Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Danger is in Complacency

Sitting here alone, in my den, I find it almost too easy to forget that there is a dangerous threat to my country and it's ways of life not far away, on another shore. American warriors are there, fighting for America, my Oklahoma, hell, they fight for my Michigan, my Alaska, too.

I can sit here and only imagine the horror should they lose this great fight, or are forced by a spineless government to give up the great fight. There. Over there instead of over here. I've tried to explain in my crude manner what will be only things of the past, only memories, should we lose this great fight with the proponents of "radical Islam". Things like music, photos of people, going for a swim in the lake, sports like basketball and baseball, my Heavens yes, even Baseball~!!

I suppose Muslims frown on gambling, huh? Oh, well, it would've interupted two or three of my 5-daily prayers anyway.

I got this promotional video from America's Truth Forum this last weekend in an email urging me to add it to my little bloggie. I viewed it, 61 seconds long, and it is good, but it contains a quick scene of some ruthless, backward Islamic justice in the form of a recently decapitated man. While that grisly and barbaric event is NOT shown, it is nevertheless startling.

After viewing it, I wrestled alot with the decision, whether or not to post it here.

But as I sit here in the serenity of my peaceful little hillside, it occurred to me that complacency is Exactly what radical Islamist-fascists want for me to do.

Ah sweet complacency.... how you cause me to easily forget those two tall buildings in New York City, the Pentagon, the bravey of the passengers who died in a Pennsylvania field, and so so many more acts of war by our enemies.

I began to wonder how many times a true Christian or a devout Jew has ever burned down a church or synagog; how many real Christians or Jews strapped bombs to themselves and went out to crowded gatherings to kill innocent folk; or how many religions other than Islam demands of its adherents to kill just to spread the beliefs of that religion? That Islam expects to dominate our world through terror and fear, tearing down, ripping asunder all knowledge and learning produced by free and creative minds, it is madness.

That line of thinking led to my decision to add this video here, tonight.

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