Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Almost $340 Million in Drugs Seized in '06, on Tex. Highways

Texas Department of Public Safety troopers seized more drugs during routine traffic stops in 2006 than any other time in DPS history.


May 30, 2007

"Our troopers lead the nation in drug seizures on a yearly basis, but now they have set a new standard of excellence—new TxDPS records for cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine seizures," said Col. Thomas Davis Jr., director of the Department of Public Safety. "Taking more than 100,000 pounds of drugs off the streets and arresting 1,975 drug smugglers is good news for Texas."

Some of the drug seizure highlights in 2006:
  • Nearly three tons (5,986 pounds) of cocaine—the most ever by DPS troopers;
  • Nearly 48 tons (95,653 pounds) of marijuana—a new DPS record;
  • 267 pounds of methamphetamine—the most in DPS history;
  • Drugs valued at $335.9 million—ranks first in DPS history.

"Our troopers are highly trained in drug interdiction. The record numbers are a reflection of that training and— unfortunately—the amount of drugs that are transported on Texas roadways," said Highway Patrol Chief Randall K. Elliston.

What the above news story does not suggest is any Texas DPS estimate of how much drugs from (GUESS WHERE?) made it through. Because even with drug dealers, the laws of economics still apply: If your drug business is operating at a loss, there is no reason to be in business any longer-- in fact, there's motivation to hurry and get out of business, cutting your losses.

But apparently, that is NOT the case; since these large-scale drug export cartels in Northern Mexico and places like Colombia stay in business, and are able to absorb the loss of nearly 340 Million dollars, in one year. (THINK Economies of scale, along the line of a GM or Ford or a Wal-Mart sized business...)

While the print story does not say this, on the radio the news reader stated that most of these drug busts occurred on Texas highways in Border counties, and in southern Texas.

Hmmm, now what would that fact tell even the dumbest President or U.S. Senator?!

Or how about this-- a ONE WEEK LONG intense project held by the New Mexico State Police-- in only 7 days!!
Operation SideWinder Rattles Drug Smugglers

Santa Fe—A week long special operation on the southern border has chased crooks and drug smugglers out from under the rocks.

The Department of Public Safety law enforcement programs including, State Police and the Motor Transportation Police worked in conjunction with neighboring states to increase police presence on the international border to deter crime.

New Mexico law enforcement yanked 2,215 pounds of marijuana, 13 pounds of methamphetamine, 12.4 pounds of cocaine, and 3 pounds of heroin, a total of nearly 6.2 million dollars worth, from the clutches of drug smugglers. Officers also seized more than $53,000 in suspected drug money.

New Mexico, Texas and Arizona all conducted similar operations focusing on providing police services targeting criminal activity along the border. (WHERE AGAIN, WAS THIS OPERATION HELD??)

State Police and MTD used directed patrols and checkpoints to stop drug smuggling and other illegal activities. Violations of federal immigration laws were referred to Customs and Border Protection for enforcement.

The operation took place in Dona Ana, Luna and Hidalgo counties as well as an increased presence at the ports of entry along I-40.
It spanned a week from January 22 to 29th, 2006.

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