Friday, April 13, 2007

A distinguished re-start, eh?

After Easter, I've worked 12.5-hour shifts for a week, while another co-worker takes his vacation time. That's OK, because I like my job, and it is my turn to work extra hours.
Subsequently, I have not even turned on my computer in six days, much less post my stupid observations on the condition of our world.

Instead, I've had time to kind of sit back and watch; and like people do, when they witness a bad car wreck, or some great magic trick or illusion (a la David Blaine, or Penn & Teller), I watched with my mouth open, with my chin on my chest.

Alot has happened in a week, after the Holy week of Passover, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday, and perhaps it is Satan stoking the fires, who knows? It was a bad week though for America, for Great Britain, and for Don Imus and our First Amendment rights.
I don't listen to, nor watch Don Imus' show. The one or two times I have, I didn't like him. His brand of humor is juvenile at best, and bathroom humor, at worst. How he got a TV/RADIO deal, I'll never know. Oh, wait, Yeah, I think I do know.... Anyway, there's NO WAY I like his comments last week about the Rutgers Women's Basketball team. His comments were Just another example of his stupidity, his appeal to 11-year-old boys to giggle at the semi-lurid, semi-sexual reference.

But the whole matter of Imus' comments, his apologies, and his firings from MSNBC and WFAN radio illustrates a deeper danger to our freedoms, or to our perceived freedoms, and how easily we can lose them.

For there is a group of people in our country, our United States of America, who want to restrict our freedoms, who want rules by which we all must live, who demand that we all think like them, or they will have us fired from jobs, or punish us for our freedom of thought or speech or action.

This group of people will demand and complain, until they get their way. They will try to keep you from having a gun in your house; they will try to restrict what you may eat; they will try to restrict how you drive, mow your lawn, burn your trash, and the list is endless, really.
They want to proscribe exactly how you and I live our lives, in every detail, and so micro managed, to please their way of thinking, rather than allowing us to live and think and speak as we individually choose.

Sometimes, when these people have a position of power, they offer "tax credits", to offset their extreme tax increases. This B.S. is merely another way of control of you and me. They say "If you do this, then you may subtract XX dollars from your taxes, but you better be able to prove it." Buy a pre-approved water heater or use certain types of home improvements, and they will let you keep a little more of your own money!! Let's tax this! Let's tax that! Can we tax breathing yet??
THAT IS COMING.... You carbon dioxide--exhaling monster you!

"Jump through this hoop for us, and we will let you keep some of your income which you've earned by the sweat of your brow."

Right now, I am so hot, so enraged, that I have to stop, or I'll boil.
I just do not know where to start, after a week off from not commenting.
Naturally, I've just finished my Federal tax return; next, I write the [==`&*^$# ing check....

SEE? I'm bouncing all over the place. This blog will need for me to relearn to focus my thoughts before it is relevant again. But I do dislike Democrats and their veiled malevolence. The society that they have created with "welfare" and the war on poverty and/or drugs, and now this bull-crap "global warming" issue is doom. Doom.

Stopping now or else.

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