Sunday, May 27, 2007

"Islam- What the West Needs to Know" and Soon

I recently received the documentary DVD "Islam- What the West Needs to Know" from the United American Committee, Watching it gave me a keener insight into the Islamic intention of world domination, a brief history of earlier Islamic crusades into Europe, and of the current spread of this mental disease, Islam.

The main emphasis of the DVD is this: Islam is much less a Religion, and more a political movement, like Socialism or Communism, even Democracy and Capitalism. That 'Jihad' means struggle for Allah's domination of the world, and that the assembled authorities within the documentary do NOT offer any solution to Islamic terrorism seen today. (By the way, Adolph Hitler's "Mein Kampf" also means "My Struggle").

The singular, most striking feature of this political movement, Islam, is that it does not permit social development any farther than the 7th Century, it suppresses novelty and ideas, while it sanctions cruelty by the leaders, based solely upon the Koran and the Hadiths needed to interpret the Koran.

Imagine, if you dare to, a world totally devoted to Islam: Imagine your town looking like Gaza City, or Baghdad or Kabul, all bombed-out and desolate; every place, EVERY PLACE-- in the world looks like Saudi Arabia, rife with some Religious Police, a force enabled with the power to imprison anyone who steers minimally even from the strict dictates of the Koran's 9th "chapter".

Why only the 9th chapter? Because of a very convenient, and little-understood concept known as Abrogation. For you see, the Prophet Muhammad quotes his god, "Allah", as having said essentially, this: What I have told you previously, I may change (M)y mind about, therefore, (M)y later remarks supersede (M)y earlier words. Take only (M)y latest statements as law, even when they supersede (M)y earlier statements to you, Muhammad.

That's right, 'Allah' changes (H)is mind about things, over time, as conditions change. (Does that sound "Godlike"?)

Therefore, according to Islamic Imams worldwide, and to the authors of the many, many Hadiths, the latest thing Allah said overrules what Allah said 10 years earlier, whatever....
(And the latter Allah is one mean S.O.B, too!)

But, here's the part that I just don't get, in objectively studying Islam: How can 'Allah's Will' be followed, or even be witnessed, when his book the Koran makes (H)im out to be so arbitrary? Not to mention (H)e's so contradictory in other ways as well?
((I don't want to go into the spurious, scurrilous deeds of Muhammad, and his 6-year-old wife, or the Islamic laws dictating its approval of beastiality))

Back to my main point though-- When I watch Imams, or other leaders speak to crowds of inflamed, furious Muslims, I hear that person say, "If it be the will of (A)llah....", or "With the will of (A)llah....", or "May (A)llah will....whatever"... they cannot easily discern that will.
But inevitably, they are wishing that it's (A)llah's will that someone else be destroyed, or enslaved, or brutalized.

For example, Hurricane Katrina hit the New Orleans/Mississippi gulf coast in 2005. Then it was Allah's will that America be smited. But when a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake strikes Pakistan, it is not the will of Allah, as it also was not his will, regarding the deadly tsunami which killed over a quarter-million in Malaysia, mostly Muslims.

It seems to me that Allah is not fully "in charge", if he has to rely upon mere men to conquer this world in his name; convert all to Islam; submit to his worship-ful slavery, or face beheading; or if his brand of religious standards cannot stand up to honest scrutiny and/or comparison to other religions, then denounce those who speak any opposing remark to Islam, as evil Satanists, devils worthy of violent death..

Allah it seems to me, is in a land grab position, primarily interested in earthly, material possession. Is covetous of what (H)e does not possess now....

As I have learned from this DVD, Islam is not a "Religion of Peace", as literally all Western political leaders are describing it these days, in hopes of forestalling some terroristic violence in Islam's name.

Instead, Islam IS a Religion of Future Peace, according to 7th Century dictates, after the entire world has submitted to it's Dominance. "Islam" means "Submission"... not to a demi-god, but to a political state which happens to have an "Allah".

In other words, we have them Muslims, their Islam, just backward. It's not a personal belief system, but a suffocating, immoral form of government.

Inside a predominately Muslim nation, the call to prayer screeches out from the Mosque's Minarets 5 times a day, and anyone who doesn't stop, stoop and worship an insecure god, needful of constant support, permissive of slavery, and fearful of honest questioning, is arrested and tortured until he repents and sees the error of his ways. For women, Islam is even more harsh and arbitrary.

To a devout Muslim, the non-Muslim parts of the civilized world are only examples of how determined Satan is, how far and how much Satan will give, will enlighten Westerners, just to thwart Allah's will, and Allah's constant need for worship-ful reassurance.

** **And therein lies the confounding part, to Muslims: The West, i.e., America, Great Britain, and all nations which are non-Muslim in makeup, are so progressive and so modern, alive with vibrant ideas and innovations, whereas Muslim-led countries, in contrast, appear to be idea-less, backward, crumbling, and stuck in a 7th or 8th century time.

And can you non-Muslims imagine how this recognition, this realization must feel? To see America zoom off into space, to see how the rest of the world's nations progress, how ideas are brought to fruition rather than criticised as being against the will of Allah, and under threat of death, squelched? To witness unwittingly, the non believers in their god allah, doing so well, while the Muslim looks out at his barren desert, at his women hidden from view, at his dis-advantage, all the while believing that this way, his way, is the Will Of Allah, the Infinite and Almighty?!!

And on top of all that, Allah does not guarantee a paradise after a person's death, does not offer a path to "Salvation" to anyone, but to the ones who kill the non-believers, and themselves too, dying as martyrs.
***Here is a serious question for you Expert Imams: When all the Earth is Muslim, where is your martyrdom/salvation guarentee then, since by then everyone is muslim, finally?
No one left to slaughter in (A)llah's namesake? How then, will you get to paradise?

Islam is just so convoluted, so unbelievable, so bizarre to us in the West; yet, it is a normal way of life to persons born into that nation/ belief.

Seems to me, the Localmalcontent, that Allah's Will intends for Muslims to be totally beaten down, and living in squalor. Complete with Muslim in-fighting among the Sunnis and Shi'ites, the Kurds and the Turks, the various fighting factions, all fully believing that if "we" don't kill "them", then Allah will be pissed off at us.....

It Is Madness.
It is more possession/materialistic than capitalism could ever dream of being. It is a serious land grab game with a deity as its CEO, and with a subjective, changeable rulebook called the Koran as it's guide.

I've said this many times before: I feel genuinely sorry for Muslims; for they may know that the Prophet Muhammad was diseased and insane, that his homemade holy book is only a collection of his egocentric dictates, and that they are stuck in an awful place where there is no room for insight, but plenty of incitement; no room for tolerance of differing personas, just ritualistic dogma, unending strife and doubt.

Ask any knowledgeable leader "what can be done to thwart the spread of Islam?" and you won't get an answer. That's because there is only one answer, yet, but, only, although it is outside the purview of all politicians, all theologians.

Until He returns, I mean Jesus Christ, to correct our screwed up ways here, there is no solution to this spreading evil called Islam.

Until that moment, you and I can expect Satan's Islam to spread as it wishes, worldwide; the bloodbath, the horror will be unimaginable.


Abouna said...

In many ways, Islam is exactly like communism, except that Islam is much more cruel.

Communism was based on a constant and never ending revolution (did you read 1984?). And when you compare that to Islam, Islam seems to need constant and never ending jihad.

Both keep the people down spiritually, educationaly, financially, and mentally in a constant state of depression.

Is it any wonder that the people there are always ready to kill themselves and others? What a hell of a way to live.

The Localmalcontent said...

Exactly! See, I never quite realized it myself, that Islam is not JUST a religion, but an all encompassing dogma, reaching into every aspect of life with bizarre rules.
Yes, I can foresee the day, when the U.S. is a pile of rubble, from sea to filthy sea, and where we all dirty sheet heads.