Saturday, April 14, 2007

So should the lesson to be learned from the Don Imus fiasco this week be,

"if you say something which is deemed to be offensive, that someone else hates or disagrees with, or believes to be a lie, then 'YOU'RE FIRED!'" ??

Clean out your desk and then clean out your mouth. Can I assume that? Great!!

In that case, Nancy Pelosi, youre fired!!
Rosie O'Donnell, you're fired!!
George W. Bush, you're fired!
Cindy Sheehan, not only are you fired, but I hereby put a fatwa on you, for your immediate stoning.
Ms. Crystal Gail Mangum, you ARE a nappy-headed ho! And for lying to the Durham, N.C. D.A, you are fired!
Prime Minister Tony Blair, you are sacked~!
LocalMalcontent, you too are fired!

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