Friday, February 9, 2007

What's Kept Me Away This Week

I have been away from the blogsite for a week. To my handful of readers, I apologize for the delay, and for the difficulty I'm having even contributing something cogent today. This has been a week which I do not want to ever relive again. I will email each of you personally with more details, but since last Thursday night, February 1, I've had my fair share of trouble.

Soon after posting that small Punxatauney Phil bit, my computer failed entirely. Suddenly, I could reach no website at all, other than static, "read only" pages. Meaning, I could not read or respond to emails, comment on other's blogs, or connect to radio stations outside this remote, rural area of Oklahoma. Now that was enough to keep me quiet, after learning that it would be Monday of the following week when I could even take my computer to a repair shop,
I am beating around the bush, ashamed to say what else happened to me, by these many details about my former computer. I got nearly beat to death Monday night, by a friend, a drunk friend again, and the same one I mentioned earlier in a blog called "Rider On the storm, both of them".
After a great weekend with him and his cousin's family, I took him with me to town to get some shopping done, see the computer repairman, as well as take him to see his mother. While driving home, Darnell wanted to drive my truck. I said no, since he'd been drinking ever since he'd visited his mom. Darnell didn't say another word along the way home, and I drove up to his place finally, and he just got out, but he turned back toward me and pulled me by my neck down into the seat, and started whuping on my head and neck. I barely remember the rest, except that I hit the gas to get away from him, raised back up and drove away. I made it to the sheriff's office to report the assault, and was taken to the Emergency Room by a deputy. I had a feeling that it was bad, but the ER directed me into an MRI immediately, in fact two turns in that machine; I still hadn't looked into a mirror when they began to clean me up and sew up my eye. The doctor came in to say that he wanted to keep me for observations overnight. STILL, no looks into a mirror. The sheriff's deputy stayed with me as I was taken to a hospital room and hooked up to monitors and given pain meds to rest.
He took my account of the evenings events, and asked me if I wanted to prefer charges against Darnell. I told him I guessed so, and it was about then that the ER doctor came back into the room, to tell me that the MRI showed that I had fractures all along the left side of my face and neck, mostly my eye socket, cheek and my jaw. All in all, I have to see a specialist in Tulsa next Tuesday, the 13th, who is a facial reconstruction specialist. I can't open my left eye at all, even three days after the attack, my teeth don't line up anymore, and my throat's compressed, so I am on a liquid diet. Lots of milkshakes with eggs, or gravy; I'm sleeping with my face on a heating pad to reduce the swelling, for most of the time.

I did get out of the house yesterday, to go to my job, explain what I'm facing, and get time off, AS WELL AS GET TO WAL MART, and buy a new "Emachine", with Windows Vista, with the help of a good friend and neighbor.

Today, my eye is more swollen than ever, and the fierce headache the doctor predicted has begun today, but my jaw feels better. I will add info on the Localmalcontent site after I return home Tuesday from the E-N-T specialist.
When I re-boot my printer, maybe I'll put up a gristly photo or an X-ray.

When I'm not sleeping, I am feeling nauseous. Like now. I'll post more later.


Very Rev. Fr. Gregori said...

I would almost bet that your "friend" has some real mental problems. I also think that if you had not been able to have stepped on the gas to get away, I believe he really would have killed you. You really should make every effort to keep away from Darneal in the future. If I knew someone like that, I would be totally scared out of my wits to have them around, especially if I was alone with them.

God bless you, my friend and may you heal fast.

Robert S. said...

It is sad that you have endured this treatment, so unassociated with your opinions. I pray for your recovery, soon. It is a shame to us all that you may have received this attack, based upon your sovereign right to have opinions of American policies, if that is the case.
Take very good care! Hope to see you back very soon.

GRANNY said...

I do not agree with the gregori about 'staying away' from your friend.
We never know what path another has walked and what hardships they have faced.
My advice (and it is free) is talk seriously with your friend. Unless he is convicted and no longer wants to talk to you, you can forgive him.
Offer to help him find the help he needs. It just may be he is looking for a way out of what ever demons possesse him. A true friend sticks by a friend no matter what.
Always remember this one thing:
You have also suffered a great deal. I will light a candle for you my friend on this eve. I will go outside and look to the stars at night and say a prayer for you to completEly heal. Both pysically and mentally.
A hug to you my dear.