Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Fitting Tribute to America's longtime White House Reporter

((Overheard Tonight, on CNN:))

Well, Let's give a big round of applause for veteran news reporter and long-time denizen of the front row in the White House Press room, Helen Thomas! Ms. Thomas has been seated in the front row center in that room since before the Johnson Administration-- the Andrew Johnson administration, that is.

For as you see from the accompanying photo, Ms. Thomas is a very old rep-- --

>>Just A Moment, Ladies and Gentlemen: There is urgent Breaking News Here:
This Just In, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad has just confessed to being the Zodiac killer, stalking Northern California for victims, and taunting the police and the press with strange, cryptic messages. More on this story, as it develops<<

--tile in her kitchen," he stated, adding "Ms. Thomas sure was nice to me that day, in fact, to all the workers there at her apartment." Ms. Thomas remembers that day well: "The tile installer that was sent over by the company that day was a perfect-- --

>>More Breaking News from Guantanamo Bay, Ladies and Gentlemen. Here's the latest on captured terrorist suspect, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad: He has also confessed to the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby, Charles A. Lindbergh II, in 1932. The 20-month old was never found, and it is highly suspected that Mohammad may have murdered the child, in protest over America's aviation triumphs in the skies. More information will be forthcoming.<<

--specimen, and place the resealable container in the little window of the restroom. Of course it was negative, I mean, Who, me use drugs? But those days of fearing that every fresh college reporter was a drug user soon passed. But in the next decade, every reporter was suspected of being a Soviet-- --

>>More breaking news from the mouth of Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, coming out of Guantanamo Bay, Ladies and Gentlemen.... NOW THAT IS JUST TOO MUCH!! Khalid Sheik Mohammad has just confessed that he was, quoting here, "solely responsible for the Arabic alphabet-- A to Z." And he tells military officials that he too, is the father of little DanniLynn Smith, consummating his love for Anna Nicole Smith in mid-January, of 2006. We now return to our coverage of longtime reporter, Ms. Helen Thomas.<<

--heavyweight wrestler, standing over his opponent, and he looked my way and grinned a very big grin. And he won the Gold Medal. So apart from demanding straight answers to pertinent questions from the last 26 Presidents, I'd have to say that covering the 1972 Olympics for UPI was my next biggest thrill ever.
In my Whole Life!~

Next On CNN, a story about how a modern-day Tennessee snake oil salesman is saving the planet by burying his waste, and that of his wagon's team of horses, too, after this word from our sponsor.


John W. Yates Jr. said...

ELIASIS John W Yates Jr. Was john W. Yates the Same as Charles A. lindbergh..? And,Lindbergh was King George being also a great pilot,..flew combat missions.Hmmmmm?! Charles
A Lindgergh II was taken from his
home by persons connected to EMMA HAMILTON,.(story:"The St.Valentine
Day Massacre,..")Charles II lived
with Emma's sibblings early in life
(Until around 17 yrs. old)

Moved to(remember..? South Carolina
rhumors that CharlesII was in Carolina)Edisto Island(Edisto Isl. Beach,South Carolina. Was john hamilton. Worked in J.W. Yates body
and Fender Repair Shop.

Am I really Charles II..? Mary the
Queen was not the King real Wife as they only Coronated King and
Queen,..while Anne(Charles II mother)was really the King's Wife
Was She Annie Borlen,, something..?

Would this make me a real Prince..?
Prince John George Robert Charles,.? How will I know,.for

Love ya,man,..
Eliasis Yahwehei

The Localmalcontent said...

John W. Yates, Jr.-

This would certainly make a very good spy movie with all the twists and turns.
Where does Whicita, Kansas come into it? For I heard once that Lindbergh, Jr. was raised there. And at about his age 8, The Wizard of Oz was filmed... maybe he was cast as a Munchkin or flying monkey also....