.
Tom Tancredo looks Presidential, in the first place. Secondly, he insists upon the highest security of the United States, meaning a substantial, tangible border fence on the American/Mexican border, tougher security all along the American/Canadian border, and for teeth in the American Immigration policy!!
You can bet and rely upon a tough, anti-terrorist, anti-radical-Islamist stance as well, in a Tancredo Presidency.
This American Republican candidate has the right stuff, and is correct in his views on American Security, first and foremost. Congressman Tancredo has a 100% voting record on issues concerning National Security matters, as well as being a strong believer in America First-- a strong policy steeped in American self determanation, our strengths, and the confidence in Democracy, and Supply-side Economics.
Please consider Congressman Tom Tancredo, Republican, Colorado, as President of the United States, in 2008. Look here, at his pre-presidential site, for more details, click here: Tancredo and click on "Issues".
This is the man for America, I believe, and I hope that you will consider his beliefs, and also his application to you, for your President.

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Very Rev. Fr. Gregori said...

You are right, TANCREDO is the right man for the job, but if he were to win, I fear for his life. There are some very powerful people who do NOT want secure borders, as they pushing for a One World Government.