Thursday, May 17, 2007

Illegal Immigrants On Fast Track to Superiority

Illegal Immigration Gets Amnesty support in Congress

According to those people who will tell us anything, expect us to swallow it whole, then steal from us, a.k.a. U.S. Congressional Democrats, if we the American public will NOT agree to letting illegal immigrants who are already in this (once) sovereign nation remain here,
then food prices will sky rocket this year.

Why? It is because, we are told, that industrial sized farmers need the cheap labor to pick the lettuce and the strawberries, the lemons and the avocados. "The reality is Americans have come to rely on an undocumented migrant work force to harvest our crops," Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., A-Horses'ass, said in a news conference.

Back a couple of centuries ago, again in this sovereign nation, that was called "Slavery", and wuz deemed as 'inhuman' treatment since then. A war was fought, ostensibly to eliminate "Slavery".
And our moral friends, the Democrats, throughout the past 100 years or so, stood as the beacon of freedom, the defenders of justice, and the way out, from civil rights abuse, against the black race, both to those brought here against their wills, and also those borne here, counting as 3/5s of a white citizen.

That was the Democrats, all proper and thoughtful then, allowing former slaves to be 60% of a white.

Look it up, non-historians! That abominable 60% solution was devised by Southern Democrats.
And now, in the "enlightened" 21st Century, and My Gosh, from the "enlightened" state of California, led by the "enlightened" Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, and Barbara Boxer in Washington, D.C., are telling us that "hey, we need slaves to work our fields--
Cheap, illegal slaves -- or you will pay out the wazoo for your strawberries.

Quoting from the AP article linked above, California grower Toni Scully said growers in her northern California county, Lake County, started last year's harvest with half the approximately 900 pickers needed to bring the crop in on time. She said more than 26 million pounds of the county's fruit crop went to waste. "After terrible sleepless nights, we had to accept that help was not on the way," she said.

Kelly Henggeler, chairman of the U.S. Apple Association, which represents pickers and growers from 36 states, said labor accounts for about half the costs for the $2 billion apple industry. There are more than 7,500 commercial growers nationally, Henggeler said.

"If Congress doesn't pass real reforms this year, we could see the apple industry outsourced to South America or China," Henggeler said. Sorry, Kelly, I have my own apple trees! Pear, too.

So, in closing, let's just see how our Immigrant Amnesty Future will go:
1) America allows 12+ million undocumented workers stay here.
2) They somehow get citizenship bestowed upon them;
3) Some will become welfare cheats, with 12 children apiece;
4) Some will land in prison;
5) The rest will become Unionized, card-carrying Democrats, who will in turn, go on Strike someday for higher wages for picking the lettuce, strawberries, and avocados.
6) America gets higher priced produce either way.
7) Wanna Talk About Social Security Benefits, or Disability, or Medicare, now at this point?

You see, only this way we get just so much more, just later on, but still we are getting raped.

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Abouna said...

Our elected officials always find ways to SCREW the hell out of the American citizens, either through threats or out and out illegaility, and they don't even have the decency to give us a jar of vasiline and a bag of sand.