Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Time for an Overhual

I apologize for not having posted anything in a while. But I had a little confrontation with reality last week, more accurately, my mortality, last week.

I have been in the hospital since Saturday late, with bleeding ulcers and -zero-- no energy at all for several days prior to that. To learn that I have ulcers came from outta left field to me, but moreover, to have ignored the symptoms, my extreme fatigue, fainting on Friday twice, yet thinking that with just an improved diet, fresh air and exercise that I could rebound, nearly cost me my life. For I left the hospital Emergency Room "against Medical Advice" Saturday morning, only to hurry back there just about 10 hours later, much sicker.

Cause to me, "ulcers" were a result of stress, work-load and a bad diet, having seen my father endure and manage his ulcer with lots of milk with meals before he retired, and before he began drinking so much booze. So hearing the diagnosis that I had ulcers in my stomach was kind of a relief to me. I'd thought I had had a mild heart attack at work, Friday night. But thanks to the terrific, highly professional staff at our local Choctaw Hospital, and my personal Doctor, who showed up at 2 am to examine me there, I am back home today after a day long transfusion of 4 units of whole blood Sunday and into Monday, scopes into my gut from both directions, with arms both of which are lined with needle pokes from elbows to wrists, and after tests to see how much blood I am losing.

I am saying all of this to gear up to say this, really:

**Don't disregard your health, or any change to your health. Even the smallest change in your perception of your general health. Ulcers came at me out of the blue, but even had I recognized the onset of an ulcer in me, I would have only altered my diet and rest. That's what I tried, only to have it backfire Saturday.

My regular Doc was stunned to hear that I'd had the facial surgery, and even the trauma which started all of this, my whuppin' last Feb. 5.
**My mistake for not keeping him in the loop of my overall health.

** This little blog of mine, it has been misnamed, and I think that I have tried to live up to it's title, and that is just not me. So, it will be changing more in accordance to that which I saw in a misty crazy dream that I had while hospitalized. There's alot that I'm displeased with in this old world, but I'm not really a Malcontent; I don't even do well at pretending that.
I will continue to post but it will be less personally aggravating stuff, more of a cracked view of the world. I can't "stomach" Islamic jihad or President Bush keeping our National back door wide open, or Shrillary Clinton and the Libs on a daily basis, any more than I can be on constant revenge mode in my personal life. I have to be more me. Cause it was killing me to be that way.

Also, check into this article on the dangerous bacteria capable of eating away at your stomach's lining, and thriving on the sugars and bile there. That's where I'm coming from, nowadays.
h.pylori bacteria and peptic ulcers
I saw all of those "emergency symptoms" listed there, on Friday. Fool that I am...

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