Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Other Famous Oklahomans

Famous Oklahomans
Johnny Bench baseball player, Oklahoma City

John Berryman poet, MacAlester

Garth Brooks singer, Tulsa

Jeremy Castle singer, Blanchard

Iron Eyes Cody Cherokee actor

Gordon Cooper astronaut, Shawnee

Ralph Ellison writer, Oklahoma City

James Garner actor, Norman

Owen K. Garriott astronaut, Enid

Vince Gill singer, Norman

Chester Gould cartoonist, Pawnee

Woodrow Wilson "Woody" Guthrie singer, composer, Okemah

Ike Taylor, Zac Hanson music, Tulsa

Roy Harris composer, Lincoln City

Paul Harvey broadcaster, Tulsa

Van Heflin actor, Walters

Tony Hillerman author, Sacred Heart

Ron Howard actor, director, Duncan

Karl Guthe Jansky engineer, Norman

Ben Johnson actor, Pawhuska

Jennifer Jones actress, Tulsa

Jeane Kirkpatrick diplomat, Duncan

Shannon Lucid astronaut, Bethany

The LocalMalcontent blogger, Yanush

Mickey Mantle baseball Star, Spavinaw

Reba McEntire singer, McAlester

Shannon Miller Olympic gymnast, Edmond

Bill Moyers journalist, Hugo

Daniel Patrick Moynihan N.Y. senator, Tulsa

Patti Page singer, Clarence

Brad Pitt actor Shawnee

Tony Randall actor, Tulsa

Oral Roberts evangelist, Ada

Dale Robertson actor, Oklahoma City

Will Rogers humorist, Oologah

Dan Rowan comedian, Beggs

Leon Russell, rock singer, Tulsa

Robert Stemmons, whistler, Tulsa

Maria Tallchief, ballerina, Fairfax

Jim Thorpe, Olympic athlete, Prague

Jeanne Tripplehorn actress, Tulsa

Ted Shackleford actor, Tulsa

Wilma Mankiller Cherokee chief, Tahlequah

Just so everyone knows, Oklahoma has done it's part in producing good--No, Great-- Conservative personalities, as well as other great Americans.

Not just great College Football players.


Abouna said...

You Guys must have something good in your water.

The Localmalcontent said...

It is good water, but moreover, it's a deep belief in a Creator Who is more than all of us together. Some of us are gifted enough to touch alot of people with G-d's love, others of us do it on a 1-to-1 basis, hahaha, ????