Monday, April 23, 2007

"Imagine All the people, living in Tyranny..." sings John Lennon

I've already talked about certain "signposts" which would indicate a troubling direction that my country, America, may take. Though I still do not see the ruin that others see, there ARE some screaming moonbats around that cause me to wonder: " Are the patients running the asylum here?"

(Signpost #1) Look at San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsome, and his firm confirmation that NO city employee will support Federal Immigration law in that city. San Francisco is what is called a "sanctuary city", where any and all illegal aliens may go freely, with no fear of retribution from the police there, but only there's no promise of a job, or housing either. FOR THAT, the mayor relies upon the state of California, or the United States itself, to cover all costs in keeping the illegal person(s) there.

(Signpost #2) Democratic candidate for president Shrillary Clinton tells us that if she is elected President, then she will appoint her "husband", former President Bill J. Clinton, as "Ambassador to the World", a post which is not supported by the U.S. constitution. But what the hell? She has never bothered to be bound by the Constitution before, so why start now? This new position, filled through nepotism, would add to the American federal debt, giving Bill another lifetime source of (retirement?) income, besides his post Presidency stipend.

Are we just nuts? to listen to this crap? All this is, is a plan to run a nation run according to a Clinton, not a Constitution.

(Signpost #3) The 1st and 2nd Amendments to our Constitution are now so full of holes that one can't even read it. The First Amendment, you may remember, used to guarantee the freedom of speech, among other God-granted-rights to all Americans.

However, today, only Liberals are allowed free speech; Notice all of the various speeches by national right's and Conservative speakers on this countries' college campuses today. Riots and utterly adolescent, screaming outbursts punctuate all of these public speaking events. HELL NO, if your topic is not the Liberal party, or Socialist party line, then YOU don't get the privilege of speaking, but instead, defending yourself from Liberal activists bent upon suppression of your rights.

The Internet website of one of our most virulent, most poisonous Liberal activist sites:
San Francisco Crazies

If Muslim radical, or If Liberal radical elements ever come to govern this country, the Liberals would be the first to lose their imagined rights and freedoms. No longer would these rights and freedoms be bestowed by God Almighty; they, instead would be granted by a group of angry people bent on making your life as miserable as theirs, but only with fewer privileges!

To somehow believe that Liberal, Left wing, Socialist ways are the best for America, is insanity, and foretell a doom for America as we know her.


Abouna said...

Our Constitution is great if you happen to love Swiss Cheese. I had great hopes for America when Bush won his second term, but it appears that our downward slide has picked up speed.

The Localmalcontent said...

Picked up speed with President Bush steering us toward a North American Union, made of us, Canada and Mexico. After a couple of years of this, then we will endorse the addition of Guatamala, Honduras and El Salvadore.
After a couple more years of this...... you get the picture.