Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Vulgar & Unsightly Rosie is Leaving "The View"


I am really running behind. The following was written by me about a month ago, but I always felt that it was a bit too angry, so the post, and photo of Rosie O'Dillo stayed in my computer all the while.

But Rosie is leaving "The View" in mid June. News reports say that she and ABC could not reach a contract agreement, for her to continue. But is this all there is?
Is she a victim of "Imus-izaton"? (Pressure from listeners, viewers, offended by her radical views?) Or has Barbara Walters, or Disney finally tired of her? The news will come out eventually, and I strongly suspect that it is because of her overbearing, often vulgar tirades against America.

Either way it comes out, She remains a perfect example for us all to remember exactly what a Liberal actually looks and sounds like. Now, from over a month ago, my post on Rosie O'Dillo.

This is Rosie O'Dillo. She is a repugnant reptile and causes the set to tilt to the left on ABC Television's morning show "The View", because of her fat, 40-acre ass, and her even fatter mouth.

I do not watch this TV show; you could not pay me Enough to watch this trash.
YOU SHOULD NOT EITHER, because of Rosie O'Dillo. But I hope that all of you respect yourself far more than to lower yourselves to watch this crap.

THAT'S RIGHT, ABC TELEVISION THINKS SO HIGHLY OF YOU, THAT THEY PRESENT CRAP TO YOU, OR YOUR WIFE TO WATCH EVERY DAY. But that's what the American Broadcasting Corporation presents in their nightly "Prime Time" lineup as well; TOTAL CRAP.

The brilliant corporate brains there in New York City think so little of you that they will force feed you scintillating television like “Lost”, "Desperate Housewives", "Grey's Anatomy", and "The View".
I'm sure that there are other examples of the lowest-common denominator-filthy-trash which passes for broadcast TV on that network, but I can't think of them, since I do not watch ABC television.

Rosie O'Dillo vents her spleen evidently every morning, always against the America which tolerates her to do so, condemning our troops in America's fight against Islamic terrorism and fascism. But I understand that lately, this trashy, ignorant lesbian has gone and praised Iran, a country that would not allow her to live 3 minutes longer, in light of her chosen lifestyle, and blamed the 15 British sailors and Marines for being captured -in Iraqi territory- by the Revolutionary Guard of Iran's Grand Mullahs. She would love to see America brought to its knees in the world.
And it's obvious that Rosie O'Dillo doesn't like you at all! She shows her viewers her ass each morning, fully demonstrating that she thinks so little of you.

Well, I'd like to see her, Ms. Rosie O'Dillo get hit by a truck. Or crippled by a well placed sniper bullet, a la Ironside. Now that's entertainment!!

But, here's a twist in my evil design that you did not see coming: I love Rosie O'Dillo.

Yeah, I'd love to hear that she's gotten fired by "The View", or ABC Television, or Baba Wawa. But I can appreciate Rosie O'Dillo for the very visible Liberal voice that she is. Rosie O'Dillo represents the very cream of the Liberal crop in America today, and as such a visible representative of those losers, doing what she does best, I just love her.

I Do Urge Any New York or Connecticut driver to run her over, if you see her on the roadway, sniffing around, nibbling at garbage. Kill Rosie O'Dillo if you have the chance; run IT over and make IT roadkill.

I do not watch this filth because I respect myself too much. Do you respect yourself as well?


Abouna said...

Yes, I fear that if she does not become a "Road Pizza", she just may resurface in another venue.

The Localmalcontent said...

Perhaps she will; but that's OK, really, she is branded now as a radical leftist loonybird, as someone who never thinks before she speaks, or checks her facts. The thing to watch for, to me, is who will replace her on ABC....