Friday, May 18, 2007

That's Good enough Proof for Me

Quickly reading the editorials on the subject of the Senate Immigration Reform bill today, the Localmalcontent sees that the following big, Left-leaning, and those full-tilt-Socialist newspapers endorse this bill.

Even though the bill has not been printed yet, and no one has read it all!

The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and The Baltimore Sun, and therefore, the N.Y. Times (which I do not even acknowledge) all approve of this piece of ****.

Seeing that is good enough proof for me that this is a BAD bill for America, all of America, now and in the future.

Meanwhile, it is reported that 180 of our seasoned, border agents are headed for Iraq soon!, to "instruct the Iraqis on how to enforce their border integrity".

Like we can afford to lose 180 men now? Well, I'll be damned...

like we know how to enforce the integrity of a national border..

Heaven help us.

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