Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Making It Personal

Ya'll just have to read the reply that this Airman posted on "americasupportsyou.mil".

The website, americasupportsyou.mil lets regular Americans here at home send messages of support to our military. On that site, anyone can read others' messages, and even the replies that troops have submitted. In a response to thousands of supporting, loving and respectful messages sent from us here in America, this one stood out to me.

Now, before I forget, I strongly urge all Americans to visit americasupportsyou.mil, and leave a message that some tired, maybe lonely troop will read today. From you. Your message to the troops might just be the message that one of them most needs to hear. They are there fighting for our freedoms and our way of life, and as George Orwell said once, "We sleep safely in our beds because rough men (and women) stand ready in the night to visit violence on those that would harm us."
Now, this reply from the Airman:

I will fight for America even as some of its citizens spit on me, call me names and attribute horrible deeds to me, because the freedom to be able to do that is more important than my feelings being hurt. You can revile me in the media, hate me in your home and condemn me in your schools, but the very act of me putting on my uniform and answering to the Commander in Chief, President George W. Bush, is what allows you to think, feel and (most importantly) say whatever you want to. For those of you who understand that being in the military isn't a "job" to many of us in the military, thank you very much. Your support is what helps me (and I am sure many of my brothers and sisters in arms) stay in the military...12 years now, for me. For those who have family members in the military; your sacrifice is no less felt or acknowledged. For every son, daughter, brother, sister, mother and father in the military, there are also those directly affected by their service. For those who cannot understand that the service of our country is a calling even higher than the lure of higher paying jobs and more stable work environment, (as opposed to a "last resort" job or the only option left for the "uneducated", as many in the media and those who have obviously not done their research) I say this: Say whatever you want about those in the military. Just stay out of our way so that we can keep protecting the very freedoms that allow you to put us down and denigrate our good name.
SSgt Bair, USAF, Lawton, Okla



Abouna said...

I am going to check out that site first thing in the morning and I will certainly leave a message.

The Localmalcontent said...

It's just a great site, and that it contains so many warm supportive messages to our troops, it must make Democrats jelous. Haven't seen any message from Cindy Sheehan yet there...

Abouna said...

And you never will see anything from her there.