Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Coffin Sales Up south of the Border

Only casually reported on ABC Radio's Midnight newscast last night, was this little, insignificant item below. The thing that I don't understand is,
"Why did ABC include this as a news story?

For this seems to be the most usual, the most common activity of drug-ruled Mexico lately.
Do You Think Not? Do you Disagree? Read down to the very last insignificant paragraph of this AP story from the Miami Herald newspaper, today, May 15th.

Yeah, these are sure simple, honest, lettuce-picking immigrants that I want living in my neighborhood, Mr. President, Mr. Senate majority Leader; Ms. House of Representatives Speaker.... (my next post just might be on organizing a National lynch mob)

There has never been a better time than NOW, to build a sure and durable fence along the Southern U.S. border, from Brownsville to San Diego. Otherwise, if America does not, these violent murders will become just an insignificant, everyday news story here in the States, as well, soon.

Don't remember where I heard the following, but it seems that around here, in Oklahoma, where we once had a Methamphetamine crisis, the Meth cooks would use coffee filters in the process of making that crap. Coffee Filters, alright?
In the northern Mexican state of Monterrey, it is known that the Meth cooks there use BED SHEETS to strain their product!! Bed sheets!

Likely, previously used bed sheets, too... For drug operations on this large scale, as described by too many news stories, along with the common knowledge that Mexican citizens, poor peasants really, have no money to buy that amount of dope;

Where is their clientele? Who is buying their drugs in such quantities, that committing murder is a business activity down there? Only one guess, only one answer..... US. (forgot the periods)
(AT least read the very last paragraph of this story)

Chief of anti-drug unit in Mexico slain
Drug-related killings and kidnappings continued in Mexico, as the drug intelligence unit's top officer was shot to death
BY HECTOR TOBAR, Los Angeles Times Service

MEXICO CITY -- The newly appointed head of a drug intelligence unit in the Mexican attorney general's office was shot and killed Monday on a street in Mexico City as apparent drug-related violence continued unabated across the country.

Over the weekend, two journalists for the Azteca television network were reported missing and assumed kidnapped in the northern city of Monterrey and an army captain was kidnapped and slain in Chilpancingo, the capital of Guerrero state. Both regions have seen increasing violence as drug cartels fight each other, police and the army.

José Nemesio Lugo Félix had been appointed a month ago to head an intelligence unit specializing in analyzing the activities of the nation's drug cartels, officials said. He was shot in his car just outside an office of the attorney general in the southern Coyoacan district of Mexico City.

Lugo had previously run a unit in the attorney general's office specializing in the investigation of child and immigrant smuggling, authorities said. According to news reports, witnesses said he was driving a sport-utility vehicle when he was ambushed by men in another vehicle. He was shot five times.

In Monterrey, reporter Gamaliel López Candanosa and cameraman Gerardo Paredes Pérez have not been seen since Thursday, Azteca television said in a news release Sunday.
The two men were last seen after covering a Mother's Day event on Thursday, the television network said. Dozens of police officers and government officials have been killed in the Monterrey area in the past year.

López was a general assignment reporter and only occasionally covered the region's drug wars, officials said, though he did report last July on the discovery of a severed head and ''narco message'' in the city.

According to a count in the Mexico City newspaper El Universal, more than 1,000 people have been killed by organized crime groups this year. The newspaper Reforma counted 758 killed as of May 1.

~~~Great; they sound like good people- May invite them over for dinner soon...

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