Tuesday, February 27, 2007

TTthis post-surgical pain and swelling is beyond my endurance, minus pain medication.
Yesterdyydays post regarding the sports teams is a example. ZI gotta no idea what my mind coneedted to my tpyi9ng fingers is sayi9ng. I think I said that I hat e the Ksasas Jayhalws, when I emeant that I hat e the Minnesota Twins, insteed.
Theesx pain is unto me unbeareabgablle. Pusl the fact that me3 stock inmvestments lost some 45- dollars in a dya. todaya. I am not rebbrsponsible now.
Yes i smoke scigarettes. about 1?23 a paclk a day. And can you blame mea? aND TODAY i HAVE RE LUPPED MY PRESICRPTION FOR MY CODEEEEEN MEDS
X gereemeriou'/,.ealyllssy
DS i MUST TELL ALL YOU LTHAT i WILL BWE berack soon, afterrtthe the pain is overr and my minnd its back into it s socketl..
Bye..rl ljka


GRANNY said...

Good evening!! he he, Where'S the beef?? I love the funky foto on top and the little old lady is a hoot. What pain is this you speak of? I think tonight you write in crypt. i.e. GRANNY can not understand it. LOL.
Your liveliness cheers my soul.
hold the faith and blessings.

Abouna said...

I'm praying for you brother and I sincerely hope the pain ends soon. I also hope you look better than you sound.

God bless