Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sirens, the sirens -- still I can hear their calls

Aawwww, shoot.

Middle of last week, I "googled" the name of a high school girl friend of mine, because I'd lost touch with her over the 20+ years, since we all graduated. This girl meant so much to me; Much of my life, and its direction are directly attributed to her influence, OR it was until last Friday. I've always remembered her birthday; yearly, I would fondly remember her on the April anniversary of her birth.
There was more between us in those days, but that has no place in a decent blog.

Anyway, I'd not seen nor spoken with her since at least 1990, which was my second year at OU. 17 years ago, now! Back then, I knew that she left the University of Oklahoma, moving back to her native state in New England. It seems that, like vines or bushes left unattended for years in the yard, we both have grown in wild, and differing directions, since that time.

Yet, I found her, through Googling. After a brief process of phone calls, I called the New England state location of her Eco-friendly, green grocery. She answered the phone, and I recognized her voice instantly, though it's been at least 17 years since we last spoke. Thursday, the 12th, was her birthday, also the day I called her.

I have to confess, that with a minimal number of hints from me, she called me by name, on her first guess. That made me feel so good, that she remembered me quickly and fondly, and that I was her first guess. I wished her a very happy birthday, and then broached the somewhat mystic connection between us, still... asking whether she felt me (still) thinking of her, in her thoughts, both confirming something she once told me, and fulfilling a requirement of my heart now, because I've always had such a big crush on this woman.

We spoke for about 20 exquisite minutes (to me). She expressed her surprise, and her amazement at my ease and ability to finding her. She told me that just like me, she was still unmarried, despite her 5-year experiment living with a guy, before they 'celebrated' their divorce. THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN MY FIRST WARNING SIGNAL--(WARNING, WARNING, LIBERAL MOONBAT WARNING!!!) But I continued, telling her that I worked at an Indian casino (decadent and money-grubbing ), coming home smelling through and through of 2nd-hand cigarette smoke, and more, all the while handing her enough ammunition to totally hate me for my beliefs, and therefore, my choices in life.

Near the end of our telephone conversation, her voice had become shrill and condescending in nature. With me, her long-lost friend from Oklahoma!! In fact, I told her that I have a large vegetable garden, and a few fruit trees, and of my love of gardening, in an effort to save the conversation we were having.

"Do You Eat the Flesh of Animals?" she asked at one point. I said that I did, and that I loved it, and that I have some 22 chickens, whose eggs and whose flesh I eat.

Well, that did it.
Suddenly, she had to go, breaking off our once-in-20-years-conversation. She spelled out an email address to me, which I've since learned is bogus. Or maybe it isn't, but one from which she only reads, but never responds, since I have found the website of her environmentally-friendly, and vegetarian grocery. (It must be that capitalism is only WRONG, if you do not have earth-friendly, commune-based ethics for grocery buying, considering that her grocery requires a $40.00 per year 'dues' for members of same, whether they buy online, or from within the physical store...)

I haven't gotten a response from her in now 7 days, so I assume, nicely, that she never got my subsequent email. That has to be the reason-- why wouldn't she make a leftist-attempt to reel me in, into the Liberal snare that she herself, has fallen into?

ONCE UPON A TIME, I WORSHIPPED THIS GIRL AND THE GROUND UPON WHICH SHE WALKED. She was the only girl in the world to me, as a 9th or 10th grader- for about three years running. And I was fully acting the part of the adolescent, hormone-poisoned and influenced teenage boy to her sublime, blond beauty and her intelligence.
But it seems that she's been forever influenced by the Liberal, Screaming-Moonbat, commune-loving, Leftists of America. Maybe she always was this way, even way back in our high school days, since horny, adolescent boys cannot smell Liberal, taste Liberal, or hear or see anything other than 'female'.
If my friend ever does email me, and if it's 'good', I will share it with you all here.
But nothing yet!

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Abouna said...

Just don't hold your breath waiting for that email.

My dear friend, you have just learned a very valuable lessen, reality is never as sweet as the memories.