Friday, March 2, 2007

A one-month War Path allowance IS OVER

I'm as mad as Hell, and it's been a month, now. Time for Me to React!!

During the next three to five days, and then afterward, I will be on the personal War Path,
and that means, "Take Cover", to all those toward whom my wrath is aimed.

Today is now March 2nd, 2007. That means alot, within my people, within my tribe, and to my assiliant. It's now a full month since ya'll's pathetic, and lame Social-Security-Insurance government-payments ya'll get-- my assailant's relatives, his enablers.

Today, Friday, March 2, I have updated the charges againsnt Darneal "Jerrald" Watson with the LeFlore County, Oklahoma District Attorney, as well as the LeFlore County Sheriff's Office, to include personal protection service, i.e. a protection judgement, and have consulted with my civil/legal attorney. Go ahead, git him outta jail, with your Spam ham money!!

I have instructed my longtime, successful, aggressive Pitbull attorney, Mr. Ben Curtis, of Poteau, Oklahoma, to pursue severe civil charges against Mr. Darneal Watson. Civil charges, and civil damages of a very, very large amount of money, now that I have some info on his general whereabouts and of his potential in life.
And with success, Mr. Watson will never, ever be free from owing me money for the permanent damage to my face, and thus to my income, which he willfully and solely transformed on February 5th, 2007. Since that day, I have lost some $3,500.00 in income, as well as having endured personal expenses, and personal harm which could severly dimish my future potential income.

It is my intention to inhibit Mr. Watson from ever, ever earning a dollar within his lifetime, short of a couple million $$, for himself, or for any of his ill-begotten spawn, with a successful decision in my lawsuit.

I will deal only with the Honest-to-Jehovah-God truth in my lawsuit, aided by several witnesses who saw the two of us together that day, as well as witnesses to his friggin'-low-life character, and witnesses to my life, too.

**** IT HAS NOW BEGUN.****

***And my civil lawsuit will include The Facts that Mr. Watson is a former U.S. Navy Seal, a man with a great, physical ability, i.e., his muscular prowess to easily beat me nearly to death that night, as he held me down in the seat of my truck, yet having the intense stupidity to do it with all these witnesses from that day, whom I intend to call to the witness stand.
More to come, obviously!

Next Monday, March 5th, is the ONE MONTH 'anniversary' since my brutal, personal, and permenantly disfiguring attack, and still his family hasn't been able to gather the money to bail him out of county jail since his arrest.
March and April will be very important to me, your Localmalcontent, obviously, and maybe even later this year, too.

***There is No Need, No Reason To Comment Upon This Particular Blog, dear readers. Also no reason to wonder how I post this,while at work.
*** Let this go essentially un-noticed, unless you want to be contacted by Mr. Watson's legal-aid team. Thanks.***

It's just a journal entry.


Abouna said...
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The Localmalcontent said...

i said "no comments", Abouna, and I meant it.