Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Totally Secular America

A time is coming, in the proud history of our America, when we must make all religions, all open worship illegal and it's open demonstration punishable.

Since that has already begun in such areas as the abolishment of Christmas, public Christmas celebrations like a Manger scene, or Easter, and the demonstration of our Savior's glorious triumph over Death, or Judaic Menorahs during Hanukkah, even the Wiccan celebration known as Halloween, though I would personally, deeply regret that move, I must support it nevertheless.

"St. Valentine's Day", "St. Patrick's Day", maybe even "Martin Luther King Day"? So long, you were nice, and definitely FUN, but We Americans can no longer risk an open celebration of ya'll, any more.

Cause there's a great and growing threat out there, which if allowed to flourish as much as Christianity or Judaism, would utterly destroy America. A future acknowledgment of that incredulous, religious-related motivation could open a very bad door, could open lid on a deadly Pandora's box, which would mean the end of America for our children, grand-kids, and friends, as we know it, love it.

Therefore, against my best wishes, and contrary to my 'raisin', I am going to begin to support the complete and utter Secularization of America. We cannot avoid it, and the sooner we accept this new constant, this new paradigm, the better.

We'll never survive the coming moronic, backward Muslim onslaught and it's accompanying insanity, otherwise.

For the obvious glory, the obvious "superiority" of Islam, as seen in the Islamic Paradises like Gaza City, like Baghdad, like Islamabad, Pakistan, where the blood flows in the city streets, that far-superior belief system and it's laws will come here, inevitably. We allow Christianity to flourish, and we allow Judaism to be celebrated, then being such a Fair society as we are, we will, we must allow Islamic beliefs to thrive as well.

And therein lies the deadly, the poisonous trap, a Catch-22 for America: For it won't be long until we all must witness and accept-as-our-own, the Muslim dictates from Hell.

To even begin to acknowledge these evil dictates, America will quickly, and sooner than you know, become another Europe, another nation subject to the personal rulings and whims of American Imams.


In the meantime, what other choice is there, for us?
If you have any alternative solution to this approaching, fearful danger, I am all ears.

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Abouna said...

I am afraid that even if we were to become a completely secular nation, we would still be under the threat of becoming a Muslim nation, because while the Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc, are busy cowering behind closed doors, you can be sure that the Muzzies will never stand for not being allowed to practice their religion of abomination in public.

The ONLY answer is the return of Jesus Christ as KING of Kings and Lord of Lords.