Saturday, June 9, 2007

High Strangeness, & high water

Yes, I know it's been a long time since we "talked".

That was a decision which was out of my hands for the most part (a new female in my life.! -more on her later...) .
But I can't go without making a blog entry tonight, after what I've seen today!!

Literally, the strangest local weather that I've ever seen in these parts of Oklahoma, in 33 years, out-of-my 38+ years living here:

Is this a part of the Global Warming effect? Or as Art Bell would put it, the Quickening? Or as Art Bell would say, "Man the Lifeboats!" LOL
Don't know about all that, but I'm going to describe what happened round here today to ya'll, and ask, honestly, if you've ever heard of this before.....

Tellin' ya what: In my whole life, I've never seen a thunderstorm act, like this one today acted!!
At approximately 3:00 local time, today, a relatively inocuous "popcorn" thunderstorm began to build east of here, near the Oklahoma/Arkansas border line. This single storm-cell developed into a thunderstorm affecting the land east of me at this time, but was heading west, towards my location, in Latimer county, Oklahoma.

>>No problem so far, as this kind of "popcorn" storm builds and dies daily, in the Oklahoma summertime<<.

At 3:30 pm, a Thunderstorm Warning was issued for my county, Latimer, and the county to the east, north of here, LeFlore County.
The rain pelted in here nearly horizontally, with pea-sized hail from about 3:30 until 4:15 pm. Loads of lightening and thunder, and just heavy rain!!

Here is the very unusual, weird part: This thunderstorm cell first moved west to my location, hit us hard here, with about 3 inches of rain, then moved southward, then eastward, northward, and AGAIN, Westward, in a full circle, and keeping it's strength as it did so,

the full circle~!

This super-cell Thunderstorm made a full circle overhead, keeping or gaining its strength as it moved so, and hit my home, my area twice in a four-hour period!

Here, I've had 3" of rain through 4:30 or so, when I ventured out to look around; and seeing the base of the thunderstorm cloud heading around in a circle, I told my neighbors (also out looking for damage) to take cover, that this storm was circling around to hit us again!

It is now 7:53 pm EDT, and this 2X-storm has now dumped nearly 5 inches of rain, in two deluges, the likes of which I've never seen 'round here before.

The wind has blown hard today in four hours time, from all four cardinal directions~!

and right now, it's still pouring down rain outside, and it looks like maybe a wall cloud, a possible tornado forming north of here......

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Abouna said...

Sounds like God is giving warnings. There is so much craziness going on with the weather around the U.S. and the world. Back in 1995, we had a very unusual weather situation here. It happened about midnight, I was awakened by some very bright flashes of lightening, that were coming one right after another in rapid procession, but there was no thunder or rain. I went outside and the whole Western portion of the sky was a very deep purple color with lightening bolts just shooting off in every direction. Three houses near me were struck along with several electrical transformers. What made it so eerier, was the color of the sky and the lack of thunder, rain or even wind. This lasted for about three hours before it just petered out.