Friday, May 18, 2007


Betrayal, Disloyalty and Treachery.
on their parts.

Outrage, Anger and Vengeance
on our parts.

I am so mad at our so-called Leaders right now, I can't see straight.

The damned thing is an Amnesty bill, and Jorge "I never met an illegal Mexican I didn't like" Bush will sign it into law.

Next Week Maybe.
Right before Memorial Day, did I mention that?? A day set aside for remembering loyal men and women who fought for, and died defending, America. The United States.

What have the hundreds of thousands of our honored dead now fought for? So that law breaking illegal foreigners have an easier path to a vaulted, envied, and cherished position: as citizens of the United States.

All Hail the Scofflaw Lettuce Pickers!

And Oh Yes, there's also another built-in Slap-in-Our-Faces:

To Discriminate against the illegals is RACIST!! (Be careful what you say to them, or they will sue you for all you got! If in doubt, kindly ask the two former border guards now serving 12 year sentences in a Federal Prison, who are facing a 5-Million Dollar Harassment lawsuit, to boot....

How soon will it take for the Haitian boat people to begin screaming "Discrimination, We must be let in, too!?
I have to stop. I can feel my ulcers coming back tonight. And the Nightmare is only beginning.


Abouna said...

I just wonder how much longer it will be before the true patriots take up arms and march on Washington, or am I just having pipe dreams?

The Localmalcontent said...

Oh, yeah!! I am among some fellow Choctaw here, who feel that this bill violates several treaties the U.S. made with the various tribes 160 years ago...

Revolution? It's gettin' closer...

Abouna said...

As long as I am alive,you can count on me to stand with you with a gun in my hand.

The Localmalcontent said...

Mohawk and Choctaw?? Now that would be sensational!