Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Pleasant day for a St. Patrick's Day parade

Aye, tis St. Patrick's Day, 'round the world! Today, ever'one is Irish, Happy, and Proud!

This harmless observance of one nation's patron saint, and of the Emerald Isle itself is a day of generally good cheer, green beer, and dancing frenetic jigs until you become so dizzy you puke. But it's all a terrific tribute to the Irish, those lovable red-headed Irish.

We wear green clothing and hats, carry clovers, throw parades and eat hash in tribute to our friends who speak with a Gaelic twang in their speech, and to their Saint Patrick, who legend has driving all the snakes from Ireland.

Tell Me, who wouldn't celebrate such a feat??

I cannot imagine a world without such a well meaning, light-hearted celebration, can you?
Gosh, that would be terrible!

A Very Happy St. Patrick's Day to You All!!

~from the Leprechaun-Malcontent


Abouna said...

All we need do is send a bunch of Hot headed Irishmen over to Iraq and Iran and that should solve that problem.

I don't think the camel sniffers could stand up to a bunch of irate Irish men

The Localmalcontent said...

And Comanches and Apaches to Afghanistan!