Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Maybe if They said They were from Guadalajara


"As the grandson of an immigrant, I appreciate people's yearning for freedom and a better opportunity for themselves and their family. We have a federal policy that's a little bit different from that," Florida Governor Charlie Crist said.

You said a mouthful there, Charlie.


He's referring to the 100 or so Haitian immigrants who washed up on South Florida shores today. Does anyone suspect that these illegals will be welcomed, will be hired by employers to do the jobs that Americans refuse to do?

Unlike Cubans, who are generally allowed to stay once they reach U.S. soil, most Haitians who illegally make it to the U.S. are sent back.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Barbara Gonzalez said the agency was investigating whether the migrants were part of a human smuggling operation. Ya don't say!! What would ICE know about human smuggling??!!

"This is why the U.S. government discourages illegal migration, not only because it's illegal, but more importantly it can be deadly, as we witnessed today," she said.
The news reports of today's Haitian migration all indicate that these 100 or so people have sailed a sailboat from Port-au-Prince, Haiti for the past three weeks.
Forgive me for being so stupid, but can someone please differentiate how America allows Cubans and Mexicans who come here illegally, and Haitians who do? There seems to be a difference between 100 sailors and 12 million future Mexican welfare recipients. Well, hell, at least they have naval experience! Let em in!!
Or stop them all from entering America illegally.


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Abouna said...

To give you an idea of how distorted the libs are, there was mention on the Fox News Channel last night that the Minutemen group were going to be on the border in force to watch for and report illegals coming across. The ACLU and Human Rights Watch said that they will be there too to keep an eye on the Minutemen to make sure that "NO immigrants rights are violated". Notice how they always leave out the word "illegal"? When will they get it through their thick deformed skulls that if they sneak in, they are "illegal immigrants" and they don't have rights? The only two "rights" the illegals have, is the right to be arrested and the right to be deorted. Amen.