Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My 5-Cents, WORTH!

Do you like art? Sure you do. Everyone likes art.

I like art. I like art alot. Especially fine art.

Well, OK, you have a point there; the Taliban does NOT like art. But all normal people like art.

Republicans like Expensive art.

Dhimmicrats like 'less expensive', but far more expressive art.

Baseball fans like the artful Dodger, or at least a graceful Double play. Literary lovers like a well devised novel as art, especially if it is suspenseful to the end. Likewise, Socialists like art, but it must be able to be communally owned, and duplicated by all. Maybe more on that some time.

But, back to art. Wanna see some fine art? Right now? First, do you appreciate sculpture? Maybe you have even dabbled in this form of art, as a kid, placing your 'canvas' on the train-tracks, or maybe you carefully scraped off a mint mark, to make your canvas more valuable...
That was your initial introduction to this art.

I meant to capitalize that: ART.
For that is exactly what this is, and what amazing skill involved!

It's my intention to search out this guy, and buy some of his art (meaning two or less), honoring how hobos got by in the 1930s, during the Great Depression. On this website, linked above, there are many extraordinary examples of nickel engraving, at the bottom of the first page.
Which is your favorite one? The Sherlock Holmes? The Crazy Monster? The obvious Republican? Look for the Local Malcontent one, there... LOL (it's on the 2nd row)

Take a look at his skill in engraving!! Each of his nickels are worth so much more than a plugged nickel!


Abouna said...

WOW! HOLY COW! MAN-O-MAN, those are great. That man is an ARTIST!

The Localmalcontent said...

Yep, he's pretty clever. Couldn't have ever carved a building of 3 stories, on a nickel!

Good stuff, 2 B sure~!