Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Gary McKinnon's Sob Story- Now He's Worried

Why is it that computer Hackers worldwide think that they can break into other's websites, even the websites of other Governments, with impunity, but without consequences? These individuals seem to think that they are above the law of any nation; that they can dig and delve into websites other than their own, to stop the website owner's right of freedom of speech, to instead promote their own agenda, to the exclusivity of all others, then expect to NOT face any criminal trial.

By the very definition of the word "Hacker", criminal mischief is implied! And by living in a nation which does not have a criminal code addressing this specific violation, they feel that hackers cannot be held accountable for their conduct, cannot be held accountable for their criminal activities in a border-less Internet web.

British hackers and disciples of one Gary McKinnon are of this ilk. And their battlecry is "Gary did not break any British law, only American law--Do Not Extradite Him to America to face Charges!"

The story of Gary McKinnon is a sad story of an arrogant, out-of-work computer specialist who claims that he hacked into Department of Defense and Nasa internal computer websites in 2001 and 2002, 97 times, ostensibly to look for U.S. cover up of UFO encounters. Neither Mr. McKinnon nor his attorneys deny this; their defense is that Mr. McKinnon was a seeker of the truth about UFOs, and that he only sought to interfere with these websites to learn the truth. Now Gary and his solicitors believe that he will not get a fair trial here in the U.S.
Here is His History
This criminal activity would set a very dangerous precedent, if it was ignored or untried in a criminal court of law. It means that any one, anywhere could slice into a government website which they personally disagree with, and post anarchist propaganda, or wipe out sensitive data with impunity, without any fear of prosecution for what they had done.
What Mr. McKinnon did is clearly a criminal act, but in the interim period, what his lawyer (his "solicitors" for you Londoners) have done is a shame, and again demonstrates the lack of spine Great Britain has succumb to lately.
Free Gary McKinnon- Sob Story Website

Nothing would make the Localmalcontent happier than to see this international creep behind American prison bars. Sad though, that it happens to a British guy, but hey, criminality knows no bounds, no friendly extenuating circumstances. To rely upon the close, friendly relationship between two nations after the fact is cowardly at best. Sorry, Gary, but you screwed up.

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Abouna said...

If I heard right, McKinnon LOST and will be deported to the United States.