Monday, March 12, 2007

Heaven's Streets of Gold

My neighbor came to my front door weeping, last Tuesday morning.

Alarmed, I asked her in, and secondly, what was the problem:

Through tears which I now correctly intrepret as tears of joy, she showed me this photograph here, telling me she'd taken the photo earlier, at sunrise here in the Buffalo Valley area, and that it showed Heaven's streets of gold!

I looked at the picture she held out to me, and like her, I saw the resplendant streets of gold in the sky. And maybe she has something here, a hint, a sublime taste of what may be for us all, if our hearts are right and pure.

Is this positive proof that all the glorious and hopeful descriptions are true, about the afterlife which awaits those of us who follow God's will, or are at least deemed worthy there?? You decide, because afterall, that is maybe the most personal of decisions.

Perhaps it is nothing more than a photo of another spectacular Southeast Oklahoma dawn;
perhaps it is a gentle reminder of matters which are far, far more important.

Either way, it is a special photo, and I'm pleased to share it with all three of you.

Courtesy of Rachael, 2007 & evermore.


Abouna said...

I believe, I believe. There is no question about it, heaven will be a beautiful place.

acwo said...

Nice blog, I like it :)
keep it up!