Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Merry "Christmas feeling", wishes To All

Does the family who puts up the Christmas tree in their home, with but a minimum of lights and decoration get the same attention from Santa Claus as do the people who adorn their whole house in moving Christmas lights? Will those families who arrange elaborate Christmas or Nativity scenes in their yards be favored over the less-ambitious family, when it comes to the number of Christmas Cards, Christmas presents, Christmas greetings, Christmas-whatevers, that they receive?

Would an identical Christmas greeting be received as gratefully, as genuinely, from a poorer family as it is from a wealthier one?

Similarly, would you take a Christmas greeting Today, in mid-May, as coming from a kook, a loon, a mal-con-tent? What about the very same holiday greeting from the same source coming on December 19th?

What is the difference, except in the position of the Earth's revolution about Sol?

Wow. Double wow. Double wow with wide, rolling eyes.

Saying "Merry Christmas" on any of the other 340 days of the year makes One Nutty!!
But I'm not talking about myself, though I do wish you a very Merry Christmas today!!

Instead, I'm remembering a recorded Christmas message that I heard some 16 years ago, by the Chief of the Santa Fe, New Mexico fire department, while I worked for the B.I.A., in Albuquerque.
Of all places, democratic, socialist Santa Fe, New Mexico?

Yet that man's message, metaphysical in nature, Christian in its expression, and to be Universally applied, is still relevant, and will be so eternally. That recorded message wished each of us a Merry Christmas each and every day of the year, and hoped that the love, the sentiment of that Glorious season, as well as the 'relaxed' relationships of that holiday period COULD BE EXPRESSED Every day of each year, not Just for a short time before December 25th.

On this day, May 20th, 2007, the world is stressing under such great pressure, no one now remembers the benign, collegial warmth we feel such need to spread only during that holiday time.

That sudden turning on of the Spirit of Christmas, then turning Off the same warm expression is a device of the white man, the Madison Avenue executive, the dollar-driven-developer of adverts; for shame, that they caused us all to think Their Way.
When, if he or she had only thought about it, the entire year could've been transformed into a snowy sleigh ride to Gramma's house, with all the associated warm feelings of brotherhood.


Whut this Indian sees, as being needed today most of all, is much less MALCONTENTEDNESS, and much more friendliness, warmth and compassion. The kind and of the nature that I, and You extend to all others, during December. But cease early in January.

From me, The Local Bestwishes-tent, a Very Merry Christmas (sensation)!!


Abouna said...

Sounds like you got "high" on incense, but I have to say that I agree with you. We need Christmas all year long.

The Localmalcontent said...

I get high on the "real" things of life, Father-- a clean windshield, powerful gasoline, and fresh-frozen, sugar-coated vegetables!!