Monday, March 5, 2007

Forecast: Shrillary Today, and Obama Tomorrow

I just can't take this anymore. And No, before you decide in your head that this is yet another in my endless series of "Face pain" blogs, surprise!! Two days off with that BS was more than enough for me! (although I am still in constant pain)

No, I am talking about the outlook that we all must suffer, from this day until probably well after November 4, 2008, of Political Soundbytes, and the mind-numbing analysis of same.

Over the weekend, Shrillary Clinton trotted out her 'Southern Accent' and her accompanying geographic insults, when she spoke to Black Voters in a Church in Selma Alabama, on the 42nd anniversary of something or other.

She just droned on, to boot, disregarding the basic fact that in imitating the sweet, Southern drawl of the area, she is/was making fun of these people.

Personally, now, if I EVER have to hear Shrillary Clinton recite any quickly-memorized Scripture, I will both scream and damage something nearby.
To hear this Stalinist-socialist quote from Corinthians made my Christian blood just curdle Sunday.

It is just another example of how she intends to formulate her speeches, to the core beliefs of the crowd she stands before-- southern "Baptist" in the south, then she will take up a Minnesotan dialect when she's speaking in Iowa, or she will bring out a "genuine" Bronx accent when she's speaking in NYC. Maybe it'll be a "Queens" accent at that time, but it will only be delivered, to honor herself, to bask in the light of some local there. Count on it~!


In her home city of Chicago, Shrillary is a Cubs fan, WHEN and only WHEN, she is speaking on the North Side. South of the Kennedy Expressway, she's A Die Hard White Sox fan.

In New York, where she parked her carpetbags recently, well, she's a life-long Yankees fan, and able to recite the quickly-memorized names of some Yankee greats like DiMaggio or Mantle or Gehrig. All players whom, if you would listen to her prattle, she was raised listening to on the radio
! ((Kinda like her being named after Sir Edmund Hillary, though she was born 3 years before he became famous for climbing Mount Everest-- But Shrillary has never tolerated any facts of History to ever be a hurdle to her!)) Just like Bill....

How Shrillary was able to bamboozle the good and conscientious voters of New York in 2000, I'll never know-- unless voters there only were dazzled by her name, fame and celebrity.

To Watch this woman speed through the Democratic Presidential Nomination process, like the carp she is, through a cold river, is fascinating: That she allows NO non-prescreened questions during her "Conversations with America" tour is Oxymoronic at best, and Criminal at worst!!

Yet, to doubt for even a minute, that Mrs. Bill Clinton will not be the next president of the United States, is dangerous. She is the wife of one of the most dangerous men in the country, and likely, she taught him one or two things along the way through Little Rock and Washington, D.C.

She will not have my vote, in 2008, but that won't matter; for the Oklahoma Democrats will show that my dead parents, my dead grandparents all voted for her, negating my vote by 6 to 1.

I will predict that she gets 175% of Arkansas' electorate, allowing for the Dead-Vote, as well as that of New York and of Illinois, states where the dead vote regularly, with somewhat lesser amounts of the majorities in Ohio, Florida, Texas, California and Pennsylvania.

And all for what?? For America, or for America's future?? Get real and please, get a life! Soon!

NO, she will be doing this only for two far-removed reasons, namely for HER own personal glory, and for the Socialism in which Shrillary so dearly believes in, for America.

And after just 8 very long years of her Presidency, America will be on it's knees, begging for a Muslim based theocracy, with its' suddenly-reasonable Sharia Law, which by then, will be made to look like God's Most Precious Gift to Man, replacing Jesus, whom we know to otherwise be His Gift to mankind. With a new and streamlined limp, pathetic military, replete with new double-digit funding-cuts to it's budget, America will be finally ripe enough for either a Muslim or a Chinese overthrow, through brutal attack after brutal attack, with never an American military response.

We Americans must endure another 17+ months of Democratic Prattle, and soundbytes, and outright lies to be played over and over and over and over and over, until we relent, until we give in, until we are finally brainwashed with their lame-assed drivel and political soundbytes.

Maybe we oughtta start praying for the future of Canada, or of Australia or of New Zealand, along with decent real estate prices there, then.

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