Thursday, April 19, 2007

I see no such signposts~

Many people are worried that America is in it's 'death throes', and in it's final days.

And true, there are plenty of signposts which would indicate that demise, if that is all that one looks at. Not only those signposts, but there's also all of America's media outlets slamming America these days, telling us all, that surely, America's best days are behind her. Today I am angry at many who give up so easily. But to me, that is the easy way out- the clear demonstration that the Left is winning- when the Main Stream Media can claim otherwise resolute Conservatives as their victims.

The weeks' terrible tragedy at Virginia Tech, in Blacksburg; today's 12th anniversary of the Murrah Federal building bombing in Oklahoma City, today; and of course the anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre on April 20, 1998, and the fear of copy-cat terrorists shooting and killing at every high school and college campus nationwide, on Columbine's anniversary tomorrow. All of these tragedies were caused by a single person, with the intent of bringing America down. Likewise, Osama bin Laden, and his al-Queda bandits, they want us to fear, they want us to be in terror, and then be confused, then submit.

Hell no, Buttwipes, you haven't faced us natives yet!!

But these are NOT America's final days. The very idea that America is slipping away is both irresponsible and fatalistic, and an insult to the great American spirit. Fear mongering for the sake of the 'old days'. But not all those old days were all that great either!

It is sad, it is wrong, and it is a shame.
Anyone can run around like Chicken Little, crying that the sky is falling; former Vice President Al Gore is now famous for that. But I see so many Conservatives also falling (unbeknownst to them) into that black hole trap, too. They seem to be saying "I'm overwhelmed, therefore, I submit,"

That is exactly the aim of America's emenies, to get us all to submit.
America, know this: I will Never submit! I will never ever say that the tide has turned against us, so much so that I think I'll cover my butt, without fighting for that which you taught me to believe in, fighting for all of us; a team, a dream, a nation.

America, you can count upon me to fight for you, as well as thousands other Natives like me.
And your promise of freedom, of prosperity will live on, will indeed (STILL) be the shining beacon to others to mimick and to follow.

You won't find me looking fondly at our past, but instead, looking forward to an even better day for you, since 'freedom is never free'.

Bring on any fight!!! You Will Be Sorry You Did!


Anonymous said...

It is too late for America, this nation is finished. No democracy has ever lasted over 200 years befor it fell. Youir nation will be the same, and for good.

The Localmalcontent said...

Anonymous, you could not be more wrong! The fact that you look to the past, rather than at America and to her future, is indicative.

America will never be defeated, because plenty of quiet defenders will gladly spend their lives to defend her!

Abouna said...

The Localmalcontent: You tell em my friend. When the moment arrives, their are plenty of us who will be ready, willing and able to kick some serious A$$.