Sunday, April 15, 2007

Life imitates Art: Today's Lady Macbeth & the Weird Sisters

Four hundred years ago, William Shakespeare wrote a play telling the story of King Macbeth of Scotland.

A good story loves to repeat itself: "Macbeth" reveals the tragedy of a woman's lust for power and of betrayal by friends; Lady Macbeth is aided in her purpose by three aged creatures, "the Weird Sisters".

These three hags -- witches -- call up "snakes, newts and the toes of frogs" to conjure a "hell's broth" of furies to plague man as they hobble and prance around a steaming cauldron on a wind-swept hearth.

But that was then, and this is now. Shrillary Clinton is seeking the power of the U.S. presidency and three very respected elderly 'ladies' have vowed to form a "rapid rebuttal force" of well-known women to defend and promote Sen. Clinton's candidacy. Identical to Lady Macbeth, Shrillary Clinton is walking the very same path, acting in the very same act, in the same morality play.

This force, bringing together 200 years of mostly bitter experience to Shrillary Clinton's presumed need for champions, is led by a candidate for vice president some 23 years ago, Geraldine Ferraro. She says that her backing of Shrillary is not "because she's a woman, but, isn't it wonderful that she is a woman?"

This former three-term New York congresswoman of Queens remains the mistress of the tart retort. However, as the one-time vice presidential candidate knows, it's not what their nearest and dearest (bad Husbands, that is) do, but how it affects their access to the office they crave to hold. And just like Lady Macbeth, Shrillary challenges her husband's manhood by being more aggressive than he, taunting him, and suggesting, "When you durst do it, then you were a man"(1.7.55). Although devotedly loyal, Lady Macbeth fully rejects her subordinate role as wife and asks to be transformed... "into an instrument of death, whose cruelty transcends the limitations of her sex and of her mortal nature". Finally, the fact that she works with the Weird Sisters to influence Macbeth suggests that she is at least indirectly allied with them.

Her weird, witchy, teammates know well these self-inflicted trials, tribulations and self denials.

Madeleine Albright, another 70-something on the response team, is known for her wonderful ability to juggle friends and business interests with politics. Bill Clinton made her secretary of State because she had won power and friends in the Democratic Party by advising losers: She counseled both the Carter and Clinton administrations. Her weird decisions as Secretary of the U.S. State Department resulted in thousands of deaths, ranging from Somalia through the deadly Bosnian-Serbian conflict and Kosovo killings to the Rwanda massacres and the bombing of the U.S. Embassies in Africa. She fully earned the honorific "Madeleine Halfbright."

The third acknowledged member of the Shrillary "truth squad" is elderly, tennis professional Billie Jean King. She is remembered for her manly, yet skillful net play and her saying, "Victory is fleeting. Losing is forever!" (Didn't she also have hair on her chest?) She also is known for winning the Battle of the Sexes in 1973 against male tennis pro Bobby Riggs, the high point of her career.

Lastly, expect the ancient, former Attorney General, Janet Reno, to soon announce her endorsement of Shrillary Clinton, and offering her assistance in getting out the octogenarian vote in Florida for her.

Putting Shakespeare, Macbeth, and his snakes, newts and cauldrons aside, Shrillary's ladies, unlike Lady Macbeth's witches, have "fear" as an ingredient to add to their 2007 mix --remember Waco, Texas, 1993??

By telling her detractors that she, Shrillary, and she alone, can save America from the disasters prophesied hourly on television, they all hope to make Bill "the first gentleman," and to make men in leadership generally, totally impotent.

Danger flags have risen to full staff because of climate change, pandemics, cyber attacks and retirements. The threat of a continuing war or declaring a military retreat and redeployment is as omnipresent as are economic fears generated by job losses or immigrants swamping our society.

We are becoming a fear-ridden society, thanks only to Democrat's shrill shrieking!

Too many of us put ideology first while we should be looking for a leader who can accept reality and demand that his subordinates are competent to do the same. So, let's ask Shrillary's wise women for their answers. And why not ask every candidate seeking your vote the same question: What is your consequence management plan?

Shrillary's team is attempting the impossible, yet expecting the miraculous: They must demonstrate she has the skills to govern competently and control the furies which the media claim will be released upon us.

TOMORROW, 04/16/07: THE FIRST PART OF THREE PARTS: "97 Reasons That Democrats Are Weak On National Defense And Can't Be Trusted"

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