Saturday, April 7, 2007

Messages from the men and women who protect our freedom, from

These messages home from my heroes just chokes me up. I won't get to know all these people, America's finest men and women, but I wish that I could.

Remember these messages the next time the Liberal Media tells you that America is bad. Or is losing, or is wrong in it's war against world-wide Islamic Extremism. Why not choose not to listen to the mean stream media, altogether, but to regularly read this site's responses instead?

Selected messages to you, from your/my American military:

I want to thank all the patriots from this site and let them know how much it means to the troops to hear a simple "Thank You". We are told it is a thankless job, but because of people like you, it doesn't have to be. I can only speak for myself, but I am not afraid of what happens if I die, I know where I am going. But I am afraid of what happens if we fail in this war. For our county's sake, victory is our only option. And it will take the continued support of "True Americans" such as yourselves. Thank you. God Bless. Cpl M., United States Marine Corps, Brookings, Ore.

I am currently in Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. I would like to send a special thank you out to all the Americans that support our troops world wide. The job we do, we do for Country, God and our families. The support you show us every day cannot be expressed in words. You keep us going and help keep our spirits and moral high. We look forward to coming home and being back with our friends and families. I have two teenage daughters and I am here because of them. I want them to be able to grow up in a land that has opportunities for them and not hardships. I know of no greater sacrifice I could make than to serve my country when my country needs me. This country has given us all so much and taken care of us and it is our turn to give something back and to keep this country "FREE" just as our forefathers did for us. It will be our children and grandchildren that will thank us for the actions we take today. God bless all the Soldiers, Airmen, Marines and Sailors around the world past and present that help keep our country "OUR COUNTRY". Neil L. /BUCS(SCW)/E-8/US NAVY, Union, Mo.

Thank you for every bit of your help and affection. On the toughest of days it is the letters from complete strangers that do the most to lift my morale. You have done more than you can ever imagine. SSgt ___, USMC, Saginaw, Mich.

I'm not much for words, but I had to thank everyone for all your heartfelt messages. It is truly an inspiration to hear your support. Thank you.
Warren, N. Sgt, USMC, Salt Lake City

Little things like writing a message or sending a letter to us troops might not seem like a big deal, but it means the world to us. Thanks for all the support. SGT M., MICHAEL /USMC, CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill.

I'm in the US Navy and I have taken the time to read the messages the people we fight for back home leave for us. It does help to read these and truly mean so much to both me and the rest of us in uniform, the greatest thanks we can ever receive is no medal or ribbon, it's the thank yous from the people back home and even strangers in all places. Thank you for your support.
ADAN C., Daniel, USN, Pahrump, Nev

To my fellow patriots!!!! I love you all for the trumendeous support you have shown for us troops. It is not easy doing what we do, but we do it well. We could not do anything effectively without our backbone...and that backbone is YOU, America. My heart goes out to all the families of the veterans who have fallen, and still amongst us with the memories of why we are, always will be soldiers. SGT P., Jason, US Army, Binghampton, N.Y.

I would to thank my family, friends and the rest of the people who support what we are over here in Iraq trying to accomplish. Times get trying and morale sometimes is low, but with supporters like you all...we find the strength to press on. You may think we are heroes for doing this but we think it takes great people to show love and support as well. So I will keep on doing my part for our country and I hope you all do the same by continuing to support. Thank You and God Bless America. Sharia T.,/SGT/Army, Detroit, Michigan

** Did ya notice this soldier's first name, above?? God Bless You, Sergeant Sharia and all our soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors!! Thank You so much!!

Just knowing that somewhere out there someone is praying for you and thanking God for all you do is the best gift I could ever receive. Thank you America so much for all the support and all the thanks. You are the reason why I don't hesitate to lace up my boots every morning. SGT McInnis, USArmy, Raeford, NC

November 15, 2006 I am a young man of 24 years. I have spent the last 5 years of my life serving this great country. I can only say that it is an honor to serve not only my family, my friends, and loved ones, but all of those who I have never met, and most likely never will. Your words of encouragement renew and invigorate soldiers like myself. It gives them the motivation and steadfast determination to move on with hope every day. I shed my first tear in many years reading the posts made by so many people here on this site. I am proud to serve each and every one of you. I cannot speak for everyone, but I believe most, if not all, of my fellow brothers and sisters in the service, thank you for your support. It is greatly needed, especially with the holidays coming up very soon. I wish to leave you all with a poem I wrote shortly after I returned from being deployed -- American Soldier: They've seen things That some never will. They've seen people die And they've had to kill. When a soldier comes home And at night he cries. You'll never know What he's seen with those eyes. They've heard bombs Bursting all around. They've heard planes Crashing to the ground. When a soldier comes home And doesn't say a word, You'll never know What his ears have heard. They've felt the pain Of losing a brother, And they've felt the pain Of killing another. When a soldier comes home And he sits all alone, You'll never know The pain he's known. Look at the pain in his eyes. Listen to the sadness in his voice. Feel the scars upon his skin. If I had a choice I'd do it all over again. Author: David F., God Bless you all. David F., Senior Airman, US Air Force, Porter, Tx.

These men and women are my heroes, as they protect you and me at the most basic levels of our national identity. Freedom is not, has never been free; and these fine Americans somehow know that in their souls.
How can I, or anyone else, claim that sports athletes or politicians are heroes to us, when these men and women defend us DAILY, so that we can adore Tiger Woods or Albert Pujols or the Florida Gators.
On this day when millions of Americans, when billions of Christians world-wide celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, there is another component to remember and to be thankful for, the freedom from Islamic force and compulsion, and that freedom is defended by our military.


Abouna said...

With Troops like these, we are in good hands, that is as long as the Dems butt out.

god Bless them all.

The Localmalcontent said...

Today, and this week, there are so many things to be thankful for, so many freedoms that we, collectively, forget to be thankful for.

I will never forget our American servicemen, servicewomen, and their defense of my freedoms.
Indeed, may God Bless them all!!