Sunday, April 1, 2007

Tancredo to Announce Candidacy TOM-orrow!

Lots of excitement in the Localmalcontent household today!!
Received word from Tom Tancredo's campaign late last night, that Representative Tancredo will Officially announce his candidacy for President of our United States on Monday, in Iowa!

This is sure terrific news. And it will be very interesting to see what impact his announcement will have on the polls, regarding Conservative candidates among voters. Tom Tancredo is very popular among conservatives living in our western states, and even here in the midwest! And I, the Localmalcontent had gotten worried that he would change his mind, seeing the lead, and the news generated by other Conservative candidates: Giuliani, Romney, et. al.
What do you predict the polls will say about him? Which conservative radio talk show will he appear on first, and who will endorse him first?? Finally, exciting times again for Conservatives, huh George?

Oh, and Baseball season (FINALLY) starts up again tonight, with the St. Louis Cardinals taking on the New York Mets at Busch stadium, in a reprise of last year's exciting NL playoffs. I awoke this morning to the radio replaying some highlights from last year's World Championship season, that I jumped outta bed, thinking a Cardinal's game was on the radio already!; so excited to know that winter is indeed over!!

What in the world is a "Met", anyway???

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Abouna said...

HOORAH!! Tom will get my Vote.

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