Wednesday, March 7, 2007

(Let's Pray) For Hollywood...

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6.

The American People are a decent, moral people for the most part. However, the so called "America" that is displayed by Hollywood and by the hedonistic, liberal-elitist TV media people and their TV shows, their movies which glorify every aspect of depravity is a carefully crafted illusion. Christians recognize this up front, (citing the wonderful Bible verse, above) we know it is all about shock value, and which shows, or TV character can be more outrageous than the one seen, which ended 20 minutes ago. Those, I trust, we don't watch, out of self-respect and out of disdain as well. The Left in general and especially certain political party types embrace the illusion even as they are creating it. They have discredited themselves by this illusion that they show the world, and they have seriously endangered the entire United States of America, by transmitting their filth around the world.


Ultra religious fanatics like Osama Bin Laden and those Wacko-kooks like Ahmadinejad in Iran see this illusion on their TV sets, and believe it is "our" truth. It isn't their fault, it is ours, or rather, Hollywood's. But, they believe America really is this way, because they see their youth acting out the illusion promoted by Hollywood. They suspend disbelief as if hypnotized, and they pipe this Left-wing garbage into their homes via satellite dishes. They suck in this psuedo-culture like sponges. The civilized Iranian youth act out the illusion while the majority, the backward, rustic, primitive unwashed Arabs were thrust into the twentieth or twenty-first century about 50-60 years ago and does not have the background or culture to discern what is real and what is fake TV glitz, so they believe it all. To their credit, they too are disgusted, but to their debit, they instead lean toward their only alternative, the backward vision of, and vicious leaders of Islam.

This is why they hate us, because we have tempted them, for when they try to touch the illusion it shifts or fades and they are left wallowing in the pig manure of their shattered beliefs. This is why the Mullahs and muftis hate us. They hate us because they are failures at teaching righteousness to their people. They hate us because we make them feel jealous, or horny and insecure.

To prove this one need only look at the Muslim reaction to the Danish cartoons that portrayed the false prophet "Moha-Mad" with a bomb in his turban. If the cartoon had been unrealistic or if Islam's followers were what they say they are, Muslims, i.e. A Religion of Peace, then:
1. It would not have been significant nor funny enough to publish.
2. If the Danish cartoons were untrue, then peaceful protests and objections might have broken out everywhere, no one would have lashed out so violently.
3. The violent, over the top, hot headed Muslim reaction to the cartoons, proves it to be one of the truest, and the most profound, political cartoons ever published in the entire history of cartooning and lampooning, and exposes Muslims, via "Islam", as the violent, backward political movement that it truly is.

They see just how backward they really are, and just how silly they look to the world, but rather than change, they lash out at the evil foreign influences. Why don’t they just choose to turn the channel, or to turn off the TV, or take down the dish? OR ACT CIVILIZED?
Those who disagree with the violent ones sit back smoking their hookahs, doing nothing. They do nothing because they are nothing, nothing but the result of generations of uneducated, totalitarian repression, dating back 1,400 years. They have no real values and no real beliefs because they have never had any real freedom, thank you Old Mo, thank you repressive moon goddess, allah. If they ever let Missionaries into Saudi Arabia, the entire culture would collapse. They know this, and its time we knew this, too. I suspect that the leaders of Iran, of Saudia Arabia, of Syria and other hot vacation spots in the Middle East must realize that their disproven prophet, Old Moh, personifies the decrepit religion Islam:

For if the Bible, The true Word of God were to be allowed in these lands, there would be such an overwhelming, overall Christian movement, that Tent Revivals there would outnumber the tented shieks, bedouins and those evil, bad-ass Mullahs, overnight!

America is at fault, to the extent that all of us have allowed Hollywood, the land of fantasy, of illusion and of pretend-make-believe, to project such a false and vulgar impression of what America really is.

How often I've personally fantasized about a movie which accurately portrays Hollywood as the center of vile sin, that it is, and of the small number of "if-it-feels-good-do-it" Leftist people, which create it all.
But then I fantasize a big, selective boom there, please forgive me....

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Lex M Walker said...

I can't believe what I'm reading. YOu seem versed enough on the politics, but when it comes to your comprehension of Islam, what islam TRULY is, you fall short. Disastrously short. I second your beliefs that Hollywood is doing a wretched disservice to Americans and Muslims alike, but I don't think they deserve it for one second. Either party. And the sad truth about all of this?

As Americans we don't see through it. Not all the time. We often see the Hollywood haze and assume the fog to be fact. Your impressions of Islam seem to stem from movies and media you've seen. Odd considering how you condemn it so.

I hope this isn't truly your viewpoint. I hope you give Islam a thorough looking over before passing the judgment as the final verdict.

a non-muslim, non-christian, non-atheist...agnostic being