Sunday, March 11, 2007

In San Francisco, i.e. Gomorrah, Yet!!

Finally, here is some really Good News about America's Youth~!!

Evangelical rally draws thousands of supporters, few opponents (Story follows my intense pride, remarks)

I can't tell you how happy this event in San Francisco's Giant's Stadium makes me feel-- that in the very heart of American Gommorah, literally tens of thousands of teenagers (estimates of over 28,000 Christian teens) are lifting up the name of Jesus Christ, their spirituality, and spurning the "If It Feels Good, then Do It!", liberal attitudes of San Francisco, and California, and Liberal Democrats! KEEP READING, THIS IS GOOD, REAL GOOD.

Ya know, before Battle Cry's rally last year, the Gomorrah City Council itself promoted anti-Christianity protest groups to assemble, to promote their gayness and abortion.... It literally made my heart swell to see these teens tackle the hurdles placed in front of them by the S.F. "G." City Council.
Hurdles?? From a City Council??

Yes, hurdles like a hurriedly enacted city policy that banned loud speakers & amplifiers from being used before 10 am within the city of San Francisco. Meaning, that the speakers and bands could NOT use microphonic systems within Giants' Stadium this morning, and the rally began at 8:30 am. (Christians teenagers get up early- while S.F. sleeps it off till noon or later....)

However, I am quite pleased to say that a local Christian radio station chose to do a remote broadcast from within the stadium, the soundstage, so that all the rally goers who brought a radio, could hear and share it all! I was oddly fortunate to be watching an Oakland, Ca. FOX station tonight to see this, though their website doesn't have any coverage to pass along...
Battle Cry's next Stadium Invasion will be in Comerica Park, Detroit, Michigan, in April, and following that, Camden Yards in Baltimore, Md.

And this local-Less-Malcontent would love to help sponsor similar rallies in every Major League City, every city with an NFL team, or even a city park!
Hooray for these teens, and may they each be the leaders of California, tomorrow!
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By May Wong
4:56 p.m. March 10, 2007
SAN FRANCISCO – Cheerful roars could be heard a block away from the downtown ballpark Saturday, and it had nothing to do with a Barry Bonds homer.
The enthusiasm poured from thousands of Christian youths who had gathered – in one of the most permissive corners of the nation – for a rally to call for moral change and to decry homosexuality.
Despite the strategic location for the two-day BattleCry event, the evangelical fanfare continued its final day Saturday without any fierce clashes.
"I think we'll just be able to do our thing today," said Jeanine Rhoden, a spokeswoman for Teen Mania, the Texas-based ministry behind the extravaganza.
Indeed, protesters were nowhere in sight Saturday as Christian rock bands and religious speakers roused the audience at AT&T Park, bringing them to their feet in song and prayer.
Not surprisingly, however, passing motorists gave no signs of support – or car honks – as rally participants held up a large banner decrying "Homosexuality is sin" on the busy street outside the stadium.
"People are welcome to come to the city to celebrate whatever, but I think they're dead wrong," said Thom Lynch, Executive Director of the San Francisco Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Community Center. "And I feel sorry for some of the youth there that they're being inculcated with a religious belief that doesn't allow for any variances ... at all."
The rally could have almost passed as any modern day lollapalooza for teens – complete with entrepreneurs hawking "BattleCry" baseball caps and activists seeking signatures for a petition to support the First Amendment, namely the "freedom of religion."
But the impromptu prayer circles and arms raised in praise from church groups entering the stadium stood in contrast to the glamorized sex-and-drug-culture that event organizers say were harming today's youth.
One rally-goer, Edward Sanares, the leader of church youth group from Sunnyvale, found the spiritual rally uplifting. "It's showing choices teens have to make in this society and that they should choose God," he said.
More than 20,000 people were registered to attend the two-day rally. It was BattleCry's second appearance in two years.
Last year's inaugural event in San Francisco, known for its ultraliberal politics and gay marriages, did spark some protests. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors had even passed a resolution condemning the "act of provocation" by an "anti-gay," "anti-choice" organization that aimed to "negatively influence the politics of America's most tolerant and progressive city." Boo-hoo-hoo!

This year, Lynch said, "it's live and let be. After all, that's what San Francisco is all about."

Thom Lynch is spokesman for a very Liberal, very small yet vocal Minority within this country, yet demands that his groups' dangerous attitudes toward society must be listened to... Spare me!


Abouna said...

That gathering of Christian teens gives one a sense of hope for San Francisco.

I watched some of Fox News Channel report of the event and one of the protester was complaining that the Christian group was nothing more than a dangerous brainwashing cult fostering homophobia. I say Tough S#%T!

Why is it that if any body is against homosexuality that is considered to be such a sin?

The Localmalcontent said...

It is because you and I are both old foggies, Abouna. We are not with the program, evidently.
Lots of angry protests with last years event, tho less with the one this year... a good sign? I think so!
The abject rejection of an ab-normal lifestyle is "VERBOTTEN", forbidden today. Like I said in the post, hey if it feels good, do it.

@!#$%& WRONG!!

--I am not saying that anything feels good-- but that apostles to Christ said that it is an abhorrent lifestyle choice, and therefore damned.
A choice, not a congenital condition, ya got it??