Saturday, April 7, 2007

Thankful also for Toyko, toys, Tuscany, Tuscon, ...

Since it is Easter, and I personally have so very much to be thankful for,
I've decided to acknowledge a few of the things by which I'm most blessed in this, my life:

I am thankful for my God, and my belief, my confirmation in God the Most High, most of all!
"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life; Though God sent not His son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world, through Him, might be saved," John 3:16-17

I am thankful for Your love of me, and of Mankind, so much so that we are able to advance in our knowledge of all things; I'm thankful to feel Love for You all, too;

I am thankful for the United States of America, it's many, varied States, and their multitudinous statutes; for in that, we demonstrate that we are a tolerant, benevolent society. For what you believe to be right, to be law may not be what I believe to be law, what I believe to be right; But we have the freedom, the arena to discuss and debate our law;

Of course, I am thankful for my family, though it is all on the other side now, awaiting me there.
Also, I'm very thankful for my other "family", the Choctaw Indian Nation here in Oklahoma, and even somewhat in Mississippi, and their trust and their support to me, and my devotion to them in return;

I am thankful for Mockingbirds, which wake me up every morning, with their lovely singing, their simple glory to God for waking up each day alive and loved.

I am also thankful for the Crows, who wake me up before the Mockingbirds do, just before dawn, at about 7 a.m., with their cawing in my pasture, outside my bedroom windows. I DO recognize your instruction throughout my life, OK? (ya'll may think I'm crazy, but I know the legends-)

I am so very thankful for the American military, who take up the necessary duty of keeping these United States free. Ya'll are my genuine flesh and blood Heroes, and I look for each, every opportunity to thank you in person, every day I live free here in Oklahoma. OUUHAWW!

I am thankful for my friends, who keep me sane, who keep me entertained, energized and alive. Both my personal friends, as well as such 'long-distance' Internet friends as Abouna, Jon in Sydney, Nurse Harriet, and San Diego Steve; each of you keep me on the straight and narrow, remembering who I am; and for each of you, I pray each night;

I thank God for Baseball, a game which is so deep, and so intricate, sometimes so painful, that Sports Illustrated can't even comprehend it!;

I am thankful for Laughter, and for Comedy, and for the ability, indeed the skill of laughing at Ones self, and for comedians who realize this. making Mirth is the skill and the blessing;

I am thankful for Avocados, Onions, Tomatoes, Okra, Asparagus, Pears, Peaches, Apples, Oranges, Pecans, Walnuts, Cashews, Green Beans, Pinto Beans, Coffee beans, Tea leaves and Celery; ((Celery, only because of 'celery salt', an alternative to Salt, NaCl...))

I am thankful to You for cattle, for chickens, for Catfish, for seafood, and for sheep, because these animals gave their lives for my sustenance and nutrition;

I am thankful for my voice, my hearing, my sight and touch!! Through which I can encounter my other humans, my fellow children of God!

I am thankful to You for my curiosity; and my birthright-ability to question all things;
I am thankful for the cold days, as well as the warm nights, for I cannot appreciate Your seasons otherwise;

For Water, and its abundance here, and rain, and snow, and sleet, and for beautiful fog;
I am thankful for the subtle, dark, moonless nights; I am thankful for the bright, excoriating sunlight;

I am thankful for Your putting Jupiter and Saturn where You did, for our planet's protection; and for the mysteries of Mars and Venus and the Moon, and their beauty in the skies;

I am so very small, Lord-- why do You remember me?, in light of everything else ??

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Abouna said...

I am thankful for the internet and blog sites which gave me the opportunity to meet you, even if not in person, for you have become one person that I can reach out to in time of need. God bless you my "Choctaw Son".

I hope you had a very happy Resurrection day, filled with love, the company of friends and good food.

I went out to a great Italian restaurant with one of my sons and daughter-in-law, their children, my 92 year old mother and one of my brothers. I had the restaurant owner set an extra place at the table. This I do in honor of those whom I care deeply of, friends and relatives who could not join me at the meal. So, you were with me in spirit at that dinner yesterday.