Saturday, March 31, 2007

Saving Face- Not the One You Think

"Face saving". It's something that I've begun to understand lately, as some of you know... But it is not that sort of face saving that I want to comment upon now, so ya'll can continue to read, since this will not be about saving my face, hahaha.
Besides, I am drop-dead Good Looking. See? 8 8

Maybe what I meant is "Saving Face". Because it seems to me that it is very important for Islamic countries, and Muslim peoples that they save face; meaning that their image is more important than their actions, to them.

I remember that in the first Gulf War, 1991 through 1991, the Allies liberated Kuwait from the clutches of Saddam Hussein effectively, but stopped short of overthrowing him. Alot of talk then was about saving face for the Iraqi leader, and Iraq. Saving the dignity of Iraq and of Saddam, and that of Islam generally. Again, during the U.S. invasion of Baghdad in 2003, government spokesman 'Baghdad Bob' denied all U.S. troop advancement into that city, while the tanks rolled up the street, behind him. Saving face.

Likewise the 'saving face' terrorist reactions of Osama bin Laden, ostensibly due to American military forces having the nerve to set foot on Saudi Arabian soil in that time also.
Examples of the deeply seated craving to save face are numerous within the culture of Islam, and this is both very disturbing to the rest of the world, AND just so darn sad, pathetic:
1) The ragtag Taliban, and their violent attacks on Afghan and Nato forces in eastern Afghanistan;
2) The six flying Imams from Tuscon via Minneapolis, with their civil lawsuit against USAirlines, and some John Doe passengers/defendants;
3) The inbred in-fighting between the two 'ruling' bodies in Palestine, Fatah and Hamas;
4) The refusal of the Turkish government to acknowledge a massacre of Armenian nationals way back in 1915;
5) So called "Muslim Honor Killings", for cryin' out loud!
6) The Islamic Republic of Iran, and it's most recent arrest of British sailors and marines; but also it's non-comprehension of nuclear development combined with anti Jewish threatening rhetoric.

THE CENTRAL PROBLEM THAT I SEE, THE CAUSE AND EFFECT OF THIS PHENOMENON is that Islam can't take embarrassment. But if the leaders of Islam would only act responsibly in the first place, they would not be embarrassed, humiliated in the eyes of the world.

Rather than ever admit that Islam has provoked them into self-embarrassment with outlandish actions or reactions, in each example the leaders instead seek a method of saving face, saving an imagined dignity after the fact, minimizing the effect, while totally ignoring the cause. For fanatical Muslims, the internal expectations and the external historical reality are in conflict. Therefore, they are experiencing cognitive dissonance as they work out the simple, terrifying logic. Moreover, it seems that in vast areas of Islamic culture, dissonance runs more deeply than an uncomfortable mental state; it intensifies to social shame and loss of honor. Even the 'average' Muslim, the so-called 'man on the street,' often constantly refers to the US occupation in Iraq as 'humiliation.'

Clearly, to me, the Local Malcontent, it seems to be anathema for Muslims to act civilized (Decently?) in accordance with modern and established rules of conduct. Instead, they choose to demand that their backward and uncivilized actions be recognized and tolerated, accepted as a norm.

The civilized citizens of Earth cannot be asked to accept this behavior from Muslims anymore; rather, we ought to call it for what it is, a culture of embarrassment.


Abouna said...

"Instead, they choose to demand that their backward and uncivilized actions be recognized and tolerated, accepted as a norm."

Kinda sounds like perverted and unatural actions of the homosexual community, don't it?

"Saving Face"; Is that what their women are doing behind the Burkas, saving face?

Hey my friend, glad to see you feeling better.

The Localmalcontent said...

Thanks, your Very Reverendship, and I pray for your health's complete improvement too.
Come to think about it, I must concur: It does sound alot like the gay agenda.
Uuggh, there's an image that'll be hard to erase from my mind...